The Top 6 Skincare Fridges You Can Buy (Plus Why You Should Have One)


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One of the best purchases I’ve ever made is a miniature fridge dedicated to all of my favorite skincare products. Serums, masks, moisturizers, setting spray, jade rollers — they’re all in one convenient place, chilled at the perfect temperature and ready to be used. Skincare fridges are all over TikTok and Instagram; tons of beauty influencers rave about how much they love this cool little purchase (pun intended). Let’s dive deeper into the trend…

Is it worth it to drop your hard-earned money on a tiny fridge for skincare products? Some experts say yes. New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, told, “Refrigerating products may help extend their shelf life.” She says ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and benzoyl peroxide shouldn’t be kept in warm environments and that cool temperatures could keep them stable longer.

A second expert weighed in on the potential benefits: “Popping certain products in the fridge could deliver some bonus perks,” said Dr. Howard Sobel, MD, another NYC-based dermatologist.  “[It] does add an extra calming effect to face masks, moisturizers, and creams, which is especially helpful when treating irritated skin.” Talk about extra bang for your buck. They say it’s also important that your makeup itself should be kept at room temperature for best application.

Another reason to invest in a skincare fridge is organization. Bottles and containers can clutter up your makeup space, and a fridge is the perfect way to arrange all your products in one spot. No more reaching into a drawer for your serum and coming up with sunscreen. Because of the size, you have the freedom to stick it anywhere you want for convenient access. I keep mine next to my vanity mirror, and I often store things on top like makeup wipes and cotton rounds.

And of course, we can’t forget about personalization! Check out these stickers from Amazon to add flair to your fridge and truly make it your own. Some even have doors that double as white boards so you can write out important reminders and notes.

Check out some of the best models you can buy:

With over 70,000 reviews – 70% of those being five stars – the AstroAI is Amazon’s number one best seller for compact refrigerators. This model boasts five different shades: white, teal, black, pink and blue, and reviewers say the fan isn’t too loud so it won’t be a disturbance wherever you find a home for it. If you need to temporarily convert it to a cooler to take with you on road trips, it holds up to six cans and includes a car adapter.

I originally purchased this in 2020 for my desk at work to keep leftovers in, but after the pandemic hit and I went remote, I brought it back to my apartment for cosmetics. It’s been working fantastic ever since.  It includes both hot and cool settings, so the roomy fridge can be used for a variety of purposes. 76% of the reviews on Amazon are five stars, with people raving about how cool the temperature stays and how high-quality the fridge is. If you have a bit more money to spend, this upgraded model from Cooluli features a white board on the front to keep memos and notes handy.

Next up is the COOSEON fridge. The coolest thing about this one is that the door doubles as a mirror with LED lights controlled by a touch switch. The three levels of brightness can be adjusted, meaning you can easily find it in the dark, apply your makeup with it or even use it as a nightlight while you sleep. Like most other models on this list, the fridge has both cool and warm settings.

Buckle up – this is the priciest one on the list. The Fria fridge from Vanity Planet includes two removable shelves and clear windows to display all your beautiful products. The design is simple and classic, coming in two shades: rose gold and white. Plus, there’s a convenient handle on the top so moving it around your home is a snap.

Then we have the Flawless fridge by Finishing Touch. I love how retro this one looks, with the touches of rose gold and the mini handle. Inside you’ll find a removable shelf along with a handy pouch on the door for slim items like face masks. This purchase also includes free fun stickers for customization.

Finally, we have the Rocboc Mini Fridge that comes in blue, gold, and black. This one is bigger than most models. It’s 10-liter, meaning it can fit up to 12 cans – and that is a LOT of room for skincare! Plus, it has not one but two removable shelves, meaning you’ll have tons of space for tiny pots of eye cream and expensive moisturizer.

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