The Ultimate Gift List for Wine Lovers (25+ Gift Ideas)


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Wine is loved nearly universally, but some folks really love it. Are you the type who would much rather sit down with a glass than a beer? Well, if you know someone like that, we’ve got quite the gift guide for you. Holidays are coming, and birthdays are popping up all the time, so whenever you are looking for a gift for a wine lover, we’ve got you covered.

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Glassware and Wine Accessories

White marble is both elegant and neutral, as it can go with just about any kitchen or dining area. Place the night’s selection in the beautiful container to keep things nice and chilled.

Wrap their favorite bottle of wine within this interesting brainteaser wooden puzzle! So, this actually can be a little bit challenging, and luckily instructions are provided for emergency access to the booze.

Silicone wine stoppers are where it’s at! Wine will stay fresh longer with these snugly fit stoppers than when trying to shove the cork back in. This little gift comes with a handful, each with a funny short phrase.

Carrying wine around just got way more stylish. Say goodbye to the brown paper bag, and hello to this classy shoulder bag that is also insulated. Quite a few different designs can be selected, from a denim look to a rainbow of colors. But the white striped one just feels right.

We aren’t sure who is having an abundance of leftover wine, but if you are one of those people, these stunning blown glass wine stoppers are perfect. When gifting, select an option that matches the recipient’s birthstone.

Hand-blown glass is truly a work of art, and the artist from Rhode Island that creates these gemstone glasses is the perfect representation of that. Colors are melted into the glass to represent birthstones. What a great wine lover birthday gift!

More than just wine glasses, women who made major contributions to history are featured on each one. From civil rights pioneers to those advancing science, the glasses will take wine time to a whole new level of appreciation.

Bamboo mini table tops have been designed to fit over the neck of your wine bottles! Whether full or empty, the booze serves as a fantastic base for the portable charcuterie table or cheese plate.

This kit presents beautifully within a wooden box with essentials wine lovers probably already have, and some maybe they don’t. An aerator and bottle stoppers are included within the practical yet thoughtful set.

Wine-Themed Food and Drink

Wine coffee – – need we say more? Well, we will tell you that these 100% arabica beans are aged in oak wine barrels. Flavors are absorbed well and reflect within the ultimate brewed cup of coffee.

Williams Sonoma is known for knocking it out of the park with its sweet treats and kitchen essentials. So, of course, they would have a set of chocolate bars that pair with specific wines. From white chocolate that goes with champagne to dark that melds well with Merlot, it’s a taste bud adventure.

Cheese is as essential to wine as a good glass. So we present a cheese-making kit that can make up to 10 variations. More mild selections can be crafted, such as ricotta and mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is the glue that binds any great charcuterie and wine presentation together.

Everyone can also enjoy these wine-inspired dessert sauces because they are alcohol-free too. So go crazy, and top off the holiday cheesecake with a zing of Zinfandel or a subtle note of Merlot!

Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rose have all been captured within a gummy! The best part is that they are alcohol-free, so those who maybe can’t have alcohol, like expecting moms, can enjoy their favorite indulgent flavors.

Curious about the winemaking process? Learning a little bit more about it can make the appreciation even greater. Give the gift of making Cabernet Sauvignon to your beloved wine enthusiast. Yeast and grape juice can do magical things.

Cooking with wine just went next level. Pacific sea salts have been carefully harvested and blended with aromatic herbs. Then, highly concentrated wine syrups are mixed in, creating the holy Grail of flavor complexity.

Wine Furnishings & Platters

Do you have some super special corks from significant occasions? Display them within a wooden cut-out of your home state. Or maybe it’s just one of your favorite states. Regardless, it’s a cute way to display those corks.

Made of recycled granite countertops, these stone coasters have many uses. Put them in the freezer, then just before pouring the wine, set your glasses within them. You’ll be surprised how long the perfect temperature can be maintained.

While we probably would not recommend setting this up at your kid’s baseball game, it is perfect to use during a backyard barbecue! The convenience is most excellent, with slots to hold two wine glasses and a wine bottle with excess space for a food plate.

Who knew melted-down wine bottles could be so lovely? As appropriate platters or cheese plates, place some brie and grapes or nuts on top, with some wine. When gifting to a wine lover, you could present it to them with a few of their favorite cheeses.

While being able to be stored compactly, the round serving tray expands from a half moon to a full circle when the bottom leaf is pulled around. This reveals condiment cups and below cheese serving utensils.

Smooth fine grain wood dominates the overall look of this party-ready wine dispenser. Since you probably don’t want to set a box of Franzia on the counter for a holiday get-together, we thought you might particularly like that the bag from that box can just go straight into this elegant piece.

Miscellaneous Wine Gifts

So much information is squeezed onto these kitchen towels. Dozens of wines are rated and paired with different foods. So when prepping for that dinner party, hosts can quickly reference great wine and food combos.

Can anyone really have too many fun socks? Honestly, one pair for every occasion seems appropriate. And drinking wine certainly is an occasion. Wine glasses, bottle openers, and grapes adorn the black background.

We like how this is called a bath time essential. Because it definitely will be after you try it once! Securely suctioned against the wall, the handy holder will gently grasp a glass of Chardonnay while waiting patiently for you to occasionally reach out for a sip while soaking in a tub of bubbles.

Most of us can probably relate to this, right? First of all, the color is so pretty, but the phrase gives that touch of fun and hilarity. Comfy enough to be a nightshirt, yet stylish enough to be thrown on with some jeans and a sweater, we seriously think this could be a staple to our wardrobe.

Consuming wine isn’t the only way to enjoy it. Indulge your skin with a fragrant Pinot noir or Chardonnay because these bars of soap capture the earthy yet fruity aroma of our favorite varietals. Perfect for stocking stuffers or in a wine lovers spa kit.

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