19 Things to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

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Coming home after a long day of work or spending sun up to sundown chasing kids around the house, nothing sounds better than diving into bed. Sure, your bed is probably comfortable. But do you dream about it during the day? Do you absolutely crave leaping into piles of fluffy blankets and angelic pillows? From the most comfortable mattresses and pillows to added elements like linen sprays, take things to that next level with these cozy products for the most comfortable bed ever.

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Mattress Toppers

Add 4 inches of the heavenly softness to your current mattress. Made from a specialty cooling foam, you definitely won’t get overheated as the material supports each contour of your body. The mattress topper is crafted with pure, hypoallergenic substances so customers can breathe easier at night.

Maybe memory foam is not your thing. Down alternative mattress toppers feel like laying on an actual cloud. Let the fluffy, puffy dreamy enhancement envelope your body in comfort. Two inches of thickness will provide more support than you think. Sometimes, these types of toppers can shift on the bed, so consider anchoring them down with some type of strap.e

This Tempur-Pedic mattress topper is a good pick for those seeking a medium-firm sleep experience. Reviewers say the Tempur-Pedic brand is reliable, durable, and worth the extra money – especially for back and side-sleepers.

Bedroom Furniture

Headboards add dimension and warmth to any bed. This bookshelf design is made of both real and manufactured wood – built to last. Three lights illuminate the handy shelf perfect for your nightly read, a notebook, or phone. Wayfair has a plentiful selection of other headboards that may better suit your home style.

Platform beds utilize multiple slats instead of a box spring. Not only is this option a lot cheaper, but it can be easier to get on the lower set bed. Plus, a lower bed just seems so cozy. This particular option comes with a beautiful headboard and storage underneath! All of those snuggly blankets can be placed in the bottom drawers.

If you find yourself knocking your head on a hard headboard, maybe it’s time to switch to an upholstered panel headboard. This one from Wayfair has high customer reviews for its class and comfort.


Organic, vegan materials fill the Avocado pillow. The exterior is soft, while the latex blend fill is easily adjusted to fit support preferences. You can customize your own pillow by removing or adding fill material. So the perfect pillow is always at your fingertips.

Cradle your entire body in this elongated U-shaped body pillow. The front portion will support your arms and legs. Then your back will be hugged along every curve via the back portion. Memory foam fill conforms to the body, relieving pressure points. This pillow is there for you, from side sleeping to sitting up in bed. Body pillows aren’t just for pregnant women!

Decorative pillows tie everything together. While these particular accent pillow cases may not fit your style, they are highly rated and will show how wonderful a little extra flair can look! Plaid designs are super cozy and can be blended with either rustic or more contemporary aesthetics. You can never have too many decorative pillows.

You may have many pillows on your bed already, but did you know there is a pillow that takes care of that irritating space between your headboard and mattress? A bolster pillow keeps your mattress from shifting while you sleep, creating the ultimate comfort that lasts! Plus, you can use this one as a body pillow.


Coyuchi sheets and bedding prove that organic is better. This particular set is made with 100% pure cotton and has undergone a unique weaving technique that has given it a broken-in feel, with a slightly crinkled texture. Say goodbye to chemicals, pesticides, and all the other yucky dyes that add a touch of unhealthiness to your home because Coyuchi is completely pure.

Accessories are the icing on top of the comfy bed cake. Draping various types of blankets over your bedspread adds depth and complexity to the look and, of course, lots of comfort! Add a faux fur blanket for just a touch of luxury. Walmart has this affordable option.

Real down feather bedding is warm yet cool on a summer day. Fluffy coziness envelopes our bodies in unbelievable comfort. Designed to go inside of a duvet cover, which happens to be very easy to wash, this super plush insert will make all your dreams come true – literally. Duvet covers are also easy to switch out with the changing seasons or your mood.

Speaking of faux fur, how about a duvet cover with the feather insert we mentioned above? Soft and velvety on one side and furry and plush on the other, this bedding set would look incredible in a cabin or a chic-designed bedroom. But all in all, it’s just extremely comfortable.

Bedroom Extras

If only we could wash our sheets and bedding every day, adding that wonderful refreshment to the bedrooms. How nice is it, when at a lovely hotel, that the sheets seem crisp and new every time you go to bed? Have that same feeling at home with a lightly scented lavender misting spray, specifically designed for linens. Before making up the bed, wave a floral cloud of essential oils over pillows and blankets for the ultimate refresh.

OK, so this technically isn’t for your bed – but it can make time in your bed more relaxing! Use essential oils with this diffuser to unwind in your comfy bed and fall into a peaceful, deep sleep.

Now that your bed is an oasis, you might not want to leave. If that’s the case, catch up on some work without getting out of bed with a bed tray. Reviewers say this one is heavy-duty enough for the work laptop and aesthetically pleasing.

Have everything you need right within arm’s reach – and without a nightstand. A bedside caddy is perfect for those with small spaces to eliminate clutter. This one even includes a built-in power strip for a phone charger.

This might not be the most glamorous item you’ll buy for your comfortable bed, but it is a necessity if you’ve got a bedframe that keeps sliding around. These rubber furniture caster cups are anti-slide, gripping (and protecting) any type of floor.

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