The 14 Cutest Women’s Rain Boots for Staying Dry All Season

Puddle Jumpin'

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Essential gear for anywhere with a rainy season, rain boots can keep you dry and cozy, whether you’re sloshing through puddles after a summer shower, or struggling to keep from slipping on icy sidewalk after a slushy spring.

Rainboots may have a bad style rep, but nobody could accuse Joules of being anything but adorable. Dozens of color and pattern choices make them eminently personalizable, so they’re the perfect gift for anyone who walks to work or school, or just enjoys puddle-jumping. Whether the dog walker needs a pup-print or a gardener is looking for florals, Joules offers a style option for everyone.

An Australian classic, UGG boots are a fall staple for many. These rain boots are the perfect choice for wet, nasty weather, when wearing regular UGGs would ruin them. A sheep’s fur liner gives them the same warm, soft feeling as their non-waterproof boots, with color options in red, blue, black, and green.

A cold-weather staple for a reason, these well-reviewed classics from a known name brand have been tried and tested, and are extremely effective at protecting against cold and damp, even in saltwater. Inspired by duck boots, they’re available through Prime Wardrobe, so you can even try them out before committing to them.

Functional to the extreme, these 15″ high fishing boots are non-marking and non-slip, so you’ll stay surefooted even without sea legs. Whether fishing, sailing, or working outdoors, you’ll be protected and comfortable with these durable fold over boots.

With a classic style that’s perfect for themed family photos, the Canadian-made Kamik boots are a glossy, cheery way to pep up a rainy-day outfit. With a rainbow of available color options, they’re perfect for building an eclectic style, or capping off a Halloween costume.

An investment piece for dog walkers, farm workers, and anyone else who demands quality performance from their footwear, Hunter’s adjustable tall rain boots will be your bad-weather companions through years of hard work. Contoured soles mitigate your chances of getting stuck in the mud, and an adjustable buckle on the back keeps them flush fit to your legs, so nothing trickles down to your toes.

These affordable rain boots feature PVC exterior, a rubber sole, and cotton lining, with five color options to choose from. Highly reviewed, these boots feature a narrow fit on the calves, so they work perfectly over leggings and slim-ft pants, but may not be the best choice for wearing over bulky sweatpants.

Ten color options to choose from make these low-slung boots versatile enough to give as gifts; there’s a color choice that suits every style and personality. Highly reviewed, they’re bestselling rain boots that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in.

Hunter’s short rain boots are a great choice for anyone who hates navigating long walks in tall boots; whether they pinch and pull or flap at the tops, sometimes tall boots are more trouble than you’re looking for. These short boots are perfect for petite figures, athletic builds, or anyone else who struggles to mesh foot and leg fits on knee-high boots.

These slip-on rain boots are low profile, perfect for keeping in an office of vehicle for “just in case” days. Just right for the constant drizzles of Seattle or the surprise showers of Florida, you’ll reach for them whenever the puddle stomping mood strikes.

Available from size 5-12, these mid height ladies rain boots are a good fit for a range of ages and styles, with solid or patterned options. Since they’re in-stock at many Target locations, they’re perfect if you have to pick up a pair of rain boots urgently.

Pay homage to a favored hiking spot with these Rainier National Park themed rain boots. With a number of park designs available in both tall and short boot designs, you can advertise for the beauty of the great outdoors anywhere with these durable boots.

With every detail carefully considered, these Bogs boots shine on cold, rainy days. Temperature rated down to negative 40 Farenheit, they’re easy to clean and have a removable insole, so you can fully dry them out if necessary. Hanging handles make them easy to store, and pull on, so  they’ll keep going season after season.

Choose between punchy polka-dots or subtle neutrals with these lace-up rain boots that are perfect for in-between sizes or anyone who’s picky over their perfect fit. A reinforced toe keeps these boots going even after contact with the concrete, so you won’t hesitate to ford the streams in the sidewalks.

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