15 Must-Have Teething Toys to Soothe a Cranky Baby

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Teething can be a frustrating experience for babies and parents, and finding the right set of soothers can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes something as simple as a lullaby or a quiet bath can distract your little one. At other times teething can feel like a full-blown illness, with fever and gastric distress. Brushing every day can help kids build lifetime habits, and it makes it easy for parents to know when the next tooth is about to erupt, so they can stock up on those essentials and get prepared.

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This training toothbrush gets kids interested in dental hygiene and empowers them to soothe some of the aches and pains of teething on their own. Its extensive reach and flexibility make it useful for reaching even back teeth and molars so that it will be a useful friend all throughout the baby and toddler years.

For babies who never stop trying to chew on mom or dad’s car keys, get them a set of their own that is designed to be chewed on. This set comes with a gel filling, allowing them to be chilled without being frozen, making them much safer for chewing kiddos.

Some babies teeth early… Way too early. These pacifier teethers are suited to babies three months and up who don’t have the hand-eye dexterity to use other teethers.

From cutting their first teeth to bringing in their last new molar, this BPA-free giraffe teether is made of food-grade silicone and is dishwasher safe, so it can go on any adventure and be safely cleaned afterward.

Nuby’s brightly colored linkable rings are visually stimulating and fun for little ones to grasp and can be attached easily to strollers, car seats, or any favorite stuffed toy with soft tags or clips. They’re fun for toddlers too, and a great choice for building hand-eye coordination while offering safe, chewable toys.

If your baby is restless and fussy while teething, keep those gums lubricated, so skin breaks less painfully. Dr. Talbot’s benzocaine and belladonna-free soothing gel uses chamomile and vegetable glycerin to soothe and soften. The applicator is a silicone massaging toothbrush that’s perfectly shaped for bringing in those painful upper teeth.

This textured carrot teether toy by Infantino features small, raised bumps, which help break through gums and aid in wearing those sharp new teeth. Cold carrots from the refrigerator have long been used as a teething aid by desperate parents and miserable children; keep the tradition going with a carrot-shaped teether that they can’t bite a piece off.

Babies and toddlers can get a good grip with these dual nub teethers. The dual prong design means they can reach either, or both, of their rear molars, and the ridged design helps get in those hard to reach places. While they’re safe for almost any age, the older your little one is, the better control they’ll have while holding teethers, and the less likely they will be to gag themselves accidentally with pronged designs like this one.

If your baby is anxious to chew everything in sight, make it a learning experience. These soft feeders are great for filling with cold, juicy fruit, soft foods like avocado, or cooked vegetables like sweet potatoes. They expose kids to new flavors and textures while ensuring no larger pieces get swallowed accidentally.

Chill off on a warm day with a cold treat that soothes red, achy gums. You can make fill these freezer molds with anything from juice or yogurt to even formula and milk, whatever your little one will enjoy eating. While putting ice directly on their gums for an extended amount of time can be harmful, frozen treats can offer a brief chill that can soothe that swelling and soreness.

This teething ring is filled with sterile water, so it can be chilled before use for extra soothing. Babies will love the variety of textures to massage gums, and it’s easy to handle at all ages.

This Comotomo silicone baby teether is the perfect addition to the beloved Comotomo bottle set. The teether is BPA, plastic, phthalate, nitrosamine, and lead-free. It is designed to mimic baby fingers – a perfect fit since we know babies love chewing on their little fingers!

This cute soothing teether is a best-seller on Amazon and a must-have, especially if your little one doesn’t take a pacifier. Reviewers say the nipple-shaped design is perfect for breastfed babies, whether they are teething or weaning. Plus, the handle makes it easy for baby to grab and hold on to!

If your baby needs a little more than a teether to grab their attention, this rattle and sensory teether may do the trick. The colorful maze of BPA-free teething tubes is eye-catching and easy to grab. Parents say their baby grew with this toy, helping them accomplish developmental milestones – all while comforting their gums.

This all-in-one teether and feeder from Haakaa is a great way to start introducing foods to your baby. Freeze breastmilk or solid foods in the silicone pouch to soothe baby’s gums in a tasty, fun way. They can also chew on the silicone bunny ears.

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