What Are Stoggles: Your Guide To The Safety Goggles Making PPE Stylish

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You may have heard of Stoggles – the newest eyewear meets personal protective equipment safety goggles specifically developed with healthcare workers in mind. But the major difference between Stoggles from an average pair of safety goggles is that they are also designed to be stylish and entirely comfortable. The practical design isn’t just awesome eye protection for those in the medical field, but really for anyone wanting to protect those beautiful peepers while looking super sleek.

Impact and Debris Protection

Stoggles have a handful of attributes that make them particularly awesome at protecting eyes.

First, they are impact-resistant to protect certain variations of projectiles that could enter and cause significant harm to those baby blues. You’ll notice a “Z87.1” marking on your frames, which means that these can be designated as protective eyewear since they have a certain level of impact resistance quality.

The second element of protection from debris comes from the shields that connect to the frame, which excellently cover the temples of the head. This helps prevent things from flying up into the sides of your Stoggles.

Protecting From Elements You Can’t See

Particles and fluids aren’t the only things that your eyes need protection from. You’d be surprised at how many forms of non-ionizing radiation you might be exposed to within one day. The sun, kitchen microwaves, and x-ray machines are all examples of non-ionizing radiation. So yeah, making pizza pockets has its risks.

Stoggles also provide 100% UV protection. That’s right, you can protect your eyes from the sun, even when the lenses are clear. Lastly, of the potentially harmful substances you can’t see, Stoggles feature blue light blocking filters. So when you’re on your computer or phone, you’re going to have more defense against those harmful types of light.

Say No to Fog

All glasses wearers likely now know how challenging mask-wearing can be with lenses. So we can somewhat understand how difficult a healthcare worker’s job can be when they have to wear a mask for whatever reason, with glasses. Stoggles has thought this through as well by adding an anti-fogging coating that is a lifesaver. We see more and more why these can be for anyone in any profession.

Decisions Made Easy

Have you ever spent hours staring at a computer screen, trying to pick out the right frames? Well, you won’t be doing that with Stoggles, because they have two very basic shapes, square and round, that come in a handful of different colors. Mini versions are made available for children. The thoughtful, stylish design was created to fit a list of different face shapes – – and we have not seen anyone that the frames don’t look great on. Therefore, every frame is a favorite frame!

Practical Sun Glasses

There is one additional variation from the typical round and square everyday wear lenses. Sunstoggles come in the exact same shapes as regular lenses, but of course, they are shaded and more ideal for wearing to the beach. We can see that side shield coming in handy when someone decides to shake the sand out of their towel right beside us.

Stoggles are the frames of the future, whether you wear prescriptions, want to protect your eyes, or even just want to look extra stylish. In our opinion, taking care of your body is absolutely the most stylish thing to do. While still maintaining excellent coverage, the frames still remain quite attractive. We love that so many functions are packed into one set of glasses, rather than having several pairs piling up on your desk. Protect your eyes from the computer, avoid dust and debris at work, and even shield delicate eyes from the sun. Give them a try, and feel how fashionable sensibility can be.

Reviewer Feedback:

“I absolutely love the look, feel, and functionality of my stoggles. They look great, don’t fog, and I forget I have them on. I’m a Healthcare worker who wanted cute & dependable PPE and this product satisfied both!”

“I love them, I get lots of comments on them. I do not wear glasses on a daily, Stoggles are comfortable, easy to keep clean. & Way better then hospital issued goggles. Worth the money. Will definitely order again.”

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