(75+) The Complete List of Free Things You Can Get on Your Birthday

Happy Day!

We take pride in our research and may earn a commission for purchases made using our links.

Birthdays might result in more loot than what one can get from family and friends! Huge lists of companies all over the United States treat people on their big day. While many gifts require signing up for an email list or rewards club, we think it is definitely worth it to accumulate cupcakes, beauty products, and meals from top chains when making one more trip around the sun.

Industries included in this roundup are:

  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Experiences & Travel
  • Food


American Eagle Discount

American Eagle has a great point system for regular shoppers. When birthdays roll around, you can get an extra 15%  off purchases during that month. Stock up on your favorite pair of jeans, or refresh the closet with a colorful assortment of trendy tops and accessories.

Columbia Perks

Get all the gear you need for exploring the outdoors at a phenomenal price when joining the rewards program. Gifts are given all year long, not just on your birthday. Columbia, in particular, sells insulated coats that can stand up to the most rugged of adventures. You might as well treat yourself to all the essentials needed for ski season.

Container Store Surprise

The Container Store has been solving our organizational woes for years, and come your big day. They want to give something to bring a little bit more order to your life. Maybe the pantry is in disarray, or perhaps the closet could use a little container magic. There’s no gift like the peace of mind an in order home can bring.

Barnes and Noble Cupcake/Special Offer

Kids can get a free cupcake on their birthday after joining the kids club. But adults will now get a special offer if they include their birthdate in a membership account. We aren’t sure if this will be a discount or an edible treat. Either way, a birthday trip to Barnes and Noble deserves a stop by the adjoined café for something sweet.

Petco Four-Legged Friend Gift

Pets deserve free birthday goodies too! Petco will give a special four-legged appropriate gift for a furry friend’s birthday. Wrap it up and have a little party, complete with a pet-safe dessert.

Old Navy Discount

Old Navy is our tried and true “go-to” for affordable clothing. Those deals get even sweeter for shoppers celebrating birthdays. Being able to snag favorites at an even more awesome price, it seems warranted to splurge on a couple of complete outfits. Does anyone else think they have the best flats ever?

Kohl’s Surprise

Kohl’s likes surprises! And they are going to give you one on your birthday. Shop for perfume, clothing for all ages, home decor, and jewelry because being a part of their rewards program brings discounts all year–happy birthday to you!

DSW Discount

Get five dollars off on those shoes you’ve been eyeing at DSW, whether that be heels, tennis shoes, boots, and so on. Sign up for the rewards program to get the deal, and if you become a Premier Member, the coupon goes up to $10 off.

JCPenney Gift

JCPenney has a great explanatory breakdown of all the benefits of being a rewards program member, including a bday surprise. But all year, the benefits can be pretty lucrative if you are a regular shopper here. We are talking about hefty discounts!

Wardrobe Discount

Load up on all your favorite J.Crew styles with a 20% birthday discount. And free shipping! The clothing is versatile, with many key pieces working for an upscale or casual outfit. Men and women will be able to snag wardrobe essentials that are made so well that they last for years. Seriously, especially men’s pants.


Ulta Deals

Ulta joins in on the beauty giving fun. Celebrate with some goodies that will make you feel your best. Speaking of giving, the beauty brand has been a significant supporter of breast cancer research through the years. It’s extra special to feel all the good feelings of supporting a business like that.

Aveda Gift

Aveda is best known for fabulous vegan body products, and they are ready to gift something special on your big day. Aveda has been strictly animal cruelty-free since way back in the 70s. Way to go, Aveda!

bareMinerals Gift

We definitely won’t say no to anything bareMinerals. Makeup from this company is free of yucky chemicals. And no way will you find parabens in their products. So a gift from this company goes further than just skin deep.

Bath and Body Works Gift

Could it be a tropical hand sanitizer, or maybe one of the foaming hand soaps? Sign up for Bath and Body Work’s Loyalty program and get gifted on your day. However, it always seems there is always a sale going on, whether that be shockingly low hand soap prices or a candle sale. The balsam fir scent smells like a dreamy forest.

Free Sephora Loot

Heading to Sephora for a shopping spree? Let them know it’s your birthday by signing up for the beauty insider. Some say that the free gift is pretty darn good, like a really awesome eyeliner or lip gloss.

Smashbox Extras

Smashbox is always giving out freebies. So it comes as no surprise that they would do something great for birthdays. Makeup from the line has been inspired by Hollywood glam or other red carpet looks. Get ready to feel fabulous.

