The Sip Society: A Black-Owned Champagne Subscription that Delivers Bubbly to Your Door


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Here at Wishlisted, we love a good subscription box. We’re always on the lookout for something new and exciting to get delivered right to our doorstep. These days companies do it all, from dog toys to cleaning supplies to top makeup brands everyone is looking for. But the real treat is having alcohol – and high-quality alcohol, to be exact – brought straight to us without lifting a finger. The Sip Society is a California-based champagne subscription service that is run by two Black women who, as they say, are bringing diversity to bubbles and the boardroom. They aim to help you find the Prosecco of your dreams without the headache or stress–and the boxes themselves are just plain adorable.

Here’s how it works:

Every other month you’ll get a box containing three (3) 187 ml bottles of luxury champagne/sparkling wine or one (1) 375 ml bottle and one (1) 187 ml bottle. It’s always a good idea to try a little bit of any beverage so you know you’ll enjoy it–that’s what sets Sip apart from the rest. It makes tasting and testing a piece of cake and you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

With every order, you’ll also receive a special gift from The Sip along with a $10 credit to use toward a future full-size order. And we can’t forget to mention the tasting guide for each type of wine! It has tasting notes, educational facts, seasonal pairing and cocktail ideas to round out your bubbly experience.

Choose between a bi-monthly or annual membership. Bi-monthly members will pay $59.95 every other month, while annual members pay $329.70 once a year, which translates to $54.95 per box. Annual members will also get a $10 reward at the end of each year’s subscription. It’s important to note that Sip ships to most continental states except Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Hawaii, Alaska and Utah.

Along with delicious bubbly, you’ll gain access to a friendly community that you can sip and socialize with. You can attend “Thirsty Thursday” virtual tastings with the founders, Erica and Catherine, and interact with fellow members to gush about all things champagne.

Wine accessories: on left, 2 champagne flutes with "The Sip" on them, on right, a pink disco ball cup

Now let’s chat about the wines themselves. The by-the-glass program means members will always get fresh, exclusive beverages. There are brands you may be familiar with, others not so much; some of the brands include Moët & Chandon, Luc Belaire France and Laurent-Perrier. Who doesn’t love surprises? If you taste something you adore, you can purchase the full-size version two weeks after that specific box has been sent out. Plus, non-members can purchase those full-size bottles anytime they want here.

And for the grand finale, accessories, accessories, accessories! The Sip offers adorable gifts that, like full-size bottles, can be purchased separately for those who aren’t members. Selections include white and green tulip flutes, rosé disco ball cup (our personal favorite and the one that I just added to my cart), pink Sip coozie and gold champagne stopper. These make perfect gifts for your mom and your BFF, or as party favors for your next cozy girls’ night in–fuzzy pajama pants not included, but encouraged.

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