The Manly Man Co: Here’s Why Meat Bouquets & More Are On Your Gift List

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Men often get overlooked when it comes to receiving some type of lovely bouquet on any particular occasion. That was what prompted the start of the veteran-owned Manly Man Co. It started when a guy got his wife flowers, but they wondered why there wasn’t an equivalent for those manly men out there.

The tears-of-joy-inducing meaty compilation of jerky sticks and bacon roses was born, all wrapped in rugged brown paper in the most perfectly rugged way. And these were not just any bacon roses, but rather maple candy bacon roses. Forget regular flowers—we don’t think just men are going to want that bouquet. However, the company is growing beyond beautiful aromatic carnivorous assortments and on to other fun products. Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier.

We are sure he loves the candy cane striped wrapping paper used at Christmas. But this bacon-printed paper also smells like… Bacon! Can you imagine the excitement and joy he will feel when handed a gift box wrapped in the stuff? I mean, he may not even want to tear into it. It would probably be a good idea to keep any presents wrapped in bacon paper, away from dogs. To top it all off, hang a tactical Christmas stocking filled with pizza jerky, or one of the other interesting flavors, from the mantle.

When his birthday or Valentine’s Day rolls around, there are even more interesting and intriguing curated selections for him. He will have thought you already outdid yourself on Christmas, so he will be totally surprised. A variation of super manly-themed gift boxes is available. Yes, even the box itself is tactical and very cool. Expect artisan treats such as tequila jerky and other hard-to-find flavors.

And completing the list of “put hair on your chest” favorites are the jerky cards. Why buy him a regular old mushy card from a dollar store when you can have your special message precision laser engraved onto a slab of meat? So while he won’t be putting your sweet messages on his desk at work, they will be sitting safe and sound in his happy belly. So maybe you have that guy who’s really hard to buy for, or maybe he just appreciates delicious meat. The Manly Man Co is here to fulfill the desires of every tough guy’s heart.

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