13 Ways to Make Exercise a Lifestyle

Feeling Your Best

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Beginning a workout routine can seem daunting, but in reality, getting more movement in everyday will infuse the body with energy and feel good endorphins. In itself, that’s great motivation to integrate various exercise routines into your life. Still, life is busy and getting started can be challenging, so we’ve come up with a list of ways to help you slowly merge physical activity into everyday life.

Commit to Something Small

Starting out, setting extremely attainable goals can build confidence—going beast mode out of the gate can wear a person quite quickly. Little victories charge up our mentality, giving us the sense of “I can do this”. This is the beginning of slowly integrating regular exercise into a schedule. Keep your small commitment consistent for slightly over two months, as 66 days is the average amount of time it takes to form a habit, according to an accumulation of study data.

Give Yourself Breaks

There’s such a thing as too much exercise, and this can harm the body according to specialists. Everyone is different, and depending on goals, workout plans can vary too. Your body will alert you with pain signals and other signs of fatigue if you’ve pushed it too hard. However, even if you don’t continue long term with a personal trainer, consider a consultation period to figure out what’s right for your body. All in all, rest is equally as important.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Are you starting a stationary bike regimen? It’s pretty easy to watch a good Youtube documentary on an iPhone while keeping pace. The time will go faster and you might even look forward to watching the next juicy Kendall Rae crime video release. Her videos last typically 20-30 minutes, and are so captivating it’s easy to forget how hard those legs are pumping.

Treat Yourself to Workout Duds

Tossing on an old t-shirt is great and all, but a sexy set of leggings and a strappy sports bra or tank is going to make you feel pretty darn good about yourself, which in the long run, is super motivating when it comes to getting moving. You can keep that motivation coming with a monthly subscription to Fabletics, where you get personalized activewear each month to keep you cute and comfortable even when things get sweaty. Wash sweaty clothes in Tide Sport detergent to keep them looking great for many workouts to come. And don’t forget to give your feet some love. The experts at Fleet Feet can help runners and walkers find the perfect pair of shoes through its Fit ID outfitting process. The 3D scanning-technology finds the best fit for you, so you can be comfortable for a 10-minute walk or a three-hour marathon.

Try an Activity Watch

We’re not going to lie, a lot of fitness gadgets seem like a possible waste, but some make a lot of sense to have. A watch that can track steps, distance, heart rate and sleep can offer a clear picture of the areas that need the most focus. The Fitbit Inspire 2 does everything one would need a fitness tracker to do, and it comes in at a less shocking price range than other models.

Don’t Focus On Weight loss Alone

Some folks don’t respond well when only focusing on progress via the scale. Sometimes, the scale isn’t going to change, but your muscle composition may be increasing. Regardless, think about the immediate benefit reaped every time those feet hit the pavement, or those reps are completed. Circulation improves, feel good chemicals in the brain kick in (which fights depression), skin gets a glowing boost and sleep quality is enhanced. That’s a lot of good reasons to go for a daily walk or run.

Go For “No Equipment “ Exercises

Starting out, just get into the swing of daily exercise by using what you’ve got—your body. Planks, walking, sit ups and leg raises are all effective when done correctly. Once mastering these daily movements, then maybe it’s time to zero in on a piece that will help you target specific areas.

Choose the Right Equipment

When you do go for an equipment-based workout, opt for something with several functions, and place it in an area you don’t mind going to workout regularly. A muggy garage may not be the best choice, but a well lit spare bedroom with a view might be. Having something for cardio and weight training is ideal—for example, a treadmill and a Bowflex. If you love fitness classes, but need to do them on your own schedule, Peloton is a great at-home equipment option. Peloton offers an exercise bike and a treadmill option, and its app offers even more classes like strength training, yoga, bootcamps and more.

Rely On a Buddy

Beginning the metamorphosis with someone close to you is a phenomenal way to dodge those days where your body is telling you to just laze. And, it’s way more fun and constructive to embark on the journey with someone else. You may grow to look forward to talking sessions with your buddy while toning those cheeks.

Exercise Can Be Subtle

Walking to the coffee shop rather than taking the car, pulling those weeds out of the garden, playing a game of tag with the kids—these activities all count as exercise.

Take Progression Photos

It’s surprising how much one can change while even slowly shifting their lifestyle. Snap a photo every few weeks, and show yourself the progress that’s been made. Seeing muscles become stronger and healthier can sometimes be best realized through pictures, and it’s incredible inspiration to keep pushing.

Change Your Diet

This can be done subtly as well, but it’s just science that certain foods can really give that push when it comes to getting that heart pounding. Think about all the incredible foods you can have, rather than ones you can’t. There are way more natural, real, satisfying things to indulge in rather than addicting junk food. Enjoy making nutritious toast with goat cheese and honey for breakfast, rather than chowing on empty nutrition cereal. Savor a slice of creamy Brie cheese during snack time instead of eating a bag of chips.  Support healthy nutrition with the right supplements, like vitamins from Ritual. These multivitamins deliver all your nutritional needs, in addition to being vegan friendly, non-gmo, and gluten and major allergen free — plus they’re delivered to your door monthly, making this healthy habit even easier.

Realize There’s More to Life

Life won’t be all about sweating it out, it will be about how great you feel, and how you finally have the energy to take that dream hiking trip through the northwest. And there will be days where you should definitely chill on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Life is all about balance—really soak that in. Part of that balance is caring for your body so greatly, that you want to push to keep yourself feeling awesome.

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