13 Vintage Fisher-Price Toys That You Can Still Buy

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Fisher-Price began in the 1930s in New York and blossomed from a simple company that created wooden pull toys to a huge manufacturer of play essentials. At one point, the company was owned by Quaker Oats (yeah, weird!), but now it serves under the parent company of Mattel. Over 90 years of existence, some toys have truly stood the test of time. While some toys have seen subtle upgrades, they still hold true to the original. These are some of the best vintage Fisher-Price toys you can still buy today.

Best Vintage Fisher-Price Toys You Can Still Buy

Fisher-Price Classics’ Nifty Station Wagon was introduced in a time when family travel in the standard old station wagon was a regular thing. One of the more prominent features of vintage Fisher-Price toys is the pull string for kids to guide it through the house. This triggers eye movement in the car, which could be creepy or really cool. Other surprising interactive attributes include a removable top, so the car becomes a convertible and a backseat that flips around. Those who really rode an old-fashioned station wagon know the excitement of that.

Do your kids even know what a landline phone is? And even more, a rotary phone? Give them a dose of nostalgia while subtly introducing a little bit of recent history. This toy has been around for decades and is an even more interesting and intriguing toy for kids these days. Pull the little telephone around by the string, and watch his eyes come to life. Let imagination take the lead, as kids can pretend to make phone calls the old-fashioned way.

I can still remember sitting on the high pile carpet of the living room floor when I was a kid, playing with an earlier version of the Fisher-Price cash register in the 1990s. The register was introduced in 1975, and the design has remained consistent. The register has bright coins that teach kids counting skills and real functioning features that mimic an actual cash register. Kids will be able to press buttons and turn cranks to reveal different actions.

With much of the original style in place, from its 1960s debut, this camera is an adorable gift for kids or could even be something you may want to include within a display case of collectibles. If used for play purposes, it’s easy to wipe down and simple to use. A few picture discs come with the camera and can be changed out to reveal various images, such as animals and their babies. Notice all of the endearing retro details.

Originally introduced in 1971, this record player gave kids an opportunity to explore turntable magic without destroying their parents’ classic tracks. The coolest part is that the records are actually “playable. “ Five records come along with the set, and each has two songs. Expect to hear a lot of old classics, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill, to name a few. The reviews detailed that instead of being a music box mechanism like the original, this one now uses batteries.

Popping action toys are likely familiar to most adults who had Fisher-Price toys as children. The forward or backward motion of the wheels creates a popping sensation within a little plastic dome, and the colorful balls will bounce all over the place. This adds a fun touch to the basic ride-around toy. But let us warn you if you’ve never been around one of these noisy contraptions, be prepared to practice some patience.

The earliest rendition of this clock was created in 1960 and was originally made of wood. Now it is made of plastic – something customers have mixed opinions about. While some say plastic makes the product seem cheaper, others like that it is safer for children. Kids can learn various skills on how to tell time while enjoying a classic grandfather clock song. Fisher-Price chose to go with vintage artwork, and upon a close examination, you’ll notice how cute the various characters are.

According to the reviews, there was a wooden version of this barn at one point, long ago. Of course, this one is made of plastic, but it also has more advanced features, such as various animal sounds when different doors are opened. On both levels are adorable little areas for each animal, and a silo is on the side. Another review particularly mentioned that they use this barn for speech therapy, as farms are good for helping with developing communication skills in kids.

These stackable, colorful rings have been around for quite some time! To this day, when babies work to place each ring on the wobbly base, it helps improve eye coordination. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be extra useful! We love that Fisher-Price is taking that extra step forward and has used plant-based materials, which are also renewable, to craft this age-old favorite toy for toddlers.

With a few upgrades, this see-and-say lever toy is closely aligned with older, classic versions. This one is shaped like a barn and features up to 16 animal sounds and a couple of songs. Just pull the lever down to various pictures to release and hear that particular animal sound. We love the addition of the quiz mode, which offers more learning opportunities within one straightforward, battery-powered toy.

Some folks are about to feel really old when we tell them that this toy was originally introduced in 1968. Time flies! Not much has changed with little Snoopy, who is still pulled around by a string, which reveals a variation of nonelectronic features. As the wheels move, he makes a faint bark sound while wagging his tail and wiggling his ears. His orange, brown, and tan coloring gives us a retro vibe.

Blocks are simply timeless. So many imaginary scenarios can develop in your child’s brain as they build castles, cities, or minimalistic dwellings. Even really young kids can interact by stacking and fine-tuning those smaller movements. Not only does the set come with a storage bucket, but the top features various shapes, so your child will have to do a little bit of problem-solving to get each block back into the container. Clean-up is a game all on its own!

Some of the simplest toys can be an enjoyable activity for toddlers. This handy plastic hammering kit will teach them about shapes, but it will also be a good exercise to help those motor skills develop. Those tiny tapping motions might surprise you when keeping little ones busy and focused.

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