20 Tried-and-Tested Baby Products Perfect For Expecting Families


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First time parents don’t always know what to put on their registries. Babies are individuals, and no two are the same. Broaden the range of gift giving with some of these tried-and-tested items great for any expectant families.

1. Make sure bath time is not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

This easy-read floating thermometer makes it simple to monitor the water temperature of baths, helping you keep your little one safe.

2. Now you can measure those milestones in between doctor visits.

Help new parents find peace of mind with this home infant scale. Monitor growth at home, and take the guesswork out of feedings.

3. "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" - Winnie the Pooh.

A 4 pack of Aden+Anais 100% Cotton Muslin swaddles will make it easy to keep one always on hand for naps, messes, or tummy time.

4. Part cute stuffed animal, part soothing pacifier, all necessary to have.

Wubbanub pacifiers are popular for a lot of reasons; they come in a wide assortment of adorable plushes, make comforting stuffed animals, and are easy for babies to find in a crib at night.

5. You really can't put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your bundle of joy.

Maybe one of the biggest splurges out there for new parents, the Owlet sock monitors lets any parent carefully monitor their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

6. Sleep-deprived parents can finally rest easy with this bassinet

Not all bassinets are created equal, and The SNOO by Happiest Baby is the smartest of all sleepers. This high-tech bassinet not only mimics the sounds and motions of the womb, but also reduces crying, naturally sleep-trains babies, boosts sleep by 1-2 hours and its built in swaddle helps prevent accidental rolling.

7. You'll have the coolest (and most protected) baby on the block.

Keep your infant or toddler’s eyes shaded from damaging sunlight with these easy-to-secure sunglasses.

8. Even your little one enjoys a summer pool day, make sure their sensitive skin is protected.

Shade fair newborn skin while at the beach, lake, or pool with this UPF 50 swim hat.

9. Pro Tip: Nap when the baby naps and don't let the sun get in the way of that.

Block afternoon sun during naps, or obtrusive street or security lighting overnight with these thermal insulated blackout curtains.

10. Who would've thought about the blinds when baby-proofing...don't worry we got your back.

All major retailers are phasing out corded blinds from their sale options, but many homes still have dangerous older models, even in children’s rooms. It’s easy and affordable to swap to newer, and safer, cordless blinds.

11. All DIYers know you can never have enough reusable bottles.

Babies mean messes, but if you’re interested in avoiding commercial cleaning products to deal with stains and spots, these reusable glass spray bottles are a great way to DIY home cleansers with vinegar, lemon juice, or essential oils.

12. When you become a parent, baby bottles become a hot commodity.

Vented bottles help reduce colic, and glass means they are easier to clean and are stain resistant.

13. Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy, always stay in the know.

Pregnancy can turn even the most buckled down parent a little neurotic, so take the guesswork out of what is and isn’t normal with these home urinalysis test strips, and get a more complete picture of your health.

14. There's a lot of sounds your baby isn't used to yet, keep their little ears protected.

Protect your child’s hearing with these noise blocking muffs. They’re a great option for ball games, firework shows, or any event with loud music.

15. Having both hands free will be something you'll constantly long for...cue this carrier.

Ergobaby is a top of the line carrier, with all the convenience features you want. It’s breathable, machine washable, and supports an ergonomic posture for both you and your baby.

16. A much better option for when your little fishy wants to stay in the pool even after nature calls.

Reusable Swim diapers keep “solids” safely contained while your kiddo splashes around. They’re washable and adjust to fit babies of all shapes and sizes.

17. You never knew how much you needed these until you needed them.

Wetbags are great at holding soiled clothing, wet bathing suits, or shoes that stomped through every mud puddle on your way home.

18. Teething babies can be a lot to handle, make sure to keep them soothed as much as possible.

Keep teethers within arms length of your cranky baby with teething mittens.

19. Keep all the important milestones, contact info, and schedules in one place.

A great resource for sleep deprived parents, or anyone sharing caregiving responsibilities, an activity logger helps you ask and answer questions at checkups, and note concerns before they become problems.

20. Is this just for babies or can parents have it...asking for a friend.

Mobiles are great, but your little one can’t cuddle with them. Gentle songs and ocean noises help ease your baby to sleep, and the comforting night light makes it easy to watch as they fall asleep.

21. Pro Tip: Your baby will probably always be sticky, keep these within arms reach.

In my personal opinion, these should be called “everything wipes,” firstly because it isn’t gross, and secondly because it’s true. Makeup remover wipes, rise the oil out of your hair wipes, get that yuck off your baby’s face wipes. These do it all.

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