The Hurricane Emergency Supplies Your Kit Needs

Emergency Preparedness

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As anyone who has been through a hurricane likely knows by now, typically those emergency essentials lists don’t include many comfort items. After you’ve gotten prepared, think about what will keep you happy and comfortable during a time without guaranteed access to water or electricity.

Families who regularly camp or picnic will have an idea how much their cooler holds and how long the ice lasts. Take a test run before a storm hits and see whether it’s time for you to upgrade.

We won’t judge if the grilling starts before the storm ends; hurricane parties are a tradition that certainly isn’t going anywhere soon, but officially this little grill is for helping you make use of any pork chops, chicken wings, or sausage that you just couldn’t find room for in the cooler.

Set up these simple butane fueled pot boiler stoves on any flat surface and light them; any old axioms about watched pots not boiling were clearly not using these. Fuel canisters are available at most big box or outdoors oriented stores and are resealable after opening, so there’s no wasting partial fuel canisters.

There’s no need to give up life’s simple pleasures during an emergency. An easy to use percolator lets you have hot coffee in the mornings, or makes a convenient vessel to boil water for making instant noodles or other quick cooking meals.

Pre mixed and measured and in a disposable container, these single serving oatmeal cups are head and shoulders above the instant oatmeal packets you may have had before. Flavors like Blueberry Hazelnut and Apple Walnut make these feel much more indulgent than getting by with just cold cereal and sandwiches.

Sleeping without air conditioning in Florida is a miserable experience. Set up each member of the family with one of these battery fans; the cool breeze and white noise should help.

If you get used to having a pocket sized flashlight around, you’ll find yourself using it all the time, even outside of emergencies; they’re just so convenient. This one has a clip, so it’s easy to retrieve out of deep pants pockets or a purse, and it runs on AA batteries, rather than expensive specialty batteries.

Another emergency item that’s also a perk during day to day life, these motion activated rechargeable lights hold a four hour charge and are perfect for mounting under kitchen cabinets, in closets, or in the bathroom.

Keep important documents or sensitive electronics safe in a waterproof bag. Don’t forget to buy one for each vehicle as well; you can keep your registration and insurance information in them.

Wet weather can arrive early, or stick around after a hurricane, making it tedious to prepare or recover. A quality poncho makes those last minute tasks, like taking out the dogs for one final “go,” a little less annoying.

When clearing downed limbs or other debris, using proper safety gear is essential. A good pair of waterproof boots can keep your skin and clothing away from contaminants until the waters fully recede.

It’s best to have those essential maintenance tasks completed before the storm arrives, but for unexpected clean up after the fact, this chainsaw and battery kit can help you restore things to normalcy as fast as possible.

Avoid long lines and last minute trips for pricy bottled water with a refillable water container. This 7 gallon jug is convenient for cooking, washing, or even flushing the toilet if local water treatment facilities are overwhelmed.

If you or your family are used to the comforting glow of a night light or street lights while sleeping, picking up a couple of these battery operated candles may be just the trick. Safer than real candles if they’re knocked over by rambunctious children or pets, they’re much cheaper to buy batteries for than those big camping lanterns.

Speaking of batteries; stock up early. Try to pick up a radio, fan, and flashlight that all use the same size, so you can buy a single size in bulk, or swap batteries between devices if you have to.

Stay in contact with family easily with this portable battery pack. Recharges phones, tablets, or anything else with a USB cable.

If you’ll be facing an extended time without access to fresh groceries, picking up some dehydrated food can vary the dishes available to you. A balanced pantry may have canned goods, dehydrated add-ins, or meals that just need boiling water.

Good to have around for every day use, flooded roads or downed power lines can make it even more important to know basic first aid and have all the necessary items on hand to take care of treatable injuries.

Another everyday essential, checking the expiration dates on fire extinguishers at the start of hurricane season is always a good practice. In case of an emergency, it’s always helpful to have on in a vehicle, too.

The show must go on; if you work in an essential or emergency service field, you know that before your own power is back on, you’ll be called back to work. Face the day without limp, greasy hair with this indulgent dry shampoo by R+Co.

If you have small children at home, you know that entertaining them can get messy, fast. Save water and clean up small messes (and dirty faces) with baby wipes.

If you just need enough ice to fill one small cooler and have a fridge with an ice maker, bag your own with reusable zip top bag. You can even fill bags with water and freeze them on a level tray, like a cookie sheet, for over-sized homemade reusable chill packs.

If you’re avoiding opening the fridge or cooler at all costs, but just can’t bring yourself to drink black coffee, pick up some creamer that doesn’t require refrigeration. This multi pack of mixed flavors guarantees there’s something for everyone, and the long shelf life means they’ll last all through hurricane season, so you can indulge now and then even when it isn’t strictly an emergency.

Unlike old school generators with pull-cord starts that required you be, at the very least, a regular at the local gym, this electric start generator is here to support everyone else. It runs more efficiently on gas but also accepts propane as a fuel, so you won’t be stymied by those long gas lines before the storm hits.

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