4 Sweaty Betty Cycling Products We’re Obsessed With

Ready. Set. Ride.

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Sweaty Betty is an innovative activewear brand aimed at providing clothing for women at whatever stage they may be in their physically active metamorphosis. Clothing is meant to inspire and empower. Responsibly sourced materials are also used to comprise many of the beloved staple items. While you can find everything from workout clothing and casual wear to accessories, we are swooning over some cycling pieces.

Keep things ultra comfy on your bike, whether riding for a few minutes or for hours. The padded design makes for a cushy experience, and other conveniences such as an adjustable waistband, and pockets, just sweeten the deal. Designed to be breathable, and moisture wicking, dread those ultra hot days a little less.

Feel like you need more coverage than shorts can provide? These technical leggings have you totally covered. Providing you sun protection, ultra sunny days aren’t as much of a worry — but still use that SPF! Full leg coverage keeps your skin safer from abrasions, and the fabric glides seamlessly against a cycling seat. On top of all of that, that tush will be padded when wearing these pants as well.

Sweaty Betty offers a variation of incredibly handy biking jackets, like this one. The hem protects from water that may kick up from the back wheel, a jersey fabric arm cuff feels soft against the skin, while the exterior fabric is water resistant and will keep you dry when the weather may not be so ideal. And can we just say, how amazing that fabric design is!

Every great cycling get up would not be complete without — socks. Yes, you definitely need socks. So why not have a pair that matches Sweaty Betty‘s new orange and navy patterns? The supported arch adds comfort for those who tend to get extra achy feet toward the end of the day, and the fabric is also breathable! Treat those feet, as they are working really hard to get you where you need to go.

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