The Ultimate List of Target’s Best Summer Gear in 2019


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Target has upped the summer style game this year. With a ton of versatile patterns like peppy pineapples, vibrant red white and blue Americana, and whimsical animal prints, there’s something sure to suit every style.

They have decor, beachwear, outdoor games, and more in a plethora of fun and unique designs.

We never thought Cornhole could be this cute!

Perfect for tailgate parties in the fall, Cornhole boards also make a great addition to pool parties and other summer get-togethers.

It's worth the splurge to beat the summer heat.

There’s room for three adults in this petite pool, so call it the “kiddie” pool no longer. It’s seasonal, stylish, low maintenance, and can help beat the heat during the dog days of summer.

Picture yourself lounging in a pineapple chair sipping a Piña Colada!

You’ll need somewhere to sit for backyard BBQ and summer cookouts, and this peppy pineapple chair is perfect for sitting out by a fire pit roasting marshmallows and watching fireworks.

Keep drinks and snacks cold, convenient and cute.

Finally a way to bring along cold drinks and snacks on boats, to the beach, and to picnics without lugging around bulky, uncomfortable coolers. This backpack cooler keeps your hands free for other gear, like chairs and umbrellas, so you can make fewer trips, and enjoy more of the party.

Stash your personal items right where you can see them.

If visiting theme parks, checking out the local zoo, or cruising the boardwalk are in your summer plans, pick up one of these stylish citrus fanny packs. You can keep cash within reach for those souvenir splurges, or have snacks close at hand anytime you need them. The insulated design means even cold snacks stay refreshing while you’re out and about.

Feast your eyes on an Instagram Legend.

Speaking of parties; there’s no way to avoid drawing everyone’s attention if you’re floating in this glossy gold pool raft. Perfect for injecting some glitz into your everyday.

Summertime and watermelon - An iconic duo.

Relax in the pool on this fun watermelon float, or pull it out of the water for use as extra seating at your next cookout. The filling is a buoyant bean, so it’s like relaxing on an oversized bean bag chair; the perfect outdoor nap location during nice weather.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons this summer.

Whimsical and fun, this flamingo and ice cream printed beach towel has a velour feel and 100% cotton construction, so it will be a guaranteed staple in your beach bag for years to come. While that ice cream cone looks good enough to eat, if you’d like to indulge in a sweet treat it’d be tastier to make your own.

Add tropical flare to any space.

Summer get togethers often spill between indoor and outdoor spaces, but it’s easy to decorate anywhere with battery operated lights like this fun faux neon flamingo. It’s vibrant enough for outdoor use, but safe for indoors also, and adds a fun tropical vibe to any decor.

You can't have a cookout without plates, why not make them adorbs?

Finding a design element to anchor around makes it easy to add a pop of seasonality to any party. This fun pineapple print comes on a wide range of summer themed accessories from Target this year, including these 10.4″ plastic dinner plates.

Whether frozen or on the rocks, Margaritas are a must in the summertime.

Glassware may be strictly forbidden near pools, and with good reason, but that’s no reason not to have a festive vibe at get togethers. Serve margaritas at the adult parties, or dish out ice cream sundaes for kids in these plastic glasses.

Keep your summer decor on trend.

If your summer style is more tex-mex and less tropical, these cactus string lights can help you bring a warm glow to even the prickliest of abodes. Round out the theme with some tabletop decor, like this cactus planter, for a fun and festive desert homage.

Fun, quirky, and breezy...just like you!

These 40″ pinwheels are tons of fun for kids, and make a cute style addition to your outdoor spaces too. Makes a great photo prop for catching those outdoor memories. Set them up where they’ll catch a breeze and watch them go.

It's part party game, part stress reliever, but all fun.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Set up this pink flamingo pinata at a grown up height and make it rain candy at birthday parties for all ages.

Nothing beats a summer picnic with that special someone!

Remember to bring along a real watermelon when picnicking on this cute watermelon printed blanket. Perfect for taking kids to the beach or the park, it keeps dirt and sand off your clothes and snacks. The zip up pocket lets you safely store keys or, on windy days, lightweight items like napkins.

Beach days mean you'll need something lightweight to carry toys, towels and treats.

Easily rinse off dirty kids toys or sand gear of all shapes and sizes in this flexible plastic tote. A sturdy base keeps your car upholstery safe on the ride home from the beach, while the perforated design encourages air flow.

Summer Means 4th of July Festivities!

