The 12 Best Arts and Crafts Projects You Can Buy Online in 2021

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Art projects are exactly the distraction working families are looking for. Whether it’s a traditional summer favorite like sidewalk chalk, or a new trend like rock painting, finding an entertaining, safe, and screen-free activity to keep your kiddos busy has never been easier.

The ultimate outdoor art distraction, this blow-up easel is ideal for siblings to play together, but with each child having their own dedicated space. Comes with paint, brushes, and sponges; just change into some mess-making clothes and dive in. The vinyl surface can be cleaned with a water hose, so it can be re-used all summer.

Painted rock scavenger hunts can be even more fun when your rocks are rocking a little more personality. This six-pack of resin bugs are fun pops of color around home gardens, and are weather resistant.

Turn your windows into a winter wonderland with this marker and stencil set. Write messages and draw freehand, or follow along with the stencil set to make picture-perfect decorations. Chalk markers are perfect for injecting some cheer into your home, no matter how frightful the weather.

Let kids contribute to their room decor with these fun DIY pillow coloring kits. An all-inclusive set means they can start coloring immediately, and they are washable, if the kiddos aren’t happy with their work and want to try again.

Craft sand gift sets are popular for children’s birthdays, but they can get expensive if you have multiple children. Or even if you just have one child but they really, really like making sand art. Luckily, bulk kits exist, and this set of 12 colors comes with 22oz of each color, more than enough to keep a kid filling those little plastic bottles from birthday to Christmas. Bottle sets are available online, but for a wider variety of shapes you should check the local hobby or art supply store.

This custom sticker maker lets kids turn their art, magazine cutouts, and more into decorative stickers.  The colorless scent pen means they can even turn printed images into a scented sticker. Perfect for injecting some personality onto school notebooks, this set can make dozens of stickers.

There are high-end car and boat model sets that are great for crafty, meticulous adults, but the preschool set will have much more fun with these recognizable (and generously sized) wood block cutouts. Kids can paint them to match the local emergency responders, or choose favorite colors instead.

Teens and pre-teens may appreciate a greater challenge than crafts aimed at children. While this watercolor set is suitable for beginners of all ages, the ability to do fine detail work and concentrate for longer periods of time will make

A multi-pack of inexpensive white shirts plus this kit and you’ll have everything you need for days worth of entertainment, and a one of a kind wardrobe. Tie-Dye is also a fun way to make a one of a kind background for Zoom chats or school video conferences by using a simple white or other solid-color sheet or set of curtains.

This string art comes with three projects that are fun to make, and the end results make for interesting pieces of one of a kind wall art. With guided shapes, it’s a kid friendly intro to more complicated fabric art construction, like knitting or crochet.

Satisfy kids interested in both arts and sciences with DIY model of the Solar System. 14 Polystyrene balls means kids can take multiple attempts to get their project perfect, or they can include more of the Kuiper belt than we usually study.

Jewelry making kits can sometimes skew to younger children, but this charm set is great even up to middle school aged kids. Personalize any charm bracelet, backpack, and more with this versatile kit that includes multiple bracelets, pencil toppers, and more.

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