Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2024

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While we believe every day is the perfect time to show your special someone you care and shower them with flowers, chocolates, and perhaps a thoughtful gift or two…it’s always nice to have an excuse. Valentine’s Day is that perfect reason to get your boo a little gift.

To help your gift-giving, the Wishlisted team decided to do some digging to find which gifts are searched for the most in every state. California loves their cheese from Wisconsin and all you Northerners are fans of Champagne and Bourbon. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite products from your Valentine’s Day searches.

Check out the full list of states and their most google searched products HERE.

Manly Man Co.

We can all agree a bouquet of flowers is nice to look at, but that’s basically it. What about gazing upon a beautiful bouquet and then being able to eat it? That’s exactly what the folks at Manly Man Co accomplished with their iconic Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet. The perfect gift for your valentine the carnivore.

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a gift made with care. Which is what you get when giving your very own Build-A-Bear. You may think this gift is just for your little ones, but I guarantee one look at this adorable stuffed animal and Cupid will be smiling down at you.

You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but what about a message in a candle? Jackpot Candles handmakes their soy candle including a wooden wick for a cleaner burn AND a special surprise inside. When the candle starts burning, a special gift becomes unhidden. From red heart crystal pendant necklaces to rings that range in value from $15 – $5,000!

It doesn’t get much better than a sweet treat for your sweetie. Bake Me a Wish was created to give people the ability to send delicious cakes to loved ones anywhere around the U.S. And what better to say “I love you” than with a decadent chocolate mousse cake…go ahead, I’ll wait.

Perhaps the most iconic of all Valentine’s Day candies, Brach’s candy conversation hearts have been facilitating your feelings to your crush since the 1960’s.

Are you looking to get a little more PG-13 this Valentine’s Day? Victory has a secret and it’s how to look especially sexy. A little bit of rhinestone goes a long way on this holiday of love.

A Valentine’s Day gift list isn’t complete with a gorgeous bouquet of roses. Urban Stems has made it easier than ever to send fresh, one-of-a-kind flower arrangements from coast-to-coast.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls (and boys) love cheese, which means a gift from Cheese Bros this Valentine’s Day is sure to win you brownie points. Proudly made in Wisconsin (so you know it’s good), Cheese Brothers has plenty of flavor options and gift baskets to choose from.

With the iconic slogan, “Every kiss begins with Kay,” showing up to Valentine’s Day dinner and busting out a gorgeous diamond necklace…cue the swoon.

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