Top 44 Wedding Registry Must-Haves of 2024

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As a married gal myself, one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process was creating a registry. There are so many considerations to weigh when choosing the best wedding registry and what exactly you should put on it. So I hope you can learn from my experience with and enjoy this roundup of wedding registry must-haves, including an overview of some of the best places to register, and the perks they offer plus all those must-have items!

Wedding Registry Tips:

  • To figure out how many gifts to add to your registry, take the amount on your guest list and multiply by two (add a couple more for good measure)
  • Have product prices range from $50 to $200 or more. It may feel weird adding high price items on your registry, but the average price wedding guests pay for a gift is around $160, so don’t feel bad about splurging!
  • Take inventory of everyday household items that could use replacing. You’ll also want to consider the items you don’t have but really really want…hello KitchenAid mixer!

Best Wedding Registries:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond – Perhaps one of the most iconic retailers to create a wedding registry for, Bed Bath and Beyond is a favorite among engaged couples. The perfect spot for all those must-have home essentials. 20% off any items that weren’t purchased, $100 rewards when $500 worth of gifts are purchased, free shipping on orders over $39, and easily add items to your registry through the BBB app.
  • Amazon – Everyone shops on Amazon, and with the ease of shipping along with the incredible amount of products to choose from, it’s a no-brainer to register with this product mega-store. When creating your registry, you’ll get the options to shop by room, categories, hobbies, and brands to make building your registry even easier! Up to 20% off on unpurchased items after your wedding, receive a free bonus gift with a purchase from select brands and group gifting options for higher-priced registry items.
  • Zola – Your one-stop shop for everything you want on your registry, with the ability to add gifts from top retailers, create cash funds (hello dream honeymoon), and include gift cards for your favorite stores and subscriptions. PLUS, you get access to a friendly team of registry advisors to help create the registry of your dreams! 20% post-wedding discount for up to 6 months after your wedding date, the lowest cash fund fee at only 2.4%, and a free thank you note manager because let’s be real, you could use all the help you can get when it comes to thank you cards.
  • Wayfair – With the motto “a zillion things for home,” creating a wedding registry with Wayfair is a great way to finally put those personal touches on your home! Choose from top home essential brands and have the ability to choose when your gifts are delivered (read: don’t come home from the honeymoon with a pile of boxes at your front door). Wayfair is a great option when deciding where to create your wedding registries. The group gifting options give your guests the ability to contribute what they wish to some of your most wanted (and higher-priced) items, score bonus gifts from select brands, and use the downloadable list of gifts and who sent them for thank you cards.

Wedding Registry Must-Haves: 


Perhaps the most iconic of all registry must-haves, the KitchenAid stand mixer is a product that has truly stood the test of time. Whether you are a baking fanatic or just fancy a therapeutic day of baking every so often, this stand mixer (which comes in SO many color options) deserves a spot on your registry.

Odds are the pots and pans you have in your kitchen have been around the block a few times and it probably hasn’t crossed your mind to replace them until now, because SAME! When it comes to choosing between stainless steel and Teflon, I suggest choosing one big set of your favorite and then a few staple sized pans of the other.

Whether you enjoy a fruity smoothie in the morning or are perfecting your margarita mix, a good blender goes a long way.

With so many different kitchen gadgets now on the market, it’s ideal to consolidate where you can. This Ninja Foodi toasts, air fries, dehydrates, and more, all while folding up neatly while not in use to give you back much-needed counter space.

A good bakeware set can last a long time!

Who doesn’t like a cold, stiff drink on a Friday night to wind down from the work week? Why not step your cocktail game up a notch with a great barware set.

Wine is my go-to drink after a long day at work, and creating our wedding registry was the perfect excuse to upgrade my college-era stemless glasses. The difference in having the right type of glass for your wine was astounding, plus I felt just like Ms. Olivia Pope while drinking from them!

Dishes set the aesthetic of your entire kitchen, so if you’ve been wanting to switch things up, now is the perfect time! Whether you’re feeling a subtle solid tone or perhaps a pop of color, a new set of dishes is the centerpiece for your new kitchen vibe.

A nice set of silverware lasts a long time, and if you’re the type of couple who LOVES hosting dinner parties, then this is a necessary inclusion on your wedding registry.

A wedding registry is the perfect place to think about those items you dream of having but are a bit more costly than you’d usually spend on home essentials. Case in point a pantry organization set – you’ve been dying to have it since The Home Edit and Marie Kondo landed on your Netflix Top Picks, and now is the perfect time to ask for it!

Whether you’re always the hostess or simply enjoy the occasional family gathering, having serveware to suit all your needs is a must on your registry. The B. Smith serveware collection is vast, and having received a handful for my own wedding, I highly recommend including a few of these must-haves.

A morning that doesn’t start with a cup of coffee is a bad one. Wait, just me? Maybe you need a caffeine fix first thing in the morning and your other half a shot of espresso in the afternoon. This just means it’s time to invest in a product that does both because, let’s be real – counter space is precious. This Nespresso VertuoPlus brews both cups of joe and shots of espresso!

You don’t need to be a master chef to appreciate how much a food processor will make dinnertime a breeze!

I was a self-proclaimed Crock Pot Queen…until I got my Instant Pot. The fact you can make the same savory, tender dishes without the rush to throw it all together before leaving for work in the morning should be a good enough selling point to make this a contender on your registry.

Mixing bowls might not be the first thing that comes to mind when adding to your registry, but remember when I mentioned taking inventory of all your household items? This is when it comes in handy!

