13 Things You Need to Create The Perfect Movie Room

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Movies—they bring families and friends together. So many naturally love to devote an entire space in the house to the beloved bonding activity. While personal interests will largely dominate the direction each home theater takes, some awesome things, such as seating and snack storage, are completely universal. We’ve put together a list of some stellar essentials that will totally deck out your movie room.

Popcorn is the essential snack of movie watching. A popper is not only practical, by providing really awesome popcorn, the nostalgic appeal of this particular one will tie together everything in the space. A warmer keeps the corn at the perfect temperature throughout the film, and there’s a handy storage space underneath.

So we had to include the Whirley pop, this is the thing you really need to make the very best tasting popcorn on the planet. A little olive oil, a dash of salt and some organic popcorn kernels are all you’ll need for incredible flavor. We love the look of the nostalgic option, but if you’re just wanting tasty popcorn, this one’s a must.

While a room without windows, perhaps in a basement, is ideal for making a movie room, sometimes that’s just not an option. So if you have windows, purchasing room darkening shades or curtains is a good solution. This particular bamboo crafted selection allows a minimal amount of light in case you’re worried about little ones tripping.

Displaying art from your favorite movie is one of the best ways to add personal flare to a movie room. Sure, you can still have all the classic red striped pillows and movie reels around, but a poster from Jurassic Park or everyone’s favorite, Elf, can really add that magical touch.

This leather seating can provide space for four people with its center loveseat and two and recliners. Ambient blue light illuminates various accents of the mega couch, and other features include charging ports power reclining and the ability to install vibration amplification. Overall, this is a stunning red piece of furniture.

Transform the ceiling of the space with a fiber optic starry sky. The lights have a twinkling effect which is subtle and not bothersome while watching movies. It’s an absolutely breathtaking effect to add to the majesticness of watching films. The lights are remote control and easy to use.

LED light strips are an impacting way to add a tech look and wow factor to the room. Easy to install and versatile on where you can put them, they’ll add color changing light, and just enough glow to highlight the way. Line them on seats, along furniture, along walkways, or even stairs. Really, it’s up to your imagination how you use these.

Are you a fan of scary movies? Well this awesome poster incorporates a wealth of frightening films into its layout. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but if you love Jaws, Friday the 13th, It, or other spine tingling classics, it’s for you.

Going vintage with the theme is a quite versatile choice, and there are many super cool things to incorporate if you go this way. For example, light up the walls with these old school sconces. They house Edison style bulbs that give the perfect amount of glow to a movie room.

Whether you are serving up whiskey sours while watching the Godfather, or handing out boxes of candy at a kid’s birthday party, this bar is a thoughtful piece to incorporate. It’s distressed look fits so many aesthetics, and foot rests are already in place so all you need are stools. The shelves are great for storing liquor, spare popcorn kernels and ready-made snacks.

So we had to list the stools as well. These are commonly bought together with the bar listed above, and they do match seamlessly. Made with a rustic brown wood look, and black accents, they round out your super swanky movie room bar.

Wine, cola, sparkling water—store whatever needs to stay cold in this small refrigerator. It would pair nicely with the bar. Interior shelves are removable and adjustable to fit various needs.

A projector is way cooler in the movie room than just a television. This particular version has great reviews and crisp visuals. Projectors take up less space and can create a much larger platform for viewing your favorite movies. Some people opt to project onto a wall, but if you have darker or distracting paint, a screen is relatively inexpensive.

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