The Best Baby Strollers of 2024

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Getting out and about may look completely different than it used to with a little one in tow, but that doesn’t mean a good stroller isn’t exactly what you need to confidently get walking.

Best Reversible Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Available in five color options

  • Stroller weighs less than 20lbs

  • Holds up to 50lbs

Reversible strollers let you choose whether to keep a close eye on your kiddo. Great for judging when they’re getting hungry or sleepy or whether it’s time they got to enjoy the sights and sounds of your travels. The Urbini isn’t the only reversible stroller, but it gets high marks for affordable, lightweight, and easy to operate.

Review Highlights

“I wish I had tried this brand sooner! This was the simplest assembly ever. The stroller is sturdy, fashionable, comfortable, lightweight, and so easy to maneuver.”

Best Double Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Modular, great for growing families

  • In-line seats are easier to maneuver than side by side

Whether you’re carting around twins or close-in-age siblings, having a double stroller that accommodates multiples can make all the difference in feeling like you’re trapped at home or are free to explore. This modular setup lets you choose the best configuration for your kiddos without the double-wide bulk that makes most doubles strollers feel like you’re pushing a tour bus down the dairy aisle.

Review Highlights

“Absolutely in love with this stroller. Got it as a gift waiting for my second child to arrive, my toddler excited to use it as well. She already jumped on the big seat and is ready to go. This stroller is easy to use in any way you want to use it.”

Best Travel System Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Chicco car seat fits infants up to 30lbs

  • Stroller accommodates children up to 50lbs

A compatible two-part system makes it convenient to run errands or just stroll the neighborhood. The infant car seat transitions easily from car to stroller, which can help sleeping babies stay down longer. The oversized storage basket means you can cart a full day’s worth of necessities, so this paired system is the perfect choice for full-day trips, like a visit to a fair.

Review Highlights

“I love this travel system so much. When I first received it, I was so amazed at how easy and intuitive everything was to handle. Not much assembly required—i was able to put everything together at 7 months pregnant. Now that my daughter has been born, I love it even more.”

Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Weighs 11 lbs

  • Holds up to 45 lbs

  • Minimum age 6 months

Umbrella strollers are lightweight, inexpensive, and frequently only usable for babies with good head and neck control. They lack the typical oversized storage found in a full-size stroller, but they’re perfect for leaving in the car in case of an unplanned stop or keeping parked at the grandparent’s house for visits and outings.

Review Highlights

“Because I regularly fly alone to visit family in a different state with my toddler, I needed a stroller that is lightweight, maneuverable with one hand, and easily collapses; I got my money’s worth with the Summer 3D mini!”

Best Convertible Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Maneuvers comfortably

  • Easy to attach a second seat

  • Six color options

The City Select model stroller by Baby Jogger is incredibly modular, with available additions like an extra seat, infant pram, or glider board for older children to ride on. The base stroller holds a child from birth up to 45lbs, and while the 28-pound stroller isn’t an ultralight option, it’s still pretty portable.

Review Highlights

“My husband and I purchased this stroller for my son in 2011 in the red color and fell in love with it the first time we laid eyes on it. The way the stroller maneuvered was so easy and effortless and has never given us any problems. I do have to admit that it was quite heavy when folding it and putting in the car but it was never a deal breaker for me. My son used this stroller until he was about 4yrs of age and we kept it put away after his use just incase we decided to have another child in the future. Well I’m pregnant again 8yrs later and we pulled out the stroller to use with my daughter and everything is working just as it did when we first got it. I do feel we need to change the bottom basket as it looks a little ran down but that thing has been put to great use from holding diaper bags to groceries and much more. I love how big it is. This is a great stroller you will not be disappointed with this purchase.”

Best City Stroller

What You Should Know

  • Wind and weather protection

  • Available single, double, and as a travel system

  • Comes in five cute color options

The City Mini is your must-have baby shower item if a walking commute is part of your post-baby plan. Petite and portable, you won’t block access to tables or cashiers while out shopping or dining, and since it’s less than 25lbs, it’s one of the better options for hauling up and down stairs or through airports. Fussy sleepers are also a key demographic for this stroller, which offers an available bassinet to keep newborns snug and cozy while on the go. Unlike the 700 other items that are “absolutely required” for life with a newborn, the amount of space this little stroller takes up in a small apartment is actually justifiable.

Review Highlights

“Perfect size stroller! Fits through average doorways and store aisles. Very agile, amazing turn radius. The additional updates like the foot rest and magnetic window covers are awesome as well! My son loves riding in it and I love how easy it is to put him in it!”

Best Jogging Stroller - Tie

What You Should Know

  • Adapter accepts Peg Perego, Chicco, and Britax seats

  • Allows child to ride sitting upright; more comfortable for kids over 2

  • Larger gear basket

The Rev Flex and its competition in the Thule line are both top-of-the-line joggers with some essential aspects, like lockable front wheels for smooth riding, height adjustments so both parents can get in their run and generous shock absorption for little riders. For the BOB, it folds up smaller, so families with smaller cars can more easily travel to distant trails. It also offers a larger gear basket, so couples who run can both fit essential items and baby’s supplies into the basket. The available 90-degree child seat angle accommodates daily use better than other joggers. Though you shouldn’t allow the kiddo to sit fully upright if you’re at risk of a quick stop, it does make for a more comfortable daily use stroller for kids over 2. Ultimately, you may want to take your prospective jogger for a quick spin before committing, so look into rentals or borrowing from a friend before you pass over that credit card.

Review Highlights

“I regret not getting this a year ago. Great storage space, maneuvers like a dream, and just very sleek looking.”

Best Jogging Stroller - Tie

What You Should Know

  • Universal adapter works with any brand seat

  • Convenient hand brake is ideal for incline runs

  • Small covered travel basket, perfect for inclement weather

In the ongoing bout for stroller supremacy, the Urban Glide is a top choice for your jogging stroller. The hand brake helps maintain control, whether at high speed or on a busy street. The stroller is a more versatile choice for integrating into a travel system with its universal adapter. Still, the extreme seat recline means this won’t be a comfortable choice for big toddlers on an all-day excursion to somewhere like Disney. The stuff basket might be small, but it’s covered, so there’s extra protection from wind and weather, and at 25 pounds, it’s heavy enough to survive regular use without being unwieldy.

Review Highlights

“To anyone looking for a superior jogging stroller with a “no fuss, no muss” attitude, the urban glide 2 is for you! It also works well for varying stride lengths. My husband is 6ft and I am 5ft 1in. Neither of us kick the rear axle when running or jogging.”

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