Our 13 Favorite Workout Clothes from Tory Sport

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Tory Sport, from fashion designer Tory Burch, is a high-end clothing line that makes gorgeous tennis, golf and fitness styles. More times than not, the clothes pay tribute to one of the greatest eras, the 70s. From vintage varsity luxe to classic designs that really just never went away, we are really feeling these throwback designs. Below you will find an assortment of everything from leggings and sweatshirts to bras, some of which are made from recycled materials. Take a look at some of Tory Sports best sellers.

Take a trip back to the 70s, the era from which this color block design was inspired. Made of velour, the fabric has an incredibly high cotton content, and has been perfected to be buttery soft against the skin. A full zipper extends up the front, while the pockets also keep items secure via a zipper.

Part of the Sculpt collection, this bra will keep things in place, whether going to the amusement park for the day with the kids, or if you were running a marathon. The color block design also features a reflective logo, and the scoop back allows skin to breathe. We imagine it looking cute layered with one of Tory Sports track jackets.

Made with a vintage jersey cotton polyester blend, the feel and fit stays true to the beloved classic T-shirt. The four hearts on the front stem from Tory’s signature logo, so it’s a fun way to show off the brand. Workout in it, throw it on with a pair of jeans, or simply pair it with some cute pajama pants at a sleepover.

Maybe you were looking for a bra to lounge around the house in, or possibly you just need something that has middle range support — that is what this seamless racer back bra will provide. Differing from the scoop back bra, the racer back extends up through the center of the shoulder blades, but it’s designed to be soft and comfortable.

Another look that takes us back to the 70s, or maybe the 60s, is this tie-dyed sweatshirt. Made with a heavy weight Terri cotton. It’s wonderful for those extra chilly mornings, that aren’t quite chilly enough to put on a jacket or coat. You’re going to stand out in this vibrant design while at that social bonfire gathering at night.

This look is a little old-school, and so modern at the same time. An extra long skirt, compared to today’s typical tennis dresses, is beautifully pleated for a flowing presentation. Made of a four-way stretch fabric, bending over to set your ball on the tee will be no problem. Sweating? Not an issue either, because the fabric is also moisture wicking. Adorable touches like the collar round out the look.

The checkered pattern kind of reminds us of the raceway, and could be super cute to wear to a marathon. These were designed to support your medium to high impact workouts, while keeping everything in place and supported. Extending down 7/8 of the leg, your ankles will be exposed. The fabric and seams are made to be super extra soft against the skin.

Looking for a classic legging with just a touch of uniqueness? These gray extra stretchy pants have a subtle white chevron design on the lower leg portion. A high waist will smooth out your gorgeous curves, and the moisture-wicking fabric will keep you dry during the toughest training sessions.

Feel like jumping on your bike, but the heat index is raging outside? No problem. These mid-length shorts are made to be incredibly light and breathable, with a barely there feel. The extended length of the shorts will help protect chafing against the bike seat. However, these are in general just really great for any work out in the heat.

No longer fear jogging on a drizzly day. Made of nylon, the jacket is water repellent and features a hood as well. And with the classic chevron design, the jacket is overall a practical choice. If the sun comes out while you were making your way through the route, the handy outerwear can be folded down into a small pouch.

Imagine yourself on the varsity tennis team, decades ago, when wearing this shape retaining jacket. Ideally made to wear as a warm-up, the design features a tennis racket logo, which is just super adorable. Wrinkles don’t stand a chance, as the jacket is made to be wrinkle resistant. Keep in mind, it is recommended to be dry cleaned.

We like the skirt because it is simple and doesn’t feature a lot of frills, so to speak. The strait fabric still has some movement, but is much more casual and relaxed. A tape stripe down the side adds an eye-catching pop of color. Boy shorts have been built in to the skirt, so go on and move freely without any worry.

A Tory Sport best seller, the hoodie design is timeless and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. The lilac color is soft and elegant, while the chevron center graphic gives it a slightly more bold appearance. Expect the comfort of any favorite hoodie, with French Terry cotton, a slightly oversized fit, and the versatility of being able to be worn with jeans, leggings or a pair of pajama pants.

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