9 Ways to Entertain Energetic Dogs

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Perhaps you have a wild pug who zooms around the house with your favorite pair of slippers on a regular basis. Maybe you can’t always take your German Shepherd on a walk. Dogs need exercise, especially if they are loaded with energy that’s bound to get them into mischief. But our sweet animals give us so much, it’s rewarding thinking of ways to make them happy as well. If you have a high energy breed, we have some ways to help you entertain them, even if life is busy.

 Laser Games

Work, kids, housework—sometimes you’re just too darn tired to play. But pups still need that time to leap and frolic. Using the utmost caution to avoid anyone’s eyes, a laser pointer can be an easy way to have some game time. Again, pay close attention, also being sure that your dog has plenty of room to move about, and just enjoy a cup of tea while simultaneously getting those furry legs moving.

Utilize Stairs

Stairs are your friend, especially when you have a rowdy pup. Be sure there’s carpet to prevent slipping, then find someone to sit at the top, and someone to sit at the bottom. Toss a ball back and forth while your dog chases it. Of course let him or her have the occasional victory chew.

Opt for Puzzle Toys

Kong balls are probably the ultimate entertainment toy. Several designs are available, and many can be simply filled with dry food or small treats. It takes some pawing and effort for the bits of yumminess to fall out, so some wiggles will be expended in the mean time. Peanut butter can be smushed in crevices of some Kong toys, just make sure you do this in a space where cleaning smudges wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

Give Them Splash Time

Aside from being relaxing, bath time can turn into play time. Use a bigger tub or even a kiddie pool, and fill with just enough water for some serious splashing fun. This can be a good way to eradicate any water fears as well. Toss some toys in, and maybe even some treats. Chewy and Petco offer designated splash pools for dogs if you want something official.

Wind Down with Bath Time

Bath time in general can be calming, especially before bedtime (kind of sounds like we are talking about kiddos). Opt for a soothing, natural shampoo with relaxing scents like lavender or peppermint, which both can repel bugs too. Always supervise your fur baby, but just let them enjoy a nice soak or gentle float. After some gentle encouragement and regularity, even pups that hate getting sudsy can grow to love it.

Brain Games

Some dogs need mental stimulation as much as physical, so brain games and puzzles can be an important addition to a daily routine. Amazon sells wooden toys with doors that treats can be placed behind. Every time, pups have to figure out which doors to nudge. But likely many tools for creating brain games are already in the house, like a muffin tin in which treats can be placed in various holes, and covered with tennis balls. Your dog will have to work to move the balls to get to the treats. Figo has other great suggestions for mental stimulation activities.

TV Time

Some dogs are engaged by the television, especially when spotting other four legged friends. Turn the channel to Animal Planet and see if Fido is intrigued by penguins from The Aquarium, or precious puppies and kittens from Too Cute. From the exotic to domestic, other animals can peak the interests of pets. Get ready to tolerate barking and other hilarious behavior as they watch.

Go for a Ride

Car rides provide a sensory experience for dogs that can help simmer down some of that curiosity that gets him or her into trouble. From all the smells to experience, to the ever changing sites, it’s an exciting activity that pups can grow to truly love. Riding together is also somewhat of a bonding experience, further making fur babies feel like one of the “pack”. Is your heart melting as much as ours is?

Make a Doggie Playground

Agility training can be a rewarding way to direct an energetic dog’s focus in the proper direction. Even if not taking it too seriously, backyard ramps, tunnels, and hoops can be somewhat of a play place to release all of that extra energy. Chewy.com is a reliable site to find a lot of fun obstacles for the serious trainers, to those just looking to have a little fun.

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