20 “The Office” Gifts for the Super Fan in Your Life

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Fans of The Office understand, the show has a staying power like no other. Just like the show, these themed gifts never get old. After all, what do you turn to when you’re trying to find something to watch? Do you sit through some new critically acclaimed show or movie? False! Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, the laughs The Office provides will last for years to come, and these gifts give iconic moments a permanent place in your day-to-day life.

Just a classy addition to your home decor.

Featuring a classic line from the show, this accent pillow will let everyone who enters your home know, you take safety training very seriously.

Proudly display Pam's art in your own space!

Bring home Pam’s watercolor painting! This premium quality fine art poster is just like the one Michael fell in love with at Pam’s art show, and gleefully hung up at the office.

Fun Fact: This scene wasn't scripted, which makes the look on Oscar's face that much better.

After Michael unintentionally outs Oscar, this episode forever cemented its rank as one of the most cringe-filled episodes in the series, second only to Scott’s Tots, (we don’t speak of Scott’s Tots). Memorialize this iconic onscreen kiss with this enamel pin.

In true Michael Scott fashion, we recommend you buy this one for yourself....

Displayed prominently on his desk throughout the show, Michael’s World’s Best Boss mug is one of his most prized possessions, although yes he did buy it for himself.

Grab a grilled cheese and the one you love, and enjoy a perfect evening watching The Office.

Memorialize one of the show’s most romantic moments with this cute t-shirt. Sneak away with someone you love, be it on rooftop or otherwise, and you’ll be set for one memorable evening.

Dress socks guaranteed to make you "Da Bell of Da Ball."

Prison Mike is one of the best characters to ever grace us with his presence on The Office. He had a hard life of gruel in the clink, but these dress socks are nothing but luxurious.

You never want to miss one of Kelly's parties...or else.

If you didn’t drop the ball like Jim and Dwight, you were definitely at Kelly’s America’s Got Talent party. Get your office-obsessed friend a customizable mug with their face on it, just like the ones from her party…and hurry before she reports you to HR.

It doesn't have to be Christmas for it to be time to tell people how you feel.

We may never know what the note Jim put in Pam’s teapot said, but that’s half the fun, right? This sweet key chain will show any fan of The Office just how much you care.

This sticker rightfully comes in Dwight's signature color.

In one of the most famous moments from the show, Jim recreates Dwight’s ensemble for just $11. Use this sticker to mark your lunchbox, laptop, water bottle or even your stapler to keep it safe from fridge thieves, or office pranksters.

Personalize your work station!

Deck out your work, school or home office gear with this assortment of stickers from the show. Some of your favorite quotes, scenes, and characters are represented in this 15 sticker collection.

Represent your office family in a variety of colors!

Chances are, you’ve already owned one of these at some point, or it has been on your wish list for some time now. This Dunder Mifflin Paper Company shirt comes in a variety of colors, is 100% cotton and has great reviews on Amazon!

Be sure to keep your diary in a better hiding place than Michael did.

Keep track of all your thoughts and feelings inside this lined notebook, the cover depicts a classic moment from the show. There are several covers available from the Amazon Seller Scranton Strangler, pick out your favorite cover based on an iconic moment, like this “Save Bandit!” version.

Caution: Will break if thrown at a brand new plasma screen TV, babe.

The highest honor a Dunder Mifflin employee can earn: The Dundie. This award is best presented while enjoying an awesome blossom at Chili’s. But remember, no Beeslys allowed.

Did you know Kevin's band was named after the 1983 Police album "Synchronicity?"

Rep your favorite cover band with this Scrantonicity t-shirt. This one’s a little more subtle, so you’ll be able to seek out the true die hard fans more easily!

Stay motivated with one of Michael's favorite quotes.

Starting your own paper company is hard work, and when the going gets tough, you can always count on Michael for some secondhand inspiration. This print takes a hilarious moment from the show and gives it a rightful permanent place among your decor.

The perfect gift to annoy someone with your friendship.

Nothing says cozy like an over-sized sweatshirt from your favorite local beet farm. This one actually reminds us of the Cornell sweatshirt Dwight wore to annoy Andy in season 5.

"D.W.I.G.H.T – Determined, Worker, Intense, Good worker, Hard worker, Terrific."

Keep the facts straight with this political-inspired handmade “False” poster, featuring the man himself, Dwight Schrute.


You too can bring awareness to rabies with this hilarious shirt from the “Fun Run” episodes from season 4. The shirt comes in a variety of colors, including a blue just like they wore in the show!

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!"

According to Dwight there are four basic human needs, air, water, food and shelter…but let’s face it, even Dwight knew the importance of caffeine.

Looks like there's gonna be a clean-up on aisle five.

After three years of writing, one year of shooting, four years of re-shooting and two years of editing, Michael finally delivered the masterpiece known as “Threat Level Midnight.” Show your pride for this Oscar-worthy film with this t-shirt.

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