12 Sentimental Gifts for Best Friends

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Best friends are one in a million. If you come across just one friend that sticks around for the long-haul in your life, consider it an absolute treasure. What do you get someone that you’ve probably gotten everything else for? You’ve known them for so long. Well we’ve come up with a list of sentimental gifts that will undoubtedly induce some serious happy tears, and definitely some laughs! Read on besties.

Technology can definitely be sentimental. Made in a variation of colors, each buddy can have one of these electronic bracelets that allows each to send little messages and “thinking of you” buzzes through the day. Friends can even develop secret codes.

Is your best friend your travel buddy too? Then what could be better than gifting them a mug with a colorable world map? Either you or they can fill in the places that you’ve gone together. It may even inspire more future trips so that that mug can eventually look like a rainbow.

Sorting through a jar full of heart shaped reasons why you are loved – – anyone would have a great appreciation for this. Customize the set that you will be gifting, with reasons why they are such a special person in your life. The wooden design is simple and neutral enough to add to home decor, so they can be constantly reminded of how much they are loved.

The anatomy of a best friend’s heart is quirky, loving, and scarily twin like to our own. Artistically displayed on a white mug, are the lighthearted reminders of why friendship is so golden. Set up a morning of coffee and pastry party, to present this meaningful gift.

Operating similarly to the long distance watch, these lamps are tandem with another that is owned by a friend or family member. When you touch your lamp, theirs  lights up too. A full spectrum of colors cycle through, but each specific person can be assigned a specific color so you know it’s them who has lit your lamp.

With elegant charms dangling at the end, we couldn’t agree more with the “friends are like stars” notion. The phrase stays close to your bestie’s heart, while being a beautiful accent to whatever they wear. Made of sterling silver and a 22 carat gold coating, this is something that could absolutely last a lifetime.

With custom essential oil scent, each of these amber glass jars contain a fragrant candle. On the front, you can have the definition of soul sister placed on the label. Every time they light up this simple yet beautiful gift, they’ll think of friendship.

Do you have a best friend who loves football? Then they will flip out over a friendship bracelet made from actual jerseys. Choose from 16 different teams, and your friend will receive a card that tells them when and where their jersey bracelet was used.

There’s no better message to give to your friend, than to let them know that you will always be there. When they look down at this modern yet timeless necklace, they will be constantly reminded that you’ve got their back for life. Made of brass then coated with 22 karat gold, it’s a pretty piece.

OK, so with the assumption that one person cannot own too many candles, we are including another one! The wishful phrase is accented by dandelions, so when you blow out the flame, make a wish.

With a little prompting from this fill in the blank journal, you will be able to create an absolute masterpiece full of funny and heart touching notes to the friend that’s always been there for you. The bright green book is fun and presents colorful and cheery, like all great friendships.

Give the gift of a warm cuddle! This pink fuzzy blanket is adorned with hugs and kisses, and phrases like sister and best friends forever. As a bonus, it comes with a bag for storage! Can’t you just see the both of you cuddled up on the couch drinking coffee and talking about life?

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