17 Things You Need This Summer if You’re a Shark Week “Finatic”


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Discovery Channel’s 30-year shark marathon continues to swim on with more than 20 hours of new programming, giving its cult-classic status and devoted fans tons more to enjoy. The channel has announced a collaboration with non-profit conservation group Oceana as part of its ongoing efforts to reclaim the educational and conservation heritage of Shark Week, as they move away from the mockumentary style of years past. If you’re a fan of Shark Week, or just sharks in general, it’s never too late to stock up on all the necessities for a week of binge watching some of nature’s most amazing animals.

Perfect for pre-gaming at home or the office, this shark-themed mug shows you’re ready for the biggest holiday of the summer. It’s especially appropriate for drinking Shark Bite coffee — no sharks harmed in the making and its toasty butter rum flavor helps you take a bite out of the day.

More than just a coffee-table photo book, Nat Geo’s photographer Brian Skerry offers the shark-obsessed a bible of sorts. Nearly 200 pages long, this love letter to an apex predator blends beautiful underwater photos with personal anecdotes, plus tons of factual data about sharks and their important place in a healthy ecosystem.

A standout piece of decor in a maritime blue, this LED neon sign really makes a statement. Stylish enough for the beach house but also perfectly suited to the garage or a man cave, it would look great over any wet bar — particularly for fans of Landshark.

Funding shark science is one of the most important conservation efforts of our lifetime, and with 100 million sharks killed by humans every year, it’s an uphill battle to protect these essential predators. Costa’s line of Ocearch supporting gear gives you functional outdoor sun protection that lets you wear your support of its critical work on your sleeve — or in this case, on your brim.

Come on in, the water’s fine! Kids and adults can enjoy this comfortably over-sized shark float at home in the pool, or during the next family beach trip.

Plush and comfortable, these shark slippers help you glide effortlessly through your morning routine like a shark through the water — or help you warn everyone not to get between you and the coffee pot.

For children who are fascinated by sharks, Shark Lady is a fantastic story about defying the odds and following your dreams. Dr. Eugenie Clark founded what is now the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Fla., and contributed significantly to our understanding about sharks, earning her the frequently used nickname “The Shark Lady.”

It’s a true tragedy that Shark Week lasts for only a few days a year. If you just have to declare your love for these magnificent animals all year round — or at least as long as short-sleeve weather lasts — this soft screenprinted T-shirt will be your new favorite piece in your wardrobe.

Collectors sites are rife with impressive shark teeth, including Megaladon teeth. Since scientists think they shed around 35,000 teeth in their lifetime, it’s not surprising that quite a few have been found. If you’re looking for a record breaking shark tooth for the history books, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out a couple grand, as 6″ Meg teeth fetch extremely high prices. However, you can easily find a museum quality replica that’s affordable, and often even more impressive to look at; this ivory colored tooth was cast from a 5.5″ tooth with serrations intact.

Costa puts its full support behind responsible swimming, fishing, and water sports that acknowledge the powerful good that sharks contribute to the ecosystem. Costa’s #DontFearTheFin campaign lets people share their own close encounters with sharks, and educates the public with important research by the tagging teams at Ocearch.

We suggest filling this chomping shark snack bowl with goldfish crackers or swedish fish gummies.

Have an ocean adventure with children as young as 3 with this set of posable shark toys. Good pretend toys with no lights, sounds, and no batteries required, they’re perfect companions on a trip to the local aquarium.

Keep little ones cool and comfortable on their summer adventures with a shark-themed Camelbak water bottle. The bite valve makes it a good choice for toddlers transitioning from sippy cups to straws, and gives your little shark something to chomp on.

Mermaid tail blankets have had their time, now get ready for sharks to shine. Useful, comfortable, and humorous, they’re perfect for settling in to watch that new Shark Week special.

Parents of teething babies can often feel like chew toys, and anyone with a kiddo who chews compulsively after the standard teething ages face a lack of resources. Older children who chew shirt sleeves and other objects can transition to this food-grade silicone mock shark tooth. It lacks the off-putting babyish design of many other teethers, making it a perfect choice for older kids with special needs.

Stunning 3-D papercrafting make this book a fantastic piece of art to give or keep. It’s enchanting enough to capture a child’s attention, but the craftsmanship and attention to detail will keep the adults engaged too.

Did the visuals hold up over time? Debatable.

Did the shark science hold up over time? Definitely not.

Is it still our go-to summer monster movie? Absolutely — we just know now that the kind of monster shark depicted in the Jaws series is as made-up as Godzilla.

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