14 Toast Topping Ideas (Besides Avocado)

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Peanut butter is basic, avocado is trendy and regularly featured in hip coffee cafes—toast is a blank canvas beckoning to be adorned with creative toppings both sweet and savory. While the options are plentiful, we’ve come up with a list of ideas to get that culinary inspiration flowing. Whether for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, these toast toppings don’t include avocado, but could be just as influential. Remember, a healthy slice of toast is only as good as its bread, so look for fiber filled, seeded options without bad ingredients like corn syrup and enriched flour.

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Sardines (Trust Us)
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Chocti Chocolate Ghee Spread
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The Essential Baking Company
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Sardines (Trust Us)

An unexpected contender, these potent little fishies are proof that the majority of creating tasty eats is thinking outside of the box. A can of smoked Wild Planet sardines marinated in olive oil are a harmonious toast topping along with basil, purple onion, and vibrant red tomatoes. A spread made from whipped chives, cream cheese and sardines also proves to be worthy of any fine brunch. Move over smoked salmon!

Ricotta Cheese and Fruit

Ricotta cheese is like a blend between cream and cottage. It’s thick, hearty and phenomenal on pizza, or your morning slice of locally baked bread. Mix the cheese with a dash of sea salt, spread over warm toast, top with fresh seasonal fruit such as sliced figs and drizzle with locally sourced honey. This match up is superb for a summer dessert, too.

Mediterranean Inspired Flavors

Hummus serves as a solid spread based for a Mediterranean-esque toast creation. Sabra is a great brand with unique add ins like roasted peppers for an extra punch. Sundried tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and feta cheese round out the well balanced ingredients of both creamy and crispy fresh. Optional toppings include grilled shrimp or roasted chicken. Now that’s a slice that’s worthy to be called dinner.

Pizza Toast

Who else craves pizza for breakfast? Well if you don’t, you can have pizza toast for dinner. Go a little lighter on the sauce than you would with a sturdy circle of dough, then top with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. To keep it good for you, try garnishes like turkey pepperoni, sliced peppers, tomatoes or mushrooms. Broil on low in the oven until nice and bubbly.


Ricotta cheese is a versatile topping for toasty breads. Opt for a hearty seeded bread that is well browned in the toaster, then top with ricotta and a sprinkle of Lakanto monk fruit sweetener. Adorn with mini chocolate chips and serve for breakfast in place of pancakes, or even see if the kids will go for it as a dessert.

Baked Apples

Sauté Granny Smith apples in a skillet with coconut oil and cinnamon—the apple itself will provide enough sweetness. Toast that bread super crispy so it can stand up to the heavier topping (cream cheese can add a nice barrier in between the two). Serve for a fall breakfast or just enjoy it as a hearty snack.

Kimchi Powerhouse

Kimchi is a superfood with many possibilities. Adding it to recipes where it isn’t heated preserves probiotic value. Mix kimchi into a rich cream cheese, smear over a slice of sourdough, and garnish with sautéed green onions, chili oil and toasted sesame seeds. All of the ingredients on this zingy slice of toast are extremely good for your health.

BSP (Bacon Spinach Tomato)

After toasting some bread, spread with a thin layer of organic mayo. Crisp sliced turkey bacon in the oven or skillet (the microwave can work too, just use a safe plate to do so). Use spinach as your first layer over the mayo, the add sliced tomatoes and the hot bacon. The warmth will wilt the spinach slightly, making it easier to eat.

The Charcuterie Favorites

Brie cheese has an earthy purposeful mold on the exterior which brings out the nutty buttery flavor of the ultra creamy center. Place on a warm piece of toast and it slightly softens to a heavenly state. This cheese has even been noted to aid in weight loss and offers a generous dose of vitamin B 12. What charcuterie board would be complete without it? So therefore it must be on our charcuterie toast. Add thinly sliced chicken or turkey summer sausage, which can often be found at Trader Joe’s or any other grocer. Rustic bread makes a good base.

Better Than Your Average Hazelnut Spread

The concept behind Nutella is great—hazelnuts and chocolate. But other spreads like Chocti Chocolate Ghee Spread add a lot of nutrition. Ghee is a clarified butter that actually is show to help prevent some cardiovascular disease. Chocti finishes out their spread with sweetness from dates, lots of antioxidant cocoa, and Madagascar vanilla. Use just a smear by itself, or dress it up with nuts or berries.

Make French Toast

Mix two tablespoons of egg whites with a dash of cinnamon. Coat a slice of bread in the mixture, and cook in a hot pan with a touch of olive oil. When browned, place on a plate, immediately sprinkle with Lakanto Classic granulated sweetener, then top with TruWhip and fresh berries. TruWhip is like other whipped toppings, but made with ingredients like coconut oil and natural flavors.

Perfectly Premade Probiotic

Chobani’s rich creamy Greek yogurt is a wonderful addition to any toasty treat, but their fruit at the bottom line has everything you need for a gut healthy breakfast. Apricot, blackberry, mango, passion fruit, peach—all of these flavors and more are a great pairing. Chobani doesn’t add artificial flavors or other icky ingredients—the formula is straight forward, low fat and protein rich.

Anything Floral and Sweet

The Essential Baking Company has some pretty awesome organic baguettes that would make the best base for this one. After crisping a slice, smear with healthy fat loaded goat cheese. Drizzle with enzyme rich local honey, then finish with a sprinkle of lavender. Lavender is easy to grow, so consider planting a bushel or two in your back yard to use in recipes or a refreshing lemonade.

A New Take on the Beloved Classic

Only one slice of bread is needed to create a great balance of peanut butter and jelly, but we promised you something more creative. Reinvent the typical combo with Abby’s Better Butter, a company that cultivates simple, inventive nutty creations, like pecan date (reminiscent of pecan pie). Spread Crofter’s Organic Pomegranate Superfood Spread for a blissfully “autumn” match up that can satisfy the craving for Thanksgiving goodies year round.

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