Order Sizeless Clothing Through Sene, Where Every Piece is As Unique As You

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Shopping for women’s clothes can be a stressful experience. Jean sizes at Target, for example, fit differently than those at Express and let’s not even talk about how the junior section at Tj Maxx and Marshall’s looks like it’s meant for 12-year-olds. Enter sizeless clothing made by LA-based fashion startup Sene. Yes, sizeless clothing, tailored to every inch of you for a perfect fit every time. They cater to all shapes and sizes; for women, they cover 00-40 and beyond, and for men, choose from waist sizes 24-60 and inseams 20-50 and beyond.

To start crafting your closet, first take the SmartFit Quiz that will ask for specific details like height, weight, typical shirt/pant sizes, posture, and how certain items fit. Once you create an account, you’re ready to start shopping for one-of-a-kind garments. The answers to your questions will be saved and applied to each piece you look at, and you can always go back and change something if necessary. Women can choose from jeans, bottoms, jackets, and blazers, while men can browse suits, joggers, pants, shorts, shirts, and jackets. Get the fit you’ve always wanted without worrying about traditional sizes.

What makes Sene different is they don’t adhere to “standard” size garments. Their database of over 100,000 measurements is combined with data science to make every piece as unique as you. This lends itself well to sustainability, too. The fashion industry makes up around 10% of all global carbon emissions and is the world’s second-largest consumer of water. Sene turns fast fashion on its head and lives by a 1-to-1 model, where no clothing item is produced unless someone is there to wear it. 

Another fun part of Sene is their collaboration with Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell. The fitness and wellness guru teamed up with the brand for a line of easy, breezy, comfortable staples that’ll turn your wardrobe into a custom oasis. Never again reach for traditional jeans with sizes and fits that stress you out (not to mention how often they fade or need to be returned). She offers a variety of women’s jeans, women’s denim shorts, and a pair of men’s jeans. Our favorite Emma creation is the Air Skinny Jeans, a classic light blue washed pair with stylish holes in the knees, pictured below. You really can’t go wrong!

Sene currently ships only within the United States. As each item is cut and sewn from scratch, shipping takes at least two weeks. If you’re not a fan of the color or fabric, no worries! You can exchange the garment for another one, request a remake/alteration, or return it for a 100% refund if it’s within the 60-day window.

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