A wedding registry is the perfect time to hope for certain products you keep putting off buying. Le Creuset is a world renowned kitchen brand and has cast iron, stainless steel & son-stick pots, pans & more. Not to mention all their products come in a variety of fun, vibrant colors!

I know my husband and I aren’t the only ones who have the constant “what should we have for dinner” talks. While we have a solid list of staples, it’s always fun to switch things up a bit and try out a new recipe! A couple of cookbooks are a great start at helping your household get out of its culinary rut!

While oven mitts and hot pads are easily thrown into the wash to seemingly come out as new, adding a few to your registry is a must!


The rule of thumb when it comes to adding sheets to your registry is to have a set for the bed, a set for the laundry, and a set for the closet (thanks for the tip BBB registry booklet). With so many options to choose from (cotton, silk, bamboo, etc.), it’s a great idea to do some research first because a great pair of sheets can last a while!

A good night’s sleep makes for a happy couple, and a happy couple makes a long-lasting marriage. Indulge yourselves with some high-quality pillows on your registry, and you’ll thank me later.

I’ll be honest, before our wedding, my fiance and I were rocking a $30 comforter that I got from the Bed Bath & Beyond clearance bin for quite some time. Once we received our oh-so-cozy down comforter (and all our cute interchangeable and washable covers), I didn’t realize what we were missing out on!

If you’ve been thinking about changing up the vibe of your bathroom, then new bath towels are a great starting point! They’re also a no-brainer to include on your registry!

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Start crafting your very own at-home spa with a gorgeous essential oil diffuser. Don’t forget to include your favorite essential oils, and you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time (which is especially necessary post-wedding)

Wayfair has just about everything you might ever need for your home, and one absolute necessity is a full-length mirror with a classy flare! While your fiancé probably tells you all the time how beautiful you are, it’s always nice to set some time to admire how absolutely amazing you are!



Are you really an adult if you don’t get overly excited at the thought of a brand new vacuum cleaner? Just me? Start your new married life happy and tidy with a new vacuum. (Bonus points if it doubles as a mop).

A cozy home is a happy home, and what’s cozier than a big fluffy blanket?! Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with your other half as you enjoy the beginning of your new married life.

I never realized how much I needed a carpet cleaner until I had one. Perfect for accidental wine spills or the occasional muddy pup rampage, this easy-to-use portable carpet cleaner is a must for your registry.

Is there really such a thing as too many candles? Didn’t think so! Soy candles, beeswax, and even flameless, your wedding registry is the PERFECT time to stock up on all your favorite brands and scents!

Home security is of utmost importance when starting your new lives as newlyweds! The Ring brand of security is simply iconic, and their video doorbell is a great starting point.

If you or your beau is a tech whiz, then a Google Nest is a must-have.

Gift Cards

Regular adventures and romantic getaways are a must as you begin your journey as a married couple, and Airbnb is the ultimate provider of vacation rentals! From luxe beachfront views to off-the-grid treehouse retreats, a weekend away here and there will keep you in the honeymoon period for years to come.

The home project list is never-ending and your wedding registry is the perfect place to help fund them! Pick your favorite home improvement store and think positive thoughts you’ll be able to renovate your guest bathroom soon!

We all have those lazy days when no one wants to cook, and getting off the couch is just not an option. Registering for some food delivery gift cards is a great idea!


Cooking a delicious meal together as a married couple is an easy way to foster cooperation, learn some new skills, and have a lot of fun together! However, it’s sometimes hard to make it to the grocery store with busy schedules. Registering for a meal delivery service will give you a taste of how easy it is to make home-cooked meals together regularly. Plus, Gobble makes it easy – doing all the chopping and marinating for you!

If you are a fan of high-class spirits, then may I introduce you to Flaviar. The world’s largest club of spirit enthusiasts, a membership will have you discovering some of the rarest whiskey, bourbon, tequila, and more from all over the world.

Winc is a wine club that believes you should spend less time searching for a great bottle of wine and more time enjoying a glass. Customizable to you and your significant other’s taste, you’ll get a perfectly procured box of wine specifically chosen for your palate each month.


You’ve probably been dreaming of your honeymoon since the moment you said “yes.” You want to make it memorable and so do your guests! Registry sites like Zola make it easy to create cash funds, so your invitees know exactly what their contribution will be going towards.

Life is one big adventure, and now that you have a go-to travel buddy, it’s time to take flight! Including airline gift cards on your registry is a great reason to start planning your first trip as a married couple.

With all the adventures you’ll soon go on as a married couple, you’ll want some cute luggage tags to accessorize with! Plus, people absolutely love buying cutesy “Mr. & Mrs.” everything when you’re getting married, so you might as well pick out some things you truly want.

Fun & Games

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned game night! Whether it’s you and your boo or you invite some friends over, a well-stocked game stash will ensure plenty of fun nights.

Your fur baby is a part of the family, and we can’t take them everywhere as much as we want to. The Furbo dog camera is great for checking up on your pup and making sure they can still get some treats even when you aren’t around

Life is better at the beach! A beach day takes a bit of preparation, from sunscreen to coolers to umbrellas to keep you shaded. One of my favorite beach day essentials is a really nice beach chair, and the Tommy Bahama backpack chair is one of the best.

It’s no surprise that music brings people together, so make sure you have access to it no matter where you go. A portable Bluetooth speaker is essential for making any place a dance floor.

It’s always good to have a little competition now and again. What better way to spend a saturday afternoon than with a friendly cornhole tournament. Cornhole boards come in so many different design options, you’re sure to find one perfect for you and your boo.

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