49 Relaxing Things to Help You Sleep


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According to the CDC, adults need at least seven hours of sleep a night for healing and well being. How many people can say they meet this requirement on a regular basis? With hectic schedules, a world buzzing with electronics, and an overall high stress load, it’s a challenge to get to sleep. So we’ve come up with the ultimate list of products you can buy online, that just might help you catch up on your sleep.

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Tech Gadgets
Supplements & Sleep Aids
Tension Relief
Personal Care


Sometimes, all it takes to fall asleep quickly is an incredibly soft blanket. LL Bean has got you covered, with their plush blanket, that is the cuddliest coziest thing you might have ever snuggled up with.

Do you find yourself waking up sweating? Sleeping while hot can be extremely difficult. Mattress Firm offers not just a weighted blanket, but a cooling blanket as well.

Casper mattresses live up to the hype, as they cradle and support the body. With every pressure point hugged, you will feel like nothing is even there.

Something about a really amazing set of sheets can have us in a seriously deep sleep. Designed to wick away moisture, you’ll stay extra cool.


Graphite pillowcases have a cooling effect, as they defy heat, even during the summer. This option is also waterproof.

Purple brand bed products, which range from pillows to mattresses, use a special conforming technology that is highly supportive and therapeutic.

Made for people who love to sleep on their sides, the oddly shaped pillow wraps around the neck at the perfect angle, to keep heads supported all night.

A knee pillow can align things while you sleep. Some who experience hip pain when sleeping on their side, may feel a little bit of relief when using this type of cushioning.

While it may look a little funny, there is method behind the design of this pillow. Perfectly shaped to provide ultimate neck support, while maintaining natural curvature of the spine, you might just be able to kick that morning pain.

A really good down pillow can add luxury and comfort to a nights sleep. Made from ethically sourced feathers, people highly rate this ultra comfy pillow.

With many versatile uses, this body pillow, filled with shredded foam, is ideal for those who like to sleep on their stomach or sides. Pregnant women can also position it for pressure relief.

Organic linen, buckwheat, and lavender comprise these tiny pillows that add the perfect amount of acupressure weight for your eyes at night.


With a combination of soothing scents, lull away into dreamland. Certain smells deeply relax the body, and can improve how quickly we fall asleep. Simply mist this over your pillow every night.

If you have a diffuser, you are going to need some great essential oils to use. With dreamy aromas like lavender, this blend is ideal for sending you off to dreamland.

Aromatherapy diffusers use essential oils, to mist a therapeutic fragrance throughout the living space. Various oils energize, and awaken, while others relax and calm.

Tech Gadgets

Various lights from this machine sooth, certain sounds will also help you wind down, and a sunrise alarm clock uses light to awake you naturally. Especially if you wake up before the actual sun rises.

A smart watch tracks sleep, and exercise, along with other bits of information. Exercise plays into how well you sleep. Knowing your sleep quality can help diagnose why certain times of the night aren’t as restful.

Some suggest that cell phones can disrupt sleep. Maybe it’s the light, the constant notifications, or even possibly the electro magnetic field. Regardless, keeping it away from your bed, in a handy stand, might help you snooze just a bit better.

Keep an open mind on this one – – it’s a sleep robot, for adults. The small object is kind of like a teddy bear for grown ups, and emits breathing patterns and relaxing audio. So if you’ve been searching for a drug free way to fall asleep, this could be worth a try.

You know those silky eye masks with the eyelashes embroidered on the exterior? This is not one of those. Bluetooth headphones are built-in, and ultra cushioned pads put your eyes in total darkness.

Defying the natural rhythm of the sun can mess with our bodies. With sunrise and sunset simulation of this alarm clock, sleep patterns might be able to regulate.

This personalized pillow is made to your specifications — body type, sleep habits and personal preferences — and shipped directly to your doorstep. Answer a few questions about how you sleep and what you like in your pillow, and they create the pillow best suited for your perfect night’s sleep.

