11 Techy Dog Products for Fur-Parents Everywhere

Fam's Best Friend

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We’ve come a long way from playing fetch with a stick, and from bathing pups outside with a hose. Our four legged friends are also our babies, and they deserve cool, innovative things. Right? Some creative people have developed products for dogs that far exceed what was available even a decade ago. From robots, video chat devices and gps trackers, these “techy” dog products not only treat your best friend, but might make life easier for you!

Bissell Barkbath Dual Use Portable Dog Bath

Bathe pups in any room, anytime with a handy tool from Bissel, that rinses deep into the skin, while gently suctioning and brushing simultaneously. This can be a great, quick way to stay on top of shedding, while keeping pet skin at optimal health. The device switches over to a carpet cleaner as well, tackling any and all doggy messes. Keep in mind it’s a little noisy, so be patient and give dogs plenty of time to become used to it, before actually using it for bath time.

Programmable Pet Feeder

An automatic feeder can be helpful when humans aren’t home during the day, or when trying to portion control meals for heftier fluff balls. Twelve meals can be loaded into the feeder, which are then dispensed via a conveyer belt system—you can even have meals dispersed slowly over a 15 minute period to avoid fast eating.

Furbo Dog Camera

Check up on your pup anytime, anywhere with Furbo, a camera designed for dog parents. You can keep a watchful eye on your furbaby when you’re far away (or not so far away), you can talk to them and even toss them a treat! Furbo can also send you barking alerts for when Fido is in guard dog mode — which really means he just heard the Amazon delivery guy or saw a squirrel.

Cube Bluetooth GPS Tracker

The Cube tracker is a sleek tag that can be clipped on a dogs collar, so pet parents don’t have to worry as much about losing track of their sweet baby. So if your pup isn’t microchipped, this could be a good solution. Personalize it with their name and return info.

Pooch Selfie Attachment

Who knew attaching a squeaky ball on top of a smart phone could be so effective for snapping photos of Fido. The device itself isn’t complicated—a clip on cradle holds the ball to get a pup’s attention for a few seconds. Be sure to give rewards for posing sessions. And get ready to buy some frames.

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Like a Fitbit for your dog, the tracker clips onto a collar, will log activity, and even sleep patterns. But it goes further beyond that, monitoring any discomfort that could help veterinarians detect possible issues early on. The handy bone shaped device can give a clear picture of a dog’s overall health.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Would you like to see the world through the eyes of your furry best friend? Attaching a Go-Pro to his or her back is the next best thing. A super comfy, padded harness secures around dogs, and the camera snaps snuggly in place. You’ll likely get a kick out of some of the footage the mini camera captures.

PetChatz HDX

Leaving pups at home, for the day, or even with someone else while we travel, can be tough. But the PetChatz HDX erases a lot of the separation anxiety that absence can bring, by allowing FaceTime calls, and the ability to dispense treats. Brain games and aromatherapy have been incorporated into the improved design, and were in awe.

Pet Fitness Robot: Interactive Treat Dispenser and Companion

This could scare the crap out of your dog, or they could love it. Use at your own discretion based on their personality. It’s a robot, that at various times will zoom around stimulating your pup to play. Great for when you have to clean house but sweet fluffy is sitting their with her toy, hoping you can play fetch—the bot can step in. The device can pop out treats, which may help dogs accept it.

Illuminated and Reflective Harness

A harness that glows is optimal when walking at night, which helps drivers clearly see when someone is out with a pup for a walk. Even use it when hiking. The harness fits just snug enough thanks to its adjustable design. Because of the lighted technology, dusk walks just got a little safer.

Remote Training Collar

Shock collars are controversial for a reason, and anyway, there are better options. This version simply vibrates and emits sound, and is more focused on providing positive reinforcement training. Positive reinforcement is more effective, as dogs want to please their parents. Scolding and shocking is scary and instills fear, not trust and obedience. A clicker comes with, and is also useful in bringing out a fur babies’ best behaving potential.

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