21 Products That Make Caring for a Sick Child Easier

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Having a sick child is one of the toughest struggles parents can face. The desire to help them feel better and the knowledge that there’s sometimes nothing to be done but wait it out is horribly frustrating for both parent and child. When there’s nothing you can offer but comfort, picking out a few books, toys, and cuddly stuffed animals can help smooth out the bumps during a rough period.

Children who are old enough to eat honey but still too young for cold medicine can get some relief with these cough syrups that use honey to coat the throat and relieve irritation. The nighttime version includes a dose of melatonin to get your little one to sleep faster and more easily.

A sympathetic ear and a long Netflix queue is a good place to start when searching for relief for sick little ones, and we’ve heard that this soft and huggable Grover is a great listener.

Toddlers and children can be picky beasts at the best of times, but a sore throat, stuffy nose, and lack of appetite can work overtime to suppress their desire to eat healthy foods even more than usual. Top off those missing nutrients with an easy to eat gummy vitamin.

Parents of sick children often wake up frequently to check on them, and a good night-light prevents mom and dad from stumbling around in their room half blind, or barging in with a too-bright phone flashlight and waking up everyone.

That first serious illness can be a miserable experience for both baby and parents. Don’t wake your little one from a deep sleep just to monitor their temperature though. These stick-on, 24-hour thermometers will alert you to dangerous spikes, and keep a record of baby’s fever over time.

Life goes on, even with a sick kiddo, especially if you have more than one child. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes help you do the best you can to keep those contagions confined.

Saline drops in the nose are a popular method to break up congestion and halt a runny nose, but children often hate them. If you’re trying to be sneaky and get a little salt in there without starting a war, these saline permeated wipes can do just the trick.

Target Restock lets you fill a box with commonly used items and have it delivered next day for just 2.99, Monday-Friday before 7pm. This 99-cent cough suppressant rub is a steal in Target’s Up and Up brand, and is perfect for restocking necessities when there’s just no way you can leave the house.

Humidifiers can help soothe those ragged winter coughs, making it easier for children to sleep, rest, and recover. Almost all of them will leak at least a few drops when you’re refilling or installing them, so putting a towel down first is never a bad idea.

While humidifiers are useful for regular chest colds, children with asthma actually need a Dehumidifier to remove excess aggravating moisture from the air. This mini model is useful in a room less than 150 square feet.

Scenting a bedroom room with lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint essential oils can help soothe coughs and aid in sleeping.

Lost electrolytes are a major reason for hospitalizations during and after stomach bugs. Unflavored Pedialyte offers you the chance to mix this electrolyte-replenishing drink into juice, tea, or other favorite beverages.

Kids throw up a lot, and it’s a useful skill when they’ve ingested something dangerous, but the vomiting from a tummy bug can just feel like an endless cycle of gross messes. This little spot cleaner keeps those spots from becoming permanent stains.

Sick, tired kids sometimes regress on those new potty-training skills. For middle of the night accidents, you can’t always break out a loud carpet cleaner and get those messes up immediately. Sometimes you do the best you can, get it clean enough so there’s no smells, leave a little spot treatment on and go back to bed.

Keeping children entertained while stuck at home sick can require some extra creativity, especially for an illness that is dragging on for days. National Geographic offers a range of animal- and environment-themed activity books, like this one about animals that live in the ocean.

Toddlers often require constant love and affection when sick, which is difficult to provide when mom, dad, or other family members are also sick. This warm, lightly lavender-scented huggable toy gives them something to squeeze, and provides you with a much-needed minute to check on other children or administer medicine.

Check ears, noses, and throats for redness, pus, and swelling with this lighted otoscope. Be aware that if you’re trying to use it on a baby, it’s almost required to have a helper hold them still, particularly if you’re trying to look inside their ears.

You can listen to little lungs with this light weight stethoscope, useful when trying to determine how to describe a cough to a doctor- wet, wheezing, or hacking coughs can all mean different things diagnostically.

Some kids aren’t bad patients; they rest, eat soup, and drink plenty of fluids. Others, not so much. If your kiddo has to be bribed to stay in bed and recover, bringing out the biggest, best bribe around can sometimes do just the trick.

When a child is vomiting, the casualties often include endless laundry and a newly developed fear of the bathroom. These emesis bags let you prevent a few of those laundry disasters, and gives them something to chuck into that isn’t the porcelain throne.

Getting back on a regular diet after an illness can be hard, and convincing kids to try anything is an uphill battle. Luckily, these squeeze pouches of applesauce don’t require a spoon, so kids can snack instantly when they feel like it, and the unsweetened applesauce flavor is gentle on sensitive stomachs.

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