22 Fun Toys That Will Have Your Kids Ditching The Screens and Heading Outside

Play All Day!

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You’d think the last thing kids would want to do after being stuck indoors at school all day would be to stay indoors when they got home; but time and again parents struggle to make sure their kids stay active and healthy, with plenty of fresh air. These outdoor toys can help give an extra incentive to playing outdoors, and help families make new adventurous memories together.

Bring the best parts of the neighborhood park to your backyard with this climbing dome. Holds 600 pounds so kids of all ages are welcome.

Toy dump trucks can’t compare to this backyard crane for turning your sandbox into a professional construction site.

Beat the heat with this durable outdoor water slide; extra thick pvc construction ensure it will last all season.

Save cans, bottles, and garden produce for target practice; Daisy still makes the best toys that should really only be used while wearing eye protection.

Every neighborhood needs a mural, and with this bulk selection of chalk you can keep the creativity going strong all summer.

Move indoor favorites outside with this jumbo-sized version of the classic 4 in a row game.

Turn your backyard into a home bouldering studio with these assorted size rock climbing toe and finger holds.

Get older kids active with this retro classic! Holds 80-160 pounds and is great for building balance and core muscle strength.

All the fun of a snowball fight all year round; teach your kids about the element of surprise with this bulk pack of water balloons.

Trampolines are better the more bouncers you have, and this 16ft model fits quite a few. With a 375lb weight limit mom and dad have been known to join in on the fun too!

This T-Ball set helps young children develop hand-eye coordination. There are different levels for beginners, rookies and “pros,” and grows along with kids as their skills increase.

This backyard zipline is great by day, but the light-up seat will make your home the most popular destination for sleepovers too.

Invite the whole family over for volleyball or badminton with this 32ft long net, great for warm weekends and backyard barbecues.

Help young children and toddlers develop balance and coordination, with exercise equipment disguised as play. These balance blocks are great for indoor and outdoor play, making them good for all 4 seasons.

This beginner fishing kit lets your child learn to cast safely, then transitions to a real rod and reel when they’re ready for them.

Convince kids who want to bring music, books, and snacks outside to meet you halfway with this hanging treehouse.

Fans of popular obstacle course shows, and little Ninjas in training, will love getting to practice their winning run on these obstacle course monkey bars.

Keep your sand box pristine and ready to play with this covered model from Step2Store. Large enough to keep beach toys safely contained and still have room to play.

Bring back the classic fair games like 3 legged races and potato sack relays. This package of 4 sacks means you can run large teams all at the same time, adding to the chaos.

This oversized kite is great for teaching beginners the ropes; built for medium speed winds it’s a fantastic choice for parks and beaches, and is sure to draw a crowd.

If you thought they didn’t make these anymore, think again! Reminisce over the classics with perennial favorites like this sturdy built Unicycle.

Get older kids interested in science with these fun outdoor rocket building kits; assemble and blast-off again and again!

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