The Ultimate List of Target’s Best Fall Decor in 2019

Happy Harvest

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Target is home of the most impossible-to-resist splurges, things that seem to jump off the shelf and into your cart. Whether you decorate in rustic materials and fall colors, or go all-out for the Halloween season, there’s tons of new finds and classic favorites that are sure to be the staples in your annual decorations year after year.

Target has a ton of fun felt wreaths for fall this year, from ghosts and ghouls to adorable florals, like this one. Felt tends to store better year after year, without any wicker to get crushed while it spends the summer in storage, so you’ll have years of use out of this soft, colorful piece of decor.

We doubt you’ll divine any answers to life’s great mysteries on this serving tray, but if it’s loaded down with some yummy snacks, isn’t that close enough?

Add textural interest with this hanging wooden sign. Perfect for giving fall flair to kitchens, bathrooms, or other small spaces where it can really pop.

If you’re decorating for Halloween parties that lean more spooky than scary, this old-fashioned phone activates at a button press, rather than motion activation, so families with young kids or easily startled pets can enjoy it without frightening anyone by accident.

Bold fall colors that don’t overwhelm, this pumpkin printed pillow meshes well with neutral furniture, but can also hold its own with bold designs. A nice seasonal touch in living areas or to brighten up spaces like guest bedrooms where design changes can stall out over time.

Without any of the usual work associated with jack-o-lanterns, this durable foam pumpkin features rows of moto-style studs, giving it a distinct “look-but-don’t-touch” vibe.

While the Christmas season may already have a famous mantle companion, we’d much prefer a fall visit from these soft fabric figures. They’re a friendly guest that livens up any space. If you’ve got small children or grandchildren, don’t be surprised if they want to bring this posable fox along on adventures.

This talking skull makes jokes when it detects motion, so set it up in an entry way to greet every guest with a laugh — and a fright. Battery operated, it’s easy to get it nearly anywhere, so even small businesses looking for a spooky way to get in the season can join in.

This charming wooden sign will see months of use, from the start of the school year all the way through Thanksgiving. With handmade charm but no assembly required, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to jump-start the season.

Celebrate the turning of the seasons with this moon phase pillow. Good for all-year use, it meshes perfectly with solstice decor, or lends just a touch of spooky air to the days leading up to Halloween.

Even those superstitious about seeing black cats on Halloween can enjoy this black and white cat print pillow, and pet parents especially can get a chuckle out of the cat pun.

Whether the leaves are just beginning to turn colors, or have already shed their brilliant hues all over the yard in ankle-deep piles, this over-sized throw pillow brings some of the magic of autumn indoors any time of the year.

Seasonal scents can mean different things for different people, whether you’re partial to the toasty warmth of baked apples, or the cool, crisp smell of winter pine trees. This 4-ounce soy wax candle is perfect for a hit of nostalgia for anyone raised with delicious roasted chestnuts as a seasonal treat.

A charming and inexpensive hostess gift during the fall season, this rustic wooden sign makes for a great centerpiece for a photo wall, and helps cement a Thanksgiving mood.

Ghoulishly delightful, this monster clock has a hidden surprise, sure to bring a spooky air to your Halloween parties. Push-button activated, there’s no chance on it scaring the unaware.

Bring Halloween spooky decor home, to the office, or classrooms with this not-too-scary monster boombox. The whole Hyde & Eek line offers a wide range of frights for every age group, and, besides our sadness at discovering they don’t know what a boombox is, this piece is perfectly age appropriate for kids.

Who could possibly say no to that face! This charming fall mantle topper works from the start of fall until it’s time to put up the Christmas decorations. And it’s wearing glasses and a scarf!

A punch of fun color that’s friendlier than the Halloween traditional black and orange, these stylized neon figurines pop against neutral backgrounds and draw tons of attention.

Light up your pathway all fall with these pumpkin rope lights. Great for trick or treaters, they’re charming all season, and the cheerful pumpkin design means they won’t even be out of place when Thanksgiving comes.

Decorate a child’s room or play area with one of these fun mini mantel pieces for a seasonal, not spooky, bit of decor. Pairs well with Target’s line of mantel piece figures to create charming mini towns to celebrate the fall season.

Keep one of these warm flannel throws on display when the weather changes; it’s perfect for cozy nights in by the fireplace. This sherpa flannel throw mimics the soft feel of shearling without using real fur, and the pumpkin orange adds just the right amount of fall colors to make this a great choice from fall to winter.

Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to decimate the neighborhood decor competition, this four-pack of funky tombstones will make your front yard a frightening sight, though there’s plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor to make these tombstones as funny in the daytime as they are spooky after dark.

Be the life — or the undeath — of the party with this DJ skeleton. You’ll host the hottest ticket this year with such a famous headstone, er, headliner, spinning tracks. The spooky features, like light-up eyes, serve to really sell the effect.

Cheery and inexpensive, you’ll use this little pumpkin year after year, and there’s no messy seed scraping or worrying about whether it will last the season.

If you’re looking to mimic the cozy setting of an evening gathered around the fireplace without any interest in fire risk, chimney cleaning, or refueling it regularly, indoor fireplaces create visual interest and define a room’s focal point without a TV. This LED fire glows and flickers without overheating your space, so it’s even better for use in the off season.

Spooky silhouettes say hello in this seasonal lantern. Battery operated, there’s no risk of fires, so leave it to light open spaces, like front porches or entryways, without any worries.

If there’s one smell that encapsulates the fall feeling for so many people, it’s pumpkin spice. Warm baking spices mixed with toasty caramel and heritage pumpkin combine to fill a space with fresh-baked scents, no oven required.

Fun and funky, this velvety purple skull brings the creep factor full force this Halloween, stealing the show. Guests can’t help but touch it, and the velvet texture makes everyone recoil, mildly horrified. Available early September.

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