13 Toys Ideas Dad Will Love This Fathers Day

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We know Dad has loved the toilet golf sets and swanky neckties, but this year, we have put together a list of items that will literally blow his mind. For the whiskey lover, outdoorsman, landscaper, gamer and more, there are outrageously perfect gifts floating around the web, waiting for you to nab them and become the favorite child. Some picks are crazy expensive, some are more reasonable, but all are totally over the top man toys dad will love for Fathers Day.

Awkwardly hold that glass of whiskey and thick cigar no more, this handmade crystal glass has incorporated a perfect indent to remedy the problem. Your man will feel like a total bad-a while in his lair, sipping on a earthy spirit, with a smoking stogie nudged comfortably on the side. Keep in mind, cigars carry the same risks as cigarettes, but even if he doesn’t smoke, it’s a pretty awesome whisky glass.

Tearing through mud like a champ, trekking over rocky terrain and going places normal vehicles dare not—sounds like a day any manly man, or tough woman would relish in. High lifted for optimal function in the muckiest, thickest of mud, the Polaris Rzr XP 100 High Lifter Mean Mud Machine is the all terrain vehicle (ATV) that can take on the elements, promising an exhilarating session of real, gritty fun. Stealth grey exteriors are accented by an edgy neon hue.

Toy Haulers are campers made to tote super powered off road toys, like the one above. The Jayco Talon 405 T has a “homier” portion than other haulers, with a modern kitchen, and cozy bedroom. But the coolest part is the separate space in the unit, to store all the “toys”. A bed, which converts into two couches, descend from the ceiling, and an extended wall folds out from the back for extra recreation space when at your destination. The MSRP is much higher than what it can be found for at a dealer.

Made with high quality leather and aerospace aluminum, no wallet may ever fit into the “man toy” category like the Dango. Taking the staple accessory from a simple money holding item, to something that can saw, cut, hold a smartphone, measure and complete minor construction tasks has turned from a mere cool concept, to reality. Just don’t try to bring it through airport security.

LEGO has outdone themselves with a massive Millennium Falcon build that maxes out at around 7500 pieces. Definitely not made for children, Star Wars nerd dads everywhere will be brought to tears upon receiving the intricately detailed set. Being one of the biggest LEGO  models available, it also takes the title of the absolute largest Millennium Falcon in the line.

With 118 tools and a total of 82 designated functions (were betting you’d probably think of more), this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife destroys the one kids grew up with. It’s big, it’s beastly, and it’s got almost every tool you’d likely need in any scenario.  Yes, it’s made by fine craftsmanship in Switzerland, and each tool is comprised of hearty, specially developed steel.

Why settle for a one person hammock when you could have one that can hold six people off the ground? This stretching suspension system is secured via ratchet for extra strength and security. Sleeping bays prevent all the kiddos from rolling to the center in one big tangled mess. Imagine perching in the trees, in the wilderness of the Cascade mountain range.

Fresh baked pizzas, in an actual gas powered pizza oven, while camping or just hanging on the back porch? Grab some beer and that’s a truly manly time. The stainless steel shell allows the perfect heat build up in just 15 minutes, to roast up cheesy creations, or even just fresh caught fish and veggies. The portability is a major allure of this cooking gadget most men would love.

A mini pontoon boat, with a single padded seat, is an ideal, navigable vessel for avid fishermen. Stretching out to nine feet, it’s both stable and tactical. Several pockets and storage nooks provide space for tools and drinks, while sturdy rod holders are situated on the boat as well. Give the gift of a peaceful day floating the nearby sparkling lake, to real in a prized catch.

Imagine giving dad the gift of creating his own frothy brews at home. While a vast variation of at home brewing kits exist, from the hyper pricey to the more gimmicky cheap, the cone shape of the BrewDemon is touted as having serious advantages when producing great tasting ales and so on. Brewing doesn’t take long, and different flavors can be added in the name of craft beer experimentation—apples, peaches, honey, go crazy!

Not only a gorgeous crafted wood coffee table with elegant finishings, this piece also serves as entertainment via its secondary purpose of being a football table. The play field itself sits under a glass panel, so the table can be utilized for drinks and snacks simultaneously. With a streamlined classic appearance, it’s the perfect man cave addition.

Every man should have his own space ship style chair to chill in. Whether he’s gaming or just getting work done on the computer, the swivel action recliner provides both comfort and awesomeness. Pockets for storing accessories or any other manly items, the chair as a whole is a multi functional piece he will treasure. Bonus—there’s a cupholder too.

Turn cutting the grass from a chore, into an absolute delight. Not only is the technology behind this lawnmower just really cool, it takes the back breaking work out of making your lawn look incredible. He can just sit back with a glass of lemonade, and watch this handy little tool do it’s thing. Home Depot has a selection of robotic mowers, but the reviews on this one are solid. He might even power this thing up for straight entertainment.

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