Winc Takes the Guesswork Out of Finding Your Next Favorite Wine

Let's Wine About It

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  • Create your “Palate Profile” with a quick 3-minute survey
  • Wines tailored to your personal tastes, right to your doorstep
  • Rate your wine to further customize your future shipments
  • Never pay for shipping on 4+ bottles

Do you ever find yourself standing in the wine aisle overwhelmed by the options and not knowing what to choose? Or maybe you’re like me – you know what you like, but would love to experience new blends from new regions. If either of these scenarios sound like you, then let me introduce you to Winc.

Winc is a wine club that believes you should spend less time searching for a great bottle of wine and more time enjoying a glass (or two). As a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur who pretends to know a thing or two about the varying varietals, I was interested to find out how Winc was different from the rest. Well let me assure you, the process couldn’t be more simple. Start things off by taking a six-question quiz to create your “Palate Profile.” You’re asked things like the type of coffee you enjoy, if you crave earthy flavors like mushrooms (trust me, I thought it was weird too) and then curates a collection of wine based on your palate preferences. My collection ranged from a refreshing Riesling to chillable red blends, and honestly I don’t think I could’ve chosen better myself!

Now here’s how Winc truly is unique from the rest. After every box you receive, you get to rate the wine that’s included. Were you a big fan of the Rosé, but not so much the Cabernet? Let them know and they’ll adjust your next shipment accordingly for a perfectly procured arrangement!

UPDATED: It’s never been easier to get delicious wine delivered straight to your door. Right now, Winc is offering Wishlisted readers a special offer of $20 off your first order — now that’s something we can raise a glass to!

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