11 Things You Need for a Celeb-Like Beauty Routine

Red Carpet Ready

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First things first—you’re beautiful.

A little self care and well-lined lip can make us all feel good. While sometimes celebrities don’t know best, they do often have glowing skin, healthy hair and an overall polished appearance. Now that a more natural approach is being taken by stars, we can gather some good advice on which products will help us achieve the healthful look we desire. And more shockingly, a lot of the favorite choices of the rich and famous aren’t crazy expensive. So here’s what you need to nail a celeb beauty routine.

Big, thick brows are a sought after trait in Hollywood, and Revitabrow is a serum that helps achieve a fuller appearance without the use of a drawing tool or other makeup. Coming in just under $100, this product gives a lot of bang for the buck, as our natural eyebrow shape can add definition to the overall face. There is a version for lashes as well.

MV Organics Skin Care aims to aid skin types that may even suffer from conditions like eczema or psoriasis. But given products are meticulously crafted without junk, it’s good for everyone. We won’t name drop too much, but Emma Watson is a proud proclaimer of MV, and she’s absolutely stunning, so we’re on board. Shopping by skin type is super helpful, but the Mineral Mask Trio is a sampling of brush on formulas that check all the beautifying boxes.

Ouai is here to help anyone with any hair type bring out the characteristics of their strands. It’s about enhancing what we have, not covering it up or changing it. With all the scalp scrubs and wholesome options, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. So go for a strengthening formula, that will give you volume and bounce, via keratin and chia. Core ingredients are met with lovely scents to get the job done.

Origins is fairly common in drug stores, so it may be surprising that even rich and famous pop stars have certain items on hand, always. Botanists and skincare experts come together to create clean, chemical-free formulas that enhance and remedy skin. For under $30 the Drink Up Intensive mask with avocado and glacier water will breathe life back into your face.

Weleda Skin Food is a multipurpose beauty warrior used, for example, by models who need lustrously smooth hands (just slap some on and slide mittens on before bed). The formula isn’t new, the beeswax, essential oil mixture has been working magic since the 1920s. It’s proven its worth and stars know this. Use on the face, feet, legs, wherever you need to eradicate any dry skin issues.

Pixi uses real ingredients to enhance their makeup line, and more notably a large selection of “skin treats,” aka skin care. You can buy the Glow Tonic alone, which does quite a lot to bring out your own perfect skin within. Glycolic acid gently pulls impurities, while aloe vera prevents over drying. There’s no alcohol in this formula. While Pixi isn’t as cheap as St. Ives, you’re likely not to experience sticker shock.

Urban Decay is likely best known for the variety of perfectly paired eyeshadow palettes, especially the universal Naked line. The more natural look has taken over, although some celebs still love a good smokey cat eye. But the Naked3 set offers a dozen hues that compliment any skin pigment, adding a slight bit of color without suffocating natural beauty. Urban Decay can be found at common stores such as Sephora.

Burt’s Bees—it seems too simple right? Some of the best beauty products out there are some of the most basic, like Cetaphil cleanser, which many stars scrub their blindingly gorgeous faces with daily. Burts Bees now has a vast line of skincare and even makeup, but the one universal item that folks from all walks of life can’t get enough of? The basic, silky smooth lip balm.

Those tantalizingly tostled tresses probably didn’t naturally fall that way. In fact, one of our fave Glee stars relies on the Beachwaver curling want. Effortlessly twist locks around the hot tool to achieve those seemingly “born with it” waves. In contrast to a curling iron, a wand offers a more relaxed look, and you won’t have that crimped edge at the base of your hair. The Beachwaver works great on short or long styles.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is often used by movie stars and models, and is even sold at Ulta. Prices stay under $50, with some items going far below that. The Sun Dipped Glow Kit is a compilation of four bronzer and highlighter powders that blend together seamlessly. Add subtle color with a vague rose gold finish—you’re red carpet ready.

Cle de Peau is said to be used by Christina Ricci, who’s glistening skin and contrasting features are recognizable and enviable. Founded in Japan, Cle de Peau focuses deeply on the science of preserving natural skin radiance. From luxe lipsticks, to protective skincare, incorporating some of these products may help defy aging and boost that glow within. Products can tip over $100, so a skin cleansing starter kit, with a small amount of several things, could be ideal.

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