Experiences & Travel

Free Skydive

When booking a group of six, the birthday guy or girl jumps free. Once on the ground, this particular skydive destination features a bar and grill so that the celebration will continue. Have a drink and a birthday meal while discussing the exciting bucket list task you all just checked off.

Wyndham Deals and Gifts

Wyndham Hotels offer the ultimate birthday deal. Twenty percent off certain destinations and little extras that may vary, from a bottle of sparkling wine to free breakfast, are often part of the experience. Fun fact, a lot of travel industry companies will do something special if notified in advance. It’s worth a try! Talk about feeling pampered.

Cake on Singapore Flight

While nothing official is on their site, many folks report receiving a beautiful cake for special occasions aboard Singapore Airlines. Isn’t that a huge upgrade from a microwaved meal? We have to say that the cake looks delicious.

Play Time at Dave and Busters

Get ready to play at Dave & Busters, which is pretty much Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Birthday celebrators get five dollars worth of free playtime. And if you brought along some great friends, maybe they will buy you a boozy slushy.

Royal Treatment at Disney

While Disney does not offer free entry for birthdays, various surprise perks come along with letting them know you’re celebrating. Notify an attendant (best to reach out in advance), and receive a birthday pin. You might jump ahead in line or get some other special treatment.

A Medieval Evening

Doth Thou Thirst for the Frosty Brew? Get ready to claim your crown, watch entertaining competitors and eat hearty food. Admission is free for birthday boys and girls.

Upgraded Theater Experience

A movie is a wonderful way to spend your day. Get a free reward from Regal Cinemas and a small popcorn. We all know how expensive popcorn can be at the theater! So this is a solid gift.

Restaurants & Food

Applebee’s Treat

Applebee’s offers a birthday treat when signing up for their Email Club. So if you love their wide assortment of food, start planning your birthday dinner. Will it be a burger, or maybe one of the featured entrees? Yum. Applebee’s also offers veterans day meals.

Arby’s Treat

Not only does Arby’s send a coupon for something on birthdays, but as soon as you sign up for their email, you’ll get a free drink and fries with the purchase of a sandwich. From monster roast beef sandwiches to a surprisingly tender brisket, they have the meats.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

Who can resist those warm cinnamon sugar pretzels? So soft, perfectly salty and sweet, and glazed with a buttery topping.  Get a free one on your birthday. Maybe grab a dough-wrapped hotdog too. Treat yourself.

Free Backyard Burger

A burger just for signing up and a burger for birthdays? We’re in! Backyard Burgers are next level with an excellent craft touch. We think the real black Angus beef makes all the difference.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

Of course, Baskin Robbins would give free ice cream! May we suggest the German chocolate cake flavor? And they also have vegan and dairy-free cookie dough!

Benihana Gift Certificate

Benihana will give you a $30 certificate to celebrate with you during the month of your birthday. So sit back and watch the most delicious entertainment around. And get ready for lobster, steak, and other Asian specialties.

Buffalo Wild Wings…Wings

Birthday wings! Now that’s something to get excited about. Join Blazing Rewards to get the perk. Buffalo Wild Wings has some seriously wild flavors that take the American comfort food to another dimension.

Carrabba’s Special Treat

Aside from that dreamy bread and olive oil dip, Carrabba’s has even more surprises for those celebrating. Just another fun fact, police, fire, and other servicemen and women can get 10% off at the Italian eatery.

Checkers Milkshake

While grabbing birthday burgers, get your free milkshake at Checkers. It might be a great change-up from the traditional cake. Sign up for the rewards program beforehand. Grabbing a few orders of those zesty seasoned fries is probably a good idea, too.

Cheesecake Factory Ice Cream

Ah, the Cheesecake Factory, what better place to celebrate? When ordering one of their famous slices, they will decorate it and write happy birthday or other messages in chocolate or caramel. But if you want something completely free, they offer a scoop of ice cream.

Chick-fil-A Cookie

Chick-fil-A‘s app is quite a lucrative food platform. Members always get treats like free fries and so on. On your birthday, expect something like a chocolate chunk cookie. Keep an eye out for special days at our favorite chicken joint because sometimes, customers get treated too when celebrating something.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

Dairy Queen offers none other than a free blizzard for those who made it yet another year. Did you know this place has been around since the 40s, and the Blizzard hit the scene in the 80s? The burger might have been the more popular menu item at one time.

