When is the Best Time To Shop at Zulily? (Month-By-Month Guide)

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Shoppers love Zulily because every single item is on sale every single day, but Zulily recently released data that can help shoppers save even more money. Zulily published a “Best Time to Shop Report” that analyzed sales data, Google keyword searches, and survey responses from 1,000 moms across the US to highlight the best times to shop for items across dozens of categories.

Below, you’ll find a month-by-month guide that’ll help you save money on Zulily’s ever-changing selection of trendsetting apparel, home decor, beauty products, and more.


What to Buy: Cleaning Supplies

The new year is all about fresh starts, and that includes freshening up your home. Whether you are getting a head start on spring cleaning or just want to stock up on supplies a bit early, Zulily’s data shows that sales of cleaning supplies like toilet brushes spike in January.


What to Buy: Swimsuits, Flip-Flops, Sunglasses

Even if February is bitterly cold where you live, Zulily’s research shows that swimwear sales spike before April showers or May flowers make their way to your neck of the woods. This is in contrast to brick-and-mortar retailers where swimwear and summer accessories go on sale at the end of the season, but you can get ahead of the game by shopping for your summer swimwear now.

You’ll need some beach-worthy footwear to go along with your new swimsuit and you can get the best deals by shopping on Zulily in February and March. Your summer vacation may be months away, but Zulily’s survey results show that moms prefer to shop early to get into a vacation mindset from home.

Zulily also sees a spike in sunglasses sales in February as moms prepare for summer vacation. Why? According to Zulily’s survey results, moms view vacation as a way to spend more “quality time with family” and “escape the mental and emotional stressors of the pandemic.”

What to Buy: Kids Clothes

Early in the year, moms are also looking to upgrade their kids’ wardrobes and they can save money by planning ahead. Your kids will appreciate it, too. In Zulily’s survey, 79% of kids who responded said that “unique style impacts their feelings by increasing happiness and confidence.” Let them browse Zulily’s large selection of kids’ activewear, graphic tees, dresses, and more so they can pick their favorites.

What to Buy: Beauty Products

58% of moms who responded to Zulily’s survey view beauty buys as a “low-cost way to give them an emotional lift.” Smart shoppers stock up on beauty products like brow grooming products, lipstick, and makeup sets in February and October for the best prices. You can be among them when you browse Zulily’s Beauty and Wellness Shop for makeup, bath products, skincare, and more.


What to Buy: Succulents and faux florals

Certain plants and flowers thrive in spring and summer, but succulents and faux florals are best purchased in March. They are easy-to-care for even if your thumb isn’t as green as you’d like. Faux florals, on the other hand, require next to no care, save for an occasional dusting. Like beauty products, moms who responded to Zulily’s survey stated decorating is a form of self-care that gives them a little boost of joy.


What to Buy: Cowboy Hats

Sun hats are a spring and summertime staple, but according to Zulily sales data, cowboy hats could be inching ahead in popularity. If you want to give this trend a try, you’ll find the best deals in early spring.


What to Buy: Women’s Pumps

After getting their kids geared up for the new school year, mom deserves her own wardrobe refresh. Zulily does its highest numbers in women’s heels in October, which means you’ll find a great selection and even greater sales.

What to Buy: Office Essentials

Similar to updating your wardrobe, new office supplies can freshen up your office and provide that back-to-school feeling you used to get so excited about as a kid. 28% of moms who responded to Zulily’s survey said they purchase new office supplies like paper weights, desk lamps, and desk organizers every year for that “fresh start” feeling.


What to Buy: Athleisure, Sleepwear

March and November are the top times to purchase athleisure essentials like yoga pants, athletic shoes, leggings, and leggings, though it seems survey respondents would wear activewear anywhere and everywhere if they could. While 54% said they would never wear athleisure to a job interview, half wish they could slip into some comfy loungewear for formal occasions and 27% are comfortable wearing athleisure to the office. 

Possibly in preparation for the cold winter months ahead, Zulily’s highest sleepwear sales happen in November. This, of course, includes pajamas, but also nightgowns, one-piece pajamas, and sleepwear accessories like slippers.

What to Buy: Hot Sauce

Despite barbecue season being long past, Zulily sees an increase in hot sauce sales every October and November. The survey data didn’t reveal exactly why moms have hot sauce on the brain pre-holiday season, but hot sauce is definitely a unique gift.

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