Everything to Know About Ruggable: The Machine-Washable Rug Brand

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There’s something special about finding the right furniture and décor to make your space, well, you. Certain things are worth a more significant investment, and rugs, in particular, have a reputation for causing severe sticker shock. Ruggable specializes in affordable, machine-washable rugs. Unlike most rugs, which are a pain to spot-clean, throw a Ruggable rug in the washing machine whenever a mess happens.

How Does Ruggable Work?

Ruggable’s patented Rug System is made of two pieces: a lightweight Rug Cover and a nonslip Rug Pad. The nonslip rug pad is made from the same latex-free material used in yoga mats, so it’s not going anywhere. Every cover is stain and water-resistant and designed to fit your washer. Pet owners will understand why this makes Ruggable rugs 100% pet-friendly. Odors, pet hair, saliva, and dirt don’t stand a chance.

How to Wash Ruggable Rugs

Ruggable washing instructions could not be more straightforward, simply peel the cover off the pad and toss it in the washer. Use a mild detergent and dry on low heat, and follow any specific instructions on your rug for its exact material.

What Size & Style Rugs Are Available from Ruggable?

You can browse Ruggable products according to size and shape, options are: doormats, runners, 2×3 feet, 3×5 feet, 5×7 feet, 6×9 feet, 8×10 feet, 9×12 feet, and round. Peruse the size guide to determine what’s best for your home.

You can shop by color, mainly blue and green, black, grey and silver, natural, white and cream, and multicolor. Shop the style section and choose from categories like bohemian, Moroccan, Persian, contemporary, floral, and folk heritage. You can also browse by texture, with options including chenille, plush, shag, and outdoor.

Check out popular design collections from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Jonathan Adler, and Keith Haring to incorporate your favorite franchise into your design scheme, finally without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Ruggable ships to the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, and the UK. Suppose you’ve received your rug and aren’t loving it, no worries. U.S. customers can exchange it within 30 days of the delivery date with no fees. You can also return your selection for a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee.

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