Top Blue Light Protection Skincare Products of 2023

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From the time we wake up to the moment we nod off in the early morning hours (no judgment!), the struggle to get off our devices is real. But social media apps are not the only things we need to worry about when it comes to the damaging effects of our digital world. Blue light is known as High Energy Visible light, or HEV, and our digital devices and energy-efficient light sources emit them constantly. In reality, blue light is the closest ultraviolet light and signals our brain to stay awake, be alert, and it can improve cognitive functions like mood and memory. The problem is that too much blue light can damage more than our mental health – it can damage our skin. Fortunately, there are blue light skincare products on the market today that you can use to defend against damaging blue light with added benefits like environmental and sun protection.

What is Blue Light Skincare?

Like sunscreen blocks damaging UV rays, blue light skincare protects against harmful HEVs. It accelerates premature aging and creates oxidative stress in deeper layers of your skin. Blue light skincare products work by using nature’s best properties to physically block the blue light and defend against other issues, such as sagging, hyperpigmentation, and the breakdown of age-defying collagen. Blue light blocking products work best with multi-benefit ingredients like vitamins, minerals, or sunscreen. Here are 15 of the top-rated blue light protection skincare products of 2023:

Top Blue Light Protection Skincare Products:

The right serum formula can do wonders for your skin. Add in the benefit of a blue light shield formula, and your skin will thank you. DERMA E’s lightweight mineral-rich liquid has a concentrated all-natural blend with nourishment from Blue Green Algae, purifying properties of Activated Charcoal, free-radical-protective Lutein, and the brightening power of Ginseng Root. All those antioxidants create a moisture-boosting environmental defense against photo-aging blue light, and it’s gentle enough to use on your face and neck for night and day.

With this face mist and setting spray, you can double up your blue light protection with DERMA E’s Blue Light Shield Spray. The brand’s all-natural blend of environmental shield antioxidants combines with Panthenol, or Provitamin B5, to smooth skin texture as the mist soothes and refreshes. As much as we’re on our digital devices, this travel-size, 100% vegan, and eco-ethical facial mist would be a generous spritz when we want that extra layer of blue light protection and clean beauty makeup setting spray on the go.

You don’t have to study anything to use this non-allergenic blue-light protective hydrating lotion. It infuses fractionated vegetable-derived melanin to absorb harmful HEV light, non-comedogenic Jojoba Seed Oil to deeply hydrate, and vitamins (A, C, and E) to protect against free radicals. As the second to last step in your daily routine (never forget sunscreen!), you’ll also get a nice collagen boost and a stronger skin barrier. If the skin on your chest and hands are super stressed after a late night, apply this blue light protective moisturizer for all-over protection.

This anti-aging cream improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and blocks blue light damage to help you restore to more youthful skin. The hydrating formula blends retinol, amino acids, and freshwater microalgae to renew your skin to a nice glow. Green tea extract and vitamin E fight free radicals, while Vitamin B5 gives you more supple skin. You can use this cruelty-free moisturizer morning and night; however, always use sunscreen even if your skin can handle gentle retinol in the daytime.

Plankton extract is the star ingredient in this cloud-like moisturizer formula due to its blue light-defending properties. The vegan algae pair well with seaweed extract to enhance the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin. The naturally moisturizing properties come from the grape, apple, plum, and papaya extracts that provide 24 hours of hydration. It absorbs quickly and is oil-free, so you’ll have that lovely glow while you stay protected from your blue-light-heavy devices.

E.l.f. created this blue light micro-setting mist with effective ingredients and affordability in mind. Known more for makeup, e.l.f. has some tried-and-true skincare products that include beneficial ingredients for specific skin concerns. The lightweight Stay All Day Mist can be used on all skin types and uses aloe vera for its soothing anti-inflammatory properties, elderflower extract to refine your texture and complexion, and the antioxidant Glucosylrutin to reduce blue light absorption into your skin. The setting spray does contain alcohol for a shine-free finish, but it’s gentle enough to set makeup on most skin types.