Some will argue these are totally worth the price, while others will say the contrary. Decide for yourself, and see if earbuds devoted to soothing sounds can help improve your quality of rest.

This product claims scientific research backs its methods. A light projects onto the ceiling for scheduled amounts of time to help you fall asleep. Hence the name, Moonbeam.

Constant static noise can drown out any inconsistent noises that might keep you awake. Just how some people have to sleep with the sound of a fan running, this machine provides that constant reassuring noise.

Being on the computer or phone too much can strain the eyes, cause headaches and overall create a tense feeling throughout the body. Blue light blocking glasses worn throughout the day can reduce the symptoms.

Supplements & Sleep Aids

Moon Dust is a holistic line of various natural supplements that do various things. Dream Dust is comprised of sweet chamomile, mushrooms and other ingredients that will enhance sleep quality.

Melatonin is commonly recognized as a natural way to fall asleep quicker. Also using the power of B6 vitamins, the supplement is promoted to be a little better. Take 20 minutes before going to sleep.

Magnesium and calcium work together to play a critical part in our overall sense of calm. With a delicious raspberry lemon flavor, these gummies are a perfect sweet treat before getting ready for bed.

Naturally infused with vitamins and herbs, these patches will either perk you up, or settle you down. The nighttime version contains melatonin, hops and valerian root.

Who wouldn’t start feeling completely dreamy when sipping on pink tea? Caffeine free, and full of flavor, nighttime beverages don’t get any lovelier.


Good sleep isn’t just necessary for a certain age range. Kids with eczema can truly struggle with sleeping at night, so this company has developed pajamas that protect and soothe the skin for a improvement in rest.

Cool Jams are available for both men and women. Moisture wicking materials create a cooling effect, which in return helps promote better sleep.

Tension Relief

Percussion massage is the newest trend in physical therapy. The deep vibrations from the device can decrease muscle soreness and discomfort. All in all, that helps restfulness.

Foam rollers can provide tension relief all over the body. Different techniques can target legs, the back and arms. Experience deep restfulness after a quick roll.

There truly is something to acupressure. But it isn’t convenient to regularly go for a treatment. This mat will hit all the right places to relieve various pressure points.

Highly rated on Amazon, this shiatsu massager is a little bit more traditional. Drape it around the shoulders for a few minutes before bed. Magic.

Restless legs? Or just purely exhausted legs? Slip your feet into these massage and heating boots for a calming session before getting in those z’s.


Meditation can help us declutter our minds. Racing thoughts can be largely responsible for keeping us up at night, and meditation can aid in the disconnection process.

Yoga is fantastic for stress relief, and winding down at night. Start reading a little bit about the different practices and techniques that could prepare you for sleep.

Personal Care

Many people grind their teeth at night. Not only can this damage pearly whites, it can leave folks waking with headaches and painful jaw muscles. Opt for a mouth guard, that you can shape yourself at home.

Absorb melatonin through the skin, with dreamy creamy lotion from Teals. Skin will feel great, and hopefully your night will have been extra restful.

Pull toxins out of your feet, while experiencing a cooling sensation. Foot pads add a little bit of luxury to your nighttime routine.

Frankincense, lavender and chamomile are infused into the products within the set. A mineral bath, salve, lotion and aroma mist come in the bundle.

A good shower is a phenomenal way to wind down. Choose from four sprays that are enhanced by the steam. Of course, at night we recommend the one that helps you sleep!


Sometimes, we have to try to sleep when the sun is out. Therefore, a great set of black out curtains are a solid investment for any bedroom.

It’s adorable that this lavender themed set comes with seeds to plant real lavender. A candle and misting spray round it all out.

Maybe you want to hang these adorable dream catchers up for pure aesthetic purposes. They are cute, and add a lovely look to any bedroom. Or maybe they actually will catch all of those bad dreams.

Bonus Recommendation

Put your phone down at night, and pull out a book. Not big on reading novels? Opt for something like one of the best selling cookbooks on the market. Read through comfort food recipes, and have the sweetest dreams.

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