11 Space Gifts for the Galaxy and Astronomy Obsessed

Astronomical Ideas

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Perhaps your dad has been captivated by NASA since the moon landing in the 60s. Or maybe you have a little one that’s always been drawn to the stars. The night sky, and astronomy in general, is appreciated for its artistic nature, and scientific complexity. We’ve scoured the Internet to find some super cool gifts that any person who appreciates the universe will adore. Keep reading to find the perfect gift to celebrate the stars and beyond.

Even in photos it can be difficult to capture the magic of a nebula. It’s hazy characteristics are enhanced by a glittering effect. Somehow, the makers of this lamp have been able to bring a little bit of that magic into homes everywhere. An LED light illuminates the interior offering a soft glow to any space.

Coming in a variation of styles, these lunar rings are made to resemble planets. The brass base is adjustable, and also crafted from recycled materials. Stones are glass, and vintage, making each one quite unique and stunning. A subtle nod to the universe, these rings are an elegant choice for the astronomy lover.

Art and science come together in these gorgeous date specific constellation photos. The mastermind behind this personalized gift uses computer software to plot stars from a specific date in your life. Then, she illustrates the constellations in the sky into a beautifully colored piece of memorabilia. Maybe it’s your anniversary, someone’s birthday, or some other super special time—it can be commemorated in the stars.

Wave a phone over the interior bottom of this ceramic mug, and the QR code will tell you which moon phase we are in. The dusty gray mug already gives off a lot of moon vibes, but then is also embossed with a variation of complementing attributes. The lid that comes with it helps keep things toasty warm.

A space themed card game is an affordable option for the space lover. Involving quick reaction and strategy, the concept is over all pretty simple, and is suitable for anyone over the age of eight. The design includes spaceships and bright colors on stark black cards. Even if someone is not completely obsessed with all things extraterrestrial, this game is a ton of fun.

A gorgeous touch to a refined office space, or just something really pretty to add to the living room, these sustainably sourced gemstones have been polished and rounded to represent each planet. So many beautiful colors come into play, and contrast wonderfully against the walnut wood base.

Every spacecraft or man-made equipment that has ever entered into orbit is mapped out on this piece. NASA lovers could immerse themselves endlessly while staring at the technical and elaborate routes. Aside from being really cool with so much awesome information, it actually looks pretty neat just hanging on the wall as art.

Made of super snuggly micro fleece, the gray blanket adds a cozy touch to a bedroom or reading nook. Constellations make up the pattern on this throw, and even better, it glows in the dark! Somehow this gift seems to fit every age range, from a young teen, to grown adults living solo.

Hold the galaxy in your hands, within this spherical globe lamp. Swirls of stars and nebula are mixed within the pattern, and it’s mesmerizing. The globe sits within a wooden stand and has a battery life that will last the entire night. Dim down the light to an ambient setting, or turn it up for a more bright display.

When not being used, this mug is black with a few twinkling stars. But when hot coffee or water is poured in, the solar system is gradually revealed. On Amazon you can choose two different designs, while both are fairly similar. Give your space fanatics a little bit of night sky to enjoy with morning coffee.

NASA has given this backpack the seal of approval—it’s 100% authentic licensed memorabilia. With the dusty blue color associated with the space organization, the backpack has a roll top and multiple pockets. Kids could enjoy taking it to school. Or an adult could have the coolest travel backpack ever. We love that it’s practical, with a touch of a novelty.

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