Honest Beaty created this shielding setting spray to extend makeup and create a barrier between you and outdoor pollution using Extremolytes (stress-protection molecules that fight environmental stressors like HEVs lights). The proprietary sugar shielding blend acts like a “second skin” that hydrates and shields your skin. Elkhorn sea moss (red algae) and Peruvian carob (sugar extract) combine in this EWG Certified formula to create a naturally thick viscosity for smoother skin texture and boosted moisture levels deep in your skin’s layers without oils or synthetic fragrances.

TULA skincare leads in their probiotic formulas are clinically proven to balance your skin and give a healthier sun-kissed glow – and their refreshing and brightening face mist is no different! The yuzu, strawberry, and kiwi fruit water blend give spa vibes as the vitamin-rich water works alongside lingonberry to protect against blue light damage and outdoor pollution. There is a mood-boosting, lightly fruity scent, and the facial mist leaves behind a light-diffusing pearlescent glow.

TULA’s Antioxidant Water Purifying Toner is an excellent pick for blemish-prone skin due to its gentle and calming ingredients like cucumber water and holy basil. Green tea gives antioxidant protection against environmental pollution, Wild Butterfly Ginger defends against blue light pollution, Wild Mint Leaf Extract refreshes, and Witch Hazel acts as a purifying toner. TULA’s proprietary complex has its Super6 prebiotics and probiotics blend to balance the skin barrier for a smoother texture.

TULA is coming through with the blue light protection products! This one is a double feature as a gel sunscreen with SPF 30. Along with their Super6-biotic blend, its non-comedogenic formula infuses pineapple, papaya, and wild butterfly ginger root to promote even skin tone, fight off those oxidating free radicals, and block blue light damage all day. Though you’ll see a light yellow tint to the sunscreen gel texture, you won’t get a white cast or a greasy look. It wears well under makeup, or you can rock the glow on your own. 

Fight blue light with a top luxury vegan Italian V-label sunscreen with two key ingredients: white truffle and vitamin E. White truffle is a duo-protector with UVA/UVB blocking properties and skin tightening benefits. If you want to feel fancy, the Chateau Margaux wine extract is nutrient-dense and fast-absorbing for a sheer look without the white cast. The sheer, lightweight, and highly moisturizing consistency are like an essence that reduces blue light exposure. The Italian Vegetarian Association approved the pure non-irritating vegan ingredients so sensitive skin wearers can use them, too.

Want a tinted SPF and blue light protective moisturizer? Live Tinted has literally got you covered! The mineral formula is a 3-in-1 sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer with no white cast and a naturally tinted glow. The vegan 18% non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen is reef safe, and the weightless formula blocks UVA, UVB, and blue light rays from reaching your skin. The clean Hueguard is good with all skin tones, so darker complexions with warmer undertones can benefit from the blue light-blocking formula. 

Water cream formulas are gaining more popularity, but COOLA stands out with its organic Refreshing Water Cream with SPF 50. Their 70% certified organic cream is fragrance-free with hyaluronic acid and coconut water. COOLA’s Full Spectrum 360° Technology is a proprietary blend of plant-derived antioxidants that support skin repair and inhibit exposure to harmful blue light, pollution, and infrared. It’s also a Hawaii Reef Compliant (Act 104) product, so you can take it on your next beach vacation.

The Dew Good Illuminating Serum Sunscreen is a 2022 Allure Best of Beauty winner for its all-in-one highlighter, sunscreen, and blue light protection formula. COOLA’s proprietary BlueScreen Digital De-Stress technology diminishes blue light and pollution while giving dewy, glowy skin all day. It’s a serum base, so it’s dual skincare and sunscreen in one. Add that to their brand-sake farm-to-face formula with 70%+ certified organic ingredients and a sheer finish hydrating glow, and it’s no surprise it’s a winner for skincare lovers and blue light-blocking products alike. 

Addison Rae is known as a TikTok star, so you can technically say TikTok (adjacent) content made you buy it. ITEM Beauty is her clean skincare and makeup line that focuses on quality botanical ingredients to help you embrace your best self. The Screen Break hydrating blue light protection mist is clinically proven to block HEV blue light with Ashwagandha root and protect against daily pollution with the dandelion extract.

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