11 Princess Playhouse Accessories That Are Positively Royal

Magical Moments

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Every kid dreams of an enchanting nook they can call their own, and this can really be done in a treehouse, or just a small space within your home. What matters is the creativity and love that goes into it. So how does one achieve a whimsical, magnificent environment that would imaginatively transport kids to their favorite Disney movie? The theme is “princess,” and we’ve gathered a few staple items that will help you nail this playhouse aesthetic.

No playhouse? No problem. Sure, you can build one yourself. But if time is an issue, a ready made pretty pink cottage awaits to wow kids beyond their wildest dreams. Built in mini form of course, the cottage has an optional loft, a real roof, and adorable gingerbread trim. The interior is bare, awaiting your own spectacular touches.

Storymatic is one of the most fitting games to have on hand in any playhouse. This version is for kids five and up, but will entertain all who play. Yellow cards introduce hilarious characters while blue cards give story prompts. Who knows what kind of imaginative adventures will unravel? But we are sure their are plenty of opportunities to include princes and princesses.

Purple cushions and pink color truly make this “royal highness” chase lounge a spectacular playhouse touch. Not only can little ones lounge on this wee little couch, but the seat opens up for plenty of storage. A safety hinge ensures slow closing to avoid pinched fingers. We can basically see a life size version of this in Sleeping Beauty’s room.

With Disney characters hanging onto various letters of the colorful word “princess”, the pink rug is large enough to serve as a play mat inside a magical getaway. After unrolling the carpeted, easily vacuumed piece, a space is totally transformed, and elevated to the next level.

A vanity can be used for more than just applying makeup—crafts, writing, reading and more. This particular one has lots of small details that bring it up a notch in comparison to others, from the polka dot pattern to the tri-fold mirrors.

Because every princess playhouse should be personalized, there are decals. Decals are temporary, but look seamless when patiently applied. Personalize to feature your kiddo’s name, and watch their eyes twinkle when they spot it on the wall surrounded by golden accents and a crown.

If you’re savvy enough to have run electricity to an outdoor playhouse, or have converted an indoor space in the house, this lovely carriage lamp could be one of those pivotal pieces. Swirly pink frame design houses a candle style light, and it’s the cutest lamp ever.

Will a ruffled top, followed by a cascade of pink tule and gold stars, this canopy net is typically used over a bed. However, it would make for a lively entrance to a play space, or magical surrounding for a reading nook.

While in itself, it’s a playhouse, this dreamy gazebo style tent would actually be the perfect centerpiece inside a bigger structure. Adorned with numerous dazzling LED stars, your princess can cuddle up in a mound of frilly blankets and pillows while reading their favorite fairytale book.

What could make a special space sparkle more than a starry night projector? Hundreds of twinkling lights disperse from the small orb, all over the walls and ceiling. There’s also different textures and colors to choose from. The projector also plays music, which truly sets a mesmerizing setting.

Last but not least, it’s time for Fairy Godmother to transform your little one into an elegant princess ready for the ball. Disney’s official store naturally offers a variety of gowns, but the Cinderella dress is classically timeless, in its iconic blue hue with a dust of sparkle. This dress rounds out the entire princess experience, for a backyard happily every after.

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