Del Taco Milkshake

Del Taco has a fan club, and upon signing up, fast food lovers are gifted two free tacos immediately. For birthdays, you get a premium milkshake. Are you a Taco Bell or Del Taco fan? When it comes to tacos, isn’t the love mutual all around?

Denny’s Breakfast

Denny’s has one of the more stand-out freebies. Prove your date of birth, and get a grand slam breakfast, complete with bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Most say you don’t have to sign up for their rewards program, but it might not be a bad idea just in case.

Dippin Dots

Maybe it’s been since childhood you’ve enjoyed the futuristic joy of Dippin Dots ice cream. You might as well grab some for free on the big day. There are dots to get really excited about, from colorful fruity flavors to creamy cookies and cream. Maybe dump them over your actual cake!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Why yes, we would love to get our coffee free on our birthday. Sign up for the perks program, and earn points all year every single time you stop for that cup of Joe. The iced lattes, simple with no sugar, are so amazing.

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements are super cool, but will folks treat themselves to one? Let a birthday be the reason because Edible Arrangements offers a free chocolate-covered treat. The size of the box is kind of surprising. This is a great freebie.

Firehouse Sub

Get a medium-sized sub, and enjoy the steamed meat and cheese delicacy that has surpassed our sub sandwich expectations. Bring the candles and forget the cake because these subs are *insert drool emoji*.

Godiva Chocolate

Godiva chocolate is the luxury sweet treat you deserve when celebrating. Join the rewards program and get deals all year and something extra special when turning a year older. We are going to go out on a limb and say it’s something chocolate. Score!

Great American Cookie Treats

If you’re not already getting one of those famous cookie cakes on your birthday, covered in chocolate and vanilla icing, enjoy a treat on Great American Cookie. However, we won’t judge if you do both.

Hooters Wings

Let’s be honest, Hooters actually does have great wings. So with free wings, there are many reasons to stop by the dining chain on your birthday. But hey, at least it’s a solid excuse.

Honey Baked Ham Sandwich

Honey Baked Ham serves up what is not surprisingly one of the best traditional ham sandwiches. Bring a friend for a birthday lunch and take advantage of the exclusive buy one get one sandwich deal.

Hard Rock Gift

Enjoy rock memorabilia and cool surroundings at Hard Rock Cafe, and get something extra special. We can’t confirm what the gift actually is, but this is a neat place to spend any bday, young or old.

IHOP Free Pancakes

Customers automatically get free pancakes when signing up for IHOP’s rewards program. And on special occasions? Free pancakes! Side note, they have amazing gluten-free pancakes now. And if you want an insider’s note, they are extra good if you bring our own 100 percent maple syrup.

Jason’s Deli Sandwich Discount

Get five dollars off a Jason’s Deli masterpiece when specifically signing up for the birthday club. But the salads and soups are definitely worth ordering on the side.

Jersey Mike’s Free Sub

Jersey Mike’s has gluten-free subs. And you can get one for free. The chain is also known for its charitable generosity to all sorts of programs.

Johnny Rockets Burger

Free burger with the purchase of a drink and fries at Johnny Rockets! Sign up beforehand and enjoy a blast-from-the-past experience at the 50s-themed diner. You’ve got to top it off with a milkshake.

Krispy Kreme Donut

No sweet treat melts in the mouth quite like a hot glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. This is definitely a free treat worthy of any monumental age. We bet you can’t leave without a dozen–one is simply an appetizer. Dear Krispy Kreme, we beg you to make gluten-free donuts.

Longhorn Noms

Sign up for Longhorns’ rewards, and regular customers will be gifted great offers. But birthdays bring something a little more special. Oh man, a perfectly seared Longhorn steak is sounding really good about right now.

Marble Slab Ice Cream

Scream for ice cream at Marble Slab on your bday. But don’t really scream. Just watch them fold in all your favorite toppings for a harmonious balance of flavors.

Marie Callender Pie!

Who can resist a Marie Callender’s razzleberry pie, or maybe one of the savory options? On your birthday, you will get a special gift on behalf of the company.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

McDonald’s has a pretty sweet rewards program. And on your birthday, the word is that participants receive a free happy meal. That’s something to smile about. Because happy meals should be for adults, too–those little hamburgers with yummy tiny onions and the right amount of fries that won’t make us feel we totally derailed from a healthy lifestyle.

