10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

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Brunch, shopping and a nice evening out are all solid ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, but sometimes, whether by choice or not, it can be refreshing and deeply relaxing to stay at home. Mom is mainly wanting that extra time with her kids, and the gesture may be exactly what she needs. A multitude of ways exists, to elevate an average day in the house, to something really magical for the woman who has been most influential in your life. Get ready to wow that special lady with these at home Mother’s Day celebrations.


Breakfast in bed may be impractical and expected, but preparing something special on Mother’s Day morning is something that will make mom feel treasured the moment she wakes up. Start brewing her favorite coffee, set out a few special toppings like whipped cream and pink sprinkles, and have a special cup waiting. Set up a spread of fruit, rustic bread with butter and delightful quiche outside if you have a scenic space (inside is always good too). Dress up the table with flowers and cards.

Movie Night

Does mom have a favorite movie that she doesn’t get to watch too often? The Sound of Music, Gone with the Wind, Mary Poppins? If not, find something new on Hulu, and prepare fresh popcorn on the stove, with melted butter and all her favorite add ins—M&Ms, pretzels, and candied nuts are good ones.


Turkey and pimento cheese finger sandwiches, fresh strawberries, her favorite fresh baked chocolate chip cookies—pack it all up in a basket and head to the backyard. Toss a blanket on the ground for everyone, and enjoy a sunshine-filled picnic with the family. Have the kids roam and pick some fresh flowers that may be growing around the yard to add a lovely touch.

Pamper Her

Moms deserve to be pampered. Organizing a spa day with her is such a cool idea, but you could take it a step further and help her achieve a new hair style. Or if that sounds a little dicey, just purchase some fancy shampoos and hair masks. Grab all the staple pampering accessories, like organic mud masks and mani-pedi supplies. Be sure you have a polish in her favorite color. Don’t forget the mimosas!


Some are lucky enough to live in an area where the stars shine brightly at night. With the stresses of life, it’s easy to miss it all. Mother’s Day is a great time to slow down, with mom, and appreciate the stunning universe. Light up the fire pit and roast marshmallows at the same time, then lay a few blankets out so everyone can just chill and take it all in.

Sip and Paint at Home

Sip and paint sessions are typically an event with several other people, but why not have your own at home? You’ll need canvases for everyone participating, paint, plenty of brushes, and one of mom’s favorite boozy concoctions. Maybe it’s a sangria made with red wine, juice, fresh raspberries and a splash of sparkling water. Garnish with a mint leaf to round out the aesthetic. Use Zoom or Facetime to include friends and family!

Plant Together

Without opting for anything too labor intensive, planting something either in a garden or in an indoor pot can be a meaningful activity that flourishes through the rest of spring and summer. A micro green shelf in the kitchen, peppers in the garden or maybe a hydrangea bush in the front yard—if your mom loves to garden, this will mean a lot to her.


Does your mom have a famous cake recipe that you’ve been trying to make time to learn how to bake? Would you like to carry on the tradition of her famous biscuits or chicken noodle soup? How fun would it be spending Mother’s Day learning all about family food traditions. Ask her which ingredients are needed and treat her to all the groceries that will be involved. Then at the end of the day, spend time with the family, reminiscing, and eating traditional favorites.

Look Back

Speaking of memories, you could continue the theme by laying out all the old photo albums. If she has some photos she has yet to organize, consider putting together a surprise memory book. Then just spend as long as she’d like, flipping through the photographs and relishing the past, and what the future will hold.

Wine Tasting

Putting together a wine tasting can go as deep into the rabbit hole as you’d like. Grab a few variations and simply Google the best snacky pairings. Or try to nab all of her absolute favorites, and prepare a dinner with courses that go with each one. But personally, we like the simple idea of starting with dry varieties that pair great with charcuterie, then ending with desert wines and chocolate treats. Spend some time with the set up too—light candles, have fresh glasses when switching from white to red and print out information sheets on each wine’s characteristics.

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