The 13 Coolest White Crocs You AND Your Feet Will Love

Classic Comfort

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Crocs were originally introduced to the public in the early 2000s as a lightweight boating shoe. Today, they have turned into a fashion statement, with kids and adults sporting tie-dye clogs, fuzzy Crocs, or sandals with patterns from their favorite brands like Vera Bradley. And we don’t blame them — Crocs are comfortable and durable shoes that can be worn for all kinds of occasions. Regardless of your reasoning for owning a pair of these quirky shoes, white is a great neutral color for any purpose. Here’s a variation of styles to choose from so you can find the right pair of white Crocs for you.

The classic Crocs clog is the typical and beloved style of the ultra comfortable shoe line. Signature holes along the top allow for plenty of ventilation, and the smoothest strategically shaped interior provides ultimate support. Ideal for just about any scenario, these clogs are water resistant and buoyant. So take them to the beach, or wear them as slippers when in the hospital while having your tonsils out. So handy dandy.

This Crocs sandal is a hybrid between the classic clog and a slide on sandal. The shape routes water out, so they are great for a beach day. What we probably love most is that these are gender neutral and can fit a variation of styles. We can see them being worn with a maxi dress during an island getaway, or as the perfect dad shoe when he is cheering on his kiddos from the stands at a baseball game.

Crocs has made an extra delicate, prettier sandal/flip-flop, which is ideal for women. The classic foam base that has made Crocs so comfortable and lovable creates the ideal summer footwear –casual, but can be dressed up. Out of all the colors to choose from, white would probably be one of the most conforming to any fashionable look.

Maybe your family hails from Canada, or maybe you fell in love with the country while on a trip. Pay tribute to this portion of the globe with these maple leaf-adorned classic clogs. You could even accent them with the brand’s signature charms that range from all kinds of fun and adorable icons to represent your personality. In addition, the leaves could make these somewhat fitting for fall time wear.

Another take on the classic clog is this slicker, somewhat hybrid rendition. The curves are a little bit smoother and the traction a little bit stronger. It is noted that restaurant and healthcare workers might particularly see the benefit of owning a pair of these light, floor-gripping, super-comfortable Crocs. They do look quite swanky, and would add a nice pop to a pair of scrubs.

With multi directional straps, these sandals are not only lovely, but add somewhat of an interesting element to your outfit. Of course, many of the traditional Croc attributes are worked into these comfortable shoes. For example, they are waterproof and awesome for a walk down by the water‘s edge during your island getaway.

With thick white straps, these sandals are ultra secure and comfortable, as they don’t dig into the skin like some strappy sandals would. While the base is tan, the rest of the shoe features a lovely creamy white. While the soles are flat, it still gives off a wedding worthy vibe, so you don’t have to wear high heels to your next formal event.

Add a little bit of height, without any clunky weight, with these wedge sandals that feature the signature lightweight materials of our favorite practical Crocs. The best part is the rhinestone-embellished foot cover portion that contributes a glittering beauty to the footwear. Whether out on a date night or wanting give your swimsuit look an extra sparkle, these are a cute ensemble enhancement.

Flip flops don’t have to be unstable and unreliable. Crocs has given this unisex version a strong design with a stabilizing bottom. Men and women will find the design to be adaptive to a variation of outfits. It is recommended to order up to the next full size for a comfortable fit. These are also particularly great for using in the garden, or just walking around the house.

Crocs is really nailing this whole dainty footwear thing — for example, these ultra strappy sandals, in a slightly shimmering white color, referred to as pearl. Crisscrossing in various ways, the look has plenty of dimension, but surprisingly is extremely comfortable. That’s right, women can dress up their look, while wearing a super cute shoe that is equally as comfortable as the traditional Croc. With the slightest bit of stretch, they easily come off, and are a snap to put back on.

If you look around at the feet of employees at the hospital or doctors office, you might find these to be a regular trend. The full coverage gives more foot protection than the average tennis shoe, especially given that the material is much thicker. This makes them an ideal choice for healthcare workers who might be handling sharp objects or other hazardous materials. Not to mention, the comfort of Crocs’ material helps cushion the feet throughout the day, lessening fatigue. Plus they are slip resistant.

Crocs are wonderful for kids, as they are easy to put on and they don’t have any shoelaces. Being white, the little charms that can be bought to place within the ventilation holes will definitely go well with this pair. The lining on the interior of the shoe is fuzzy and warm, which can be ultra comforting to little ones.

Like the classic clog, but without the ventilation holes, these are great for folks who need to protect their toes. The fully enclosed top is designed to be extra tough, which is optimal for chefs, nurses, or anyone who might experience more than frequent spills at work. The interior of the shoe is made to massage your feet while you work. How convenient!

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