The 20 Best Subscription Boxes for Teens (For Every Interest & Hobby)

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Perhaps your teenagers are really hard to buy for, or maybe you feel like you’ve just gotten them about everything they could want or need! Have you thought about a subscription box? While you may be familiar with some of the more basic brands out there, there are actually tons of unique subscriptions to choose from. So whether they appreciate a culinary experience, crafting, technology, or just something unusual and fun, there is a subscription box that will be the perfect gift for them! Below are some of our favorites.

Snacks and Treats

Universal Yums will take you on an adventure, to a different country every time receiving a box. Choose your size, but all will feature a variation of tasty treats from countries such as Spain, Indonesia, and Taiwan! Sweet fruity gummies, and savory snacks like bruschetta bites, are just examples of the unusual findings in each taste bud visit to these countries. So maybe you can’t gift them a trip around the world, but you can take one of their senses there.

Is your teen just a major snacker? Perhaps they love candy, crunchy favorites, and anything that’s deliciously poppable. Well then they will love Crate Joy! The goody box comes with a variety of difficult to locate candies from the United States, and there are also international options as well, like snacks from Mexico. Regardless, their inner munch monster will be satisfied.

Cappuccino biscotti bites, gummy snow flurries, cupcake morsels, these are just some of the delicious candies that will come in a Candy Club subscription. First, the box size is selected, then you will detail the teen’s flavor profile. Do they love the sour candies? Or are they more into the super sweet varieties, like carefully curated gummy bears? Candies come in lovely little jars, and are presented nicely in a teal blue box.

Urthbox brings healthier, more pure snacks to your teen’s front door. Maybe you are trying to expand their pallet, to let them see how tasty real food can be! Or maybe they already know, and are huge fans of vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb snacking. The box can be tailored by diet, and you also choose the size. It’s surprising to find out how many creatively good for you snacks are out there.

Teens these days seem to love grabbing a Starbucks drink, or even a healthy smoothie. So that makes this smoothie box particularly awesome. Every box comes delivered with prepackaged smoothies, that are full of organic vegetables, fruits, and seeds, for a nutritious and super yummy treat. You can feel good about gifting something fun, and great for the body.

Crafts & Creations

Kiwi Co. isn’t just for kids! And it even isn’t just for teens! There are Kiwi Co. boxes that are great for everyone ages young, to over a century old. Maybe you have a young engineer on your hands, and they love to build. There’s a box for them! Perhaps your teen is an artist and loves to craft creative things, there’s a box for that too. Cooking, science, and crafts are just a few of the other categories to choose from.

Build your own robot, audio visualizer, mood lamps, and a bunch of other cool technology things that we have no clue what it actually is! If you have a young one, or a teenager that is particularly into the technicalities of electronic components, they can be sent a unique project every month to complete. Not only is it designed to be fun and rewarding upon completion, it really will give them a foot forward in a technology path.

Crafting can be an incredible way to let the mind escape from every day stresses. The Crafters Box focuses in on knitting, various fabric techniques, and wood carving, and it could be just what your teenager needs. The subscription box will be bringing crafting adventures to the doorstep every month, and participants will acquire skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.


Birchbox introduces beauty and overall body care enthusiasts to a wide variety of products every month. You can choose from a three, six or 12 month subscription for your teenager. But Birchbox will also kick them off with some starter products as an introduction. Whether just starting out learning how to use beauty products, or just looking to broaden their horizons, it’s a solid gift for any occasion.

Some folks like to stick with the same perfume, identifying that as their scent. However, when you sign up with Scentbox, you can try small 30 day supplies of various designer fragrances that will certainly introduce you to some interesting smells. It’s like having the mall fragrance department delivered right to your doorstep every month.

Have you ever wished you could just let experts at Allure pick out all of your beauty products for the month? Well now you can, or you can gift that ability to any teenager in your life. Allure selects six or more products every month that come in at a value of around $100, for you to try out and enjoy. Never miss out on a trend or a super cool product.


The Fit Lifestyle box comes full of motivation, and healthy goodies to get you on the path of a happier, more active way of living. Maybe you are already active and in the workout groove – – this will just help keep you going. But when gifting to a teen, always ensure any supplements have been approved by their doctor.

There really is almost a box for every interest! So finding one that particularly fits your teen will be a breeze. For example, in the glorious Mystery Tacklebox, they will receive perfectly paired lures, fun fishing memorabilia, and how-to instructionals to become a better fisherman. If they are already an expert, then they will just get awesome accessories to try out every month.

Get ready to hike, roam through the mountains, and just appreciate nature all together, because this box delivers carefully curated, expertly researched products for the outdoors, every month. Inspire your kiddos to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings, or just fuel the ones that already do. Regardless, this is one of the sweetest subscription boxes on this list. It’s quality, and it promotes real living.

Just for Fun

Plants are a wonderful addition to a teenager’s room, and can also teach them something at the same time. Unique house plants come each month, and there are also fun add-ons and goodies that will be a surprise as well. So add some green to their life, without just giving them money.

Tea is a helpful way to wind down the day, and can become a good practice for teenagers, as much as it can be for adults. Start cultivating their palate earlier, to appreciate uniquely combined herbs and spices, that pair together to create incredible flavor, and health promoting effects.

Candles are cozy, they smell great, and they can totally change an environment from drab to ultra relaxing. Treat your teenagers to a beautifully crafted candle, that not only has a wonderful scent, but comes in an elegant box that really truly makes it feel so special. Lighting a candle can create a sense of calm, and we think that that is a wonderful thing to receive on a monthly basis.

After a long day of school, what can be more comforting than putting on an ultra soft, brand new pair of socks? The Socks in a Box subscription brings colorful variations to the doorstep every month, keeping your sock drawer looking nice and new! I think we all can admit we might wear our socks a little bit too long. (I say this while starting at my pinky toe protruding from my Guardians of the Galaxy ankles socks). These are also made from bamboo, so are much more sustainable.

If you have an artist in your life, you know how quickly they can go through supplies, and how they truly value a quality shading pencil, or pastels. Give them the gift of refreshing their art supplies on a monthly basis, with quality expertly chosen selections. Hey, maybe they will create some masterpieces for you at the same time. So it’s a total win-win!

Succulents are a unique plant species, that take a specific kind of care, but have gorgeous and rewarding characteristics. Do you have a little gardener on your hands? Or perhaps do you have a teen that has taken any interest in the different types of plants in general? Or maybe you were looking for something unique that they’ve never been exposed to. The Succulents Box offers unique varietals every month.

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