10 Small But Mighty Kitchen Appliances Perfect For Your Petite Kitchen

Small Space Savers

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If counter top space comes at a premium, how do you decide what get’s prime billing? These are the small appliances that deserve first dibs on precious space and electrical outlets.

1. Name one thing that doesn't get better when deep fried...go ahead, try.

This lightweight countertop deep fryer makes it easy to quickly cook multiple portions, and the snug lid ensures it stores easily without oil smells or spills.

2. Get your morning tea or french press going even faster.

Get a jump on breakfast lunch and dinner with this 1 quart electric kettle. Get water boiling rapidly for oatmeal, pasta, and more.

3. Why bother with multiple pots and pans when you can throw everything into one nifty cooker.

Instead of buying a steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and rice maker, buy the all-in-one Instant Pot and save space and money. The included steamer basket makes it easy to cooked steamed classics like tamales, artichokes, and you’ll have to rename “hard boiled” eggs after you see how easy they are to cook and peel in a steamer.

4. When knives aren't your thing, but you still need that onion chopped.

If your knife skills aren’t ready for a Food Network special, a food processor can help you make quick work of homemade dips and salsas, while saving you time and, hopefully, trips to the ER.

5. Anything that contributes to morning coffee is a win.

Whether you like stovetop espresso, Chemex, french press, or a programmable electric brewer that requires no early morning brain function to operate, this multi-setting grinder has the correct grind size for any brewing method.

6. While it's not the smallest appliance, it most definitely deserves a spot on the counter

Every serious cook can save time and expand their repertoire of dishes with a KitchenAid mixer. It easily earns it’s place as a permanent countertop fixture as a baker’s aid, but when paired with attachments like pastamakers, meat grinders, and juicers, it contributes to every meal and every recipe with ease.

7. Slim, efficient, easy to handle...a definite must-have in any kitchen.

Make pureed soups, smoothies, and more with this easy to operate handheld stick blender. Pureé jam in the pot as it cooks, and whip cream with the whisk attachment.

8. Your breakfast in bed game will never be the same.

Enjoy breakfast as good or better as your corner diner with this simple to operate waffle maker. Add nuts, fruit, or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and you’re sure to please every palate.

9. Entertain even in a small space.

Make hosting a breeze with this side by side slow cooker. Each side has independent heat controls and removable inserts for easy cleanup.

10. Again, anything to do with coffee...must-have.

Save money on coffee runs with this milk steamer and frother. Make cappuccino, lattes, and indulgent steamed milk hot chocolates all easily at home.

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