Inject some festivity into your Fourth of July celebrations with these whimsical stars and stripes patterned napkins. Target offers a ton of Americana for all your summer parties this year, so celebrate Red White and Blue in style.

Stay festive while manning the grill.

Useful all year round, these telescoping grill forks make it a snap to cook hot dogs or marshmallows over a backyard fire pit in the summer, or indoors over the fireplace in winter. These two pack forks come in a range of colors, so everyone can know whose is whose.

Never rent an umbrella again.

Save money on umbrella rentals with these pop up shelters. Perfect for families with small children who nap, they let the breeze flow while blocking the sun. You’ll find plenty of use for them in the spring and fall too, they’re a great way to keep younger kids occupied while older children are playing sports.

The little ones like to cool off too!

Scoop, pour, and splash with this Little Tykes water table. Perfect for cooling off on hot days, it’s a great tool for young children to develop their hand eye coordination through play. Bring a few bath toys outdoors and kids will have hours of fun this summer.

There's no better time than now to turn your driveway into art!

A summer tradition in many neighborhoods, kids of all ages love marking up the driveways and sidewalks with brightly colored chalks. Endlessly re-playable, all it takes is a water hose or a rainy day to make their canvas blank and ready for re-designing again.

Keep everyone's glass full at your next get together.

Mix up a huge batch of tea, lemonade, or punch in this two gallon plastic beverage dispenser. The transparent design makes it easy to tell when you’ll need a top off, and the fun pineapple design adds a touch of whimsy. A pineapple sherbet punch sounds very refreshing on a hot summer day.

If your furbaby is your summer travel companion, remember to keep them hydrated!

If you’re sweating, so is your pup! Make sure to regularly offer water to drink, especially if they’re outdoors or exercising with you.

A summer staple that we hope never blows over!

Take advantage of those breezy warm days and teach kids how to fly a kite. This ocean blue kite with a shark design is perfect for flying near the beach, but is also tons of fun at the local park.

A fun outdoor game and oh so cute!

Set up a game of ladder ball and get the whole family outside. Easy to learn but difficult to master, this fun outdoor game only requires a couple pieces of equipment and packs up quickly and easily.

If you're worried about your backpack getting wet, a mesh bag is the solution.

A great bag for bringing along to the pool, the beach, or theme parks, this cinch bag keeps you organized and all your essentials at hand, and the mesh design keeps air flowing, so wet gear or bathing suits can dry off on the go.

Who says you can't be cute while feasting on corn on the cob?

Why have boring old corn themed corn holders when you can have these stylish pineapple design corn holders instead? Keep the tropical theme going for any cookout with these effortlessly cool pineapples wearing sunglasses.

You don't want to be that person caught without a bottle opener.

Stay hydrated this summer with a whimsical bottle opener. Pop the top on a tropical flavored soda in a retro glass bottle, like a mandarin orange Jarritos.

Make a statement poolside with a fun and whimsical beach towel.

There are just too many cute beach towels in Target’s new line this year! Everyone will be asking where you found your beach-ready dino print or this punchy turquoise and sunny yellow “Fun in the Sun” version. With so many options to choose from, everyone in the squad can find the perfect print for their personality.

Retro games were popular for a reason!

Retro games were popular for a reason! This oversized version of everyone’s favorite stacking game will have players holding their breath as everyone struggles not to knock down this giant tower.

Add splash, literally, to any outdoor party.

Add splash, literally, to any outdoor party with this unicorn sprinkler. Fun for summer birthdays, especially unicorn themed ones, pool parties, or just getting the kids outdoors. Water the lawn in style with this fun unicorn.

This classic lawn game is the perfect way for all ages to have fun together!

Fun for all ages, croquet sets are easy for kids to learn, but also make great gifts for outdoor oriented parents for Mother or Father’s day. It’s a low impact sport that the Sunday brunch crowd can have fun with too, and this cute set will see plenty of use for years.

Sit back and relax in style this summer.

Lightweight and ultra portable, this watermelon print folding beach chair sinks into the sand and lets you relax quickly and easily, without needing to splurge on chair rentals or haul heavy-duty gear through soft sand dunes.

Easily spot which umbrella is yours from the surf.

It’s important to wear sunscreen, but bringing along this easy-up umbrella offers an extra layer of protection during those long summer days. Just right for lounging with toes in the sand at the beach, or sitting around the kiddie pool keeping cool at home.

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