Everything You Need to Have a Relaxing Spa Day At Home

Spa Day

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Everyone loves a day spent at the spa, but not many love the price-tag of a day at the spa. If you’re frugal minded like yours truly, it’s hard to digest the dollar signs next to your favorite spa indulgences. So why not bring the pampering to the comfort of your home with these must haves for your next do-it-yourself spa day!

Perhaps one of the best parts about walking into a spa is the fresh, calming aroma of various essential oils. While diffusers have made their way into being commonplace among most households, it is a key product in setting the scene for your next at-home spa day. Don’t forget the essential oils either, one of my favorite scents is lavender, but there really is no bad choice!

A peaceful spa day calls for a peaceful soundtrack. And if you’re anything like me, the thought of creating a playlist yourself is not something you want to do. Thankfully, Spotify has a never ending archive of playlists to fit any type of vibe.

A good robe goes a long way. If you want to truly get that spa feel in the comfort of your home, why not splurge a little with a robe used in actual spas!

I. Love. Face masks. Sheet, clay, foaming – there’s just so many to choose from! While it may not give you the same satisfaction as a 60 minute facial, these face masks will do it’s best to get close!

An upside of an at-home spa day? Getting to relax in a nice warm bath! While There are plenty of bath bombs to choose from, why not make it a little special and get one with a surprise inside!

Of course, if you’re enjoying a nice bath bomb you’ll probably be spending a bit of time in the tub. Which I why I recommend a pillow that boasts the utmost comfort to make you feel as if you’re laying on a cloud.

Candles really set a relaxing mood. If your like me, you probably have a closet full of candles. So pick your favorite, or check out the one linked to here – I promise it’s a good one, and get ready to set the mood.

If you don’t know what a “hair mask” is, let me tell you, once you give this a try it will become a necessity any time you want to indulge in a little “treat yo self” day.

While nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of sitting in the salon chair having your nails trimmed and cuticles tamed, you can still get the end result with an at-home nail kit. Don’t forget to grab your favorite polish color to finish the day!

Once you collect everything for your at-home spa kit, you’re going to need somewhere to keep it! This is an important must-have, because you don’t want to be bouncing from room to room trying to find all your pampering products.

We’ve made it to the end, so let’s be real with each other. The best part about most spa experiences is the cold, crisp glass of champagne they offer when you walk through the door. While you may not always have a bottle of brut on hand, the modern marvel of alcohol delivery services will get you what you need, fast! Oh, and don’t forget the sparkly glass!

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