Moes Burrito

The only thing better than free birthday tacos is a free birthday burrito! Moes has you covered when you sign up for the rewards program. The menu versatility is great, with customers being able to go for extra veggies and tofu instead of rice and meat.

Free Cake From Nothing Bundt Cakes

Get the cutest little Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes on your birthday. However, the flavors are so delicious you might want to just get a whole version. White chocolate raspberry bday cake, anyone?

O’Charleys Dessert

Don’t eat too many of those warm fluffy rolls. O’Charleys will bring out a special dessert for you to celebrate with. Maybe save the rest of your prime rib sandwich for later.

Olive Garden Dessert

Two places in a row with a really good bread that both give birthday desserts. Now that’s a conundrum. And with all the comforting pasta and all-you-can-eat salad, it’s just going to have to be an indulgent day.

On the Border Free Queso

On the Border has crazy good chips and some of the best salsa at any Mexican chain. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, out comes the birthday queso.

Papa Johns Dessert

Grab some cheese pizza (lots of garlic sauce) and a free dessert at Papa Johns. Papa Johns is another chain that caters to some dietary needs. While the gluten-free crust isn’t like the classic, we give it a thumbs up.

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

A birthday yogurt is light enough to enjoy in the morning, so you’ll still be craving cake at the end of the day. Come get your free birthday cup with all of those favorite toppings.

Free Pita from Pita Pit

Free pita is a nice change-up from many of the sweet options on our list. Download the app and get ready for culinary diversity on your birthday.

Red Lobster Surprise

Red Lobster gives members of their rewards program a birthday surprise. But you may just want to focus on those dreamy cheddar biscuits.

Free Red Robin Burger

Red Robin doesn’t just pull the “buy a burger and get some free fries on your birthday” thing. You will get a free and clear birthday burger.

Schlotskys Goodness

A hearty gift awaits at one of America’s favorite sandwich shops. Various cured meats and lighter sandwich options are available to customers.

Smoothie King Smoothie

Take a healthier approach and go for a totally free birthday smoothie at Smoothie King. Go for something indulgent, or keep it healthy with light options with good-for-you add-ins. PS–Orange vanilla is light and super tasty.

Sonny’s Special Meal

Barbecue for the birthday dinner? Don’t mind if we do. Sonny’s will cover your meal. From what we can tell, there are specific birthday options.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles offers the most gorgeous little cupcakes in unique and indulgent flavors. Sign up for the perks and get a free one. Being a part of the program means little surprises all year long.


Specific drinks are available to those celebrating their birthday. Just make sure you are a part of the rewards program. And if it is your pup’s birthday, they get a free cup of cream. Of course, dog cups are always free.

Steak and Shake Milkshake

What more appropriate thing for Steak ‘n Shake to offer than one of the famous creamy milkshakes? Don’t forget the classic burger and fries. Or the turkey club!

Extra Crunch to Your Subway

Subway will sweeten up your meal with a cookie or spice it up with a free bag of chips. It’s like finding a unicorn, but there is actually gluten-free bread at various locations, FYI.

Texas Roadhouse Food

Grab a taste of Texas for your birthday at Texas Roadhouse. They’ve got a surprise for you. And yet again, there is great bread here. Why must they do this to us?

Spectacular TGI Fridays Dessert

TGI Fridays wins the “restaurant free birthday dessert” challenge. They really jazz things up with decorations and sometimes even sparklers on a delicious sweet treat, like a brownie.

Melting Pot Chocolate Fondue

A whole free chocolate fondue – – that’s a pretty sweet deal. Bring a friend along to share the goodness, and maybe they will return the favor on their day. Chocolate-covered strawberries are also available to those partying.

Taco Bell Baja Blast Freeze

Baja Blast is what birthday dreams are made of. Even better, get a frozen version for free. Just for signing up, some Doritos tacos may be in your future.

Spaghetti Factory Meal

The Spaghetti Factory has a special meal available for birthdays – – and of course, it’s free! So while you can’t just choose anything off the menu, you can get this freebie without any major stipulations.

Waffles from Waffle House

Waffle House offers, drumroll, a free waffle! So if you aren’t set on loaded hashbrowns and eggs, breakfast is free on your birthday. Keep an eye out on their site because free waffle coupons might be available for other occasions.

Zaxby’s Nibblers

Joining Zaxby’s reward program is fruitful from the moment signing up because you get a meal deal. Then nibblers on your birthday, which are yummy little fried chicken sandwiches. Cue the confetti, and be sure to ask for Zaxby’s sauce.


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