This Baby Yoda Hot Chocolate Bomb is The Most Deliciously Adorable Stocking Stuffer You Can Buy

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Hot chocolate bombs are hollow spheres of indulgent goodness, packed chock-full of mini marshmallows – – hard to go wrong there. Place it in a cup, pour in the hot milk and watch the magic happen. We won’t spoil too much for you. More commonly, folks have to make these themselves, or buy them off of a site like Etsy. But one particular variation is available, and is more magical than one could imagine.

Not that it wouldn’t be super exciting waiting for all those puffy marshmallows to emerge, but when the adorable green face of baby Yoda slowly pops up from underneath the sweet goodness, tears of joy might irrupt. The little guy is made entirely of marshmallow, and still provides that traditional hot chocolate topping.

Even the foil wrapper that keeps the chocolate sealed within the box is super cute. The box itself dons the traditional Star Wars logo and aesthetics. Just the marshmallow contains 35 calories, but the whole ball will be pushing over 300 calories. But it’s worth it.

This Hot Chocolate Melt is available at Kroger or on the Galerie Candy website, and is also on Amazon through various sellers.

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