The 25 Coolest Stocking Stuffers for Teens

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Technically, a teenager ranges from the age of 13 to 19. A lot of change can happen in these years. And every teenager is an individual. But it’s safe to say that common interests are games, beauty, technology and humor! While they may act like they could care less if Santa comes down the chimney, we know they are anticipating the goodies. Going through a stocking is an exciting part of Christmas morning. We’ve rounded up trendy and classic stocking stuffers we think your teens will love.

Is your teen’s bathroom totally disgusting? Maybe perhaps an illuminating light for the toilet will help with some of the mess. Choose from a multitude of bright colors which also accent most bathroom styles.

Who doesn’t love a good poop joke? Even teens will get a kick out of these mints, which feature names like elf, reindeer and snowman poop!

Knee-high socks are a great warm gift to receive at Christmas. Wear them with some boots for a fun touch on style, or just enjoy wearing them around the house during Christmas break. From kitty cats to woodland creatures, there’s quite the selection.

This funny gift could also be quite practical as well. The book details several manly tasks and how to execute them the right way, from changing a tire to writing a resume.

A beanie with headphones sounds like a fantastic gift for teens. While skiing, or just walking around outside, their favorite music comes through via Bluetooth. A pair of gloves also comes with the hat.

Not everything about driving is covered in the testing manual. Lots of life lessons have to be learned, and many of them are detailed in this book. This is a great read for those getting ready to drive, or even those who’ve already started.

While it may look like a credit card, this is actually a tough multi tool. Open bottles or cans, peel fruit, or even use it as a flat head screwdriver.

Socks are practical. But this pair will be even more appreciated by those who are in to gaming. All they have to do is prop their feet up to let parents know they are in a seriously tense virtual battle. We can’t guarantee that it would get them out of washing dishes.

Coming in many forms, we particularly like the sports themed deodorizer balls. Eliminating bacteria and emanating a fresh scent, teens can toss these in their shoes or lockers to eliminate odors.

Natural and made of soothing ingredients, any teenager could use a conditioning lip treatment like this. Peppermint, mango, vanilla and pomegranate are some of the tasty flavors in this pack.

Give them the gift of a nail salon in their stocking. A multitude of tools come within this manicure set, making it down right easy to get those toes and fingers in tiptop shape.

Do you have a camping enthusiast on your hands? The survival kit will be perfect for their next adventure. Coming with a fire starter, survival bracelet, and a multi tool, there is quite the list of goodies inside. Be sure that your teen is of the appropriate age to safely handle a gift like this.

Use the included tool to scrape off messages from these neat little note pads. Crafty teens may use them as gift tags, or just for fun when passing notes—not in class of course.

Not only is this brush really pretty with a lovely color and interesting shape, it helps detangled hair. So for all those teens with flowing locks, this is a great stocking stuffer.

This is a great price for a t-shirt no matter what! But the phrase is hilarious and likely appreciated by gaming teens. Sizes go up to xx large.

Once you use flushable wipes, it’s hard to go without. Sometimes teens could use that extra boost of fresh, and these can be used under the arms or anywhere else that might need a little wipe down.

Origami can be a phenomenal stress reliever, or just something fun to do on a rainy day. These are also puzzles, and can be solid cognitive training for all ages.

Thumbs up for being able to watch YouTube without holding your own phone. The simplistic plastic product will hold devices in a variation of ways. It also fits well in most stockings.

Sometimes teens need a quick snack, and ramen fits the bill. This handy trinket allows for less seasoning thus less sodium with its compact cooking interior. Three minutes in the microwave and voila!

eos has many wonderful holiday gift sets, and this super softening trio of lotions not only smell festive, but cure dry winter skin.

Herbs in these comforting teas are locally harvested by knowledgeable herb experts. Blends are impeccable, and these particular ones are optimal for the cold winter season.

Maybe they are outgrowing candy, or not. But no one will ever outgrow adorable tiny gingerbread houses that sit on the side of a mug full of coffee or hot chocolate.

Teens will likely love baking desserts from around the world. Three mixes from Japan, Australia and Croatia come within the set. The little passport is an adorable touch.

Pamper your kids with a festive bath bombs. Gift them with the scent of fresh cut Christmas trees, jingle bells (brown sugar and fig), and fresh, clean snowflake. These are also really pretty.

A rainbow unicorn will be perfect for holding those herbal teas, or for hot chocolate with a mini gingerbread house on the side. Glittering handcrafted stoneware brings the magical factor to this whimsical mug. This looks like it could have legitimately been made in Santa’s workshop.

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