13 Women’s Shape Wear Pieces to Leave You Feeling Comfortable and Confident

Comfy & Confident

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Shape wear is one of those things that has two totally different sides. Our bodies are beautiful, no matter what shape or size, and we should embrace them proudly! Our curves and shape tell a story about us, and we wouldn’t want to cover that up. Shape wear brands have taken a whole new approach to the concept and have merged to a mentality of enhancing bodies, just as a little bit of lipstick would enhance a gorgeous smile. Another angle is that shape wear can be much more comfortable than an unsupported bra that might dig into the skin. When trying to find a way to add a little bit more support or comfort to your wardrobe, these selections may surprisingly be the solution.

Yes, shape wear can be comfortable! More comfortable, in fact, than an actual underwire bra. No wiring is going to be pressing because the bra within the bodysuit is wireless. Soft, subtle support is what you will get with this full body shaping piece. It scoops extra low, so options are endless when it comes to showing off your gorgeous back – go ahead and buy that daring dress.

Focusing specifically on smoothing the lower tummy, these compression shorts create a seamless comfort fit from below the belly button down to your lower thighs. But it’s not just about smoothing the stomach; it’s about enhancing that gorgeous back side of yours by lifting and shaping in the most subtle, lovely way. Care for the fabric is easy – just wash on cold and hang to dry.

Offering the perfect amount of tummy control, this simple pieces means you won’t feel constricted, with sheer leg panels that elegantly extend to just above the knee. If you’re looking to eliminate or smooth out any part of your tummy pooch, this keeps things easy and not over-complicated. Try them under dress pants while at work, as less constriction means more feasible all day wear.

We love that this piece from Skims is all about enhancing our natural body shape. The barely-there soft fit ever so gently shapes the butt and waist while adding a little bit of lift to the chest. It’s great that you can still wear a super cute bra with it, since it is an open chest concept that scoops below the bust line. This also makes room for some lower cut dress options.

To all those mamas out there, you are amazing and you deserve an amazing bra that makes your life a little bit easier. Providing gentle sculpting, this bra is double layered with a jersey knit fabric to prevent any leakage post-pregnancy. Clasps allow you to seamlessly remove the front covering, adding a little bit of deserved ease to the nursing process. The shoulder straps will keep you feeling supported and secure.

Simple affordable shape wear – sometimes that’s all a woman is looking for. Fitting like the average swimsuit, expect those areas in this bodysuit to be subtly smoothed, while the slightest bit of lift added. The neckline plunges a little bit more down the chest, allowing you to opt for various low-cut styles when it comes to your top. The best part is that the fabric is designed to be breathable, so you likely won’t be sweating five minutes after putting this one on.

The high-waisted brief will not only help control the full abdominal region, but it leaves the legs free and clear to flaunt themselves! So get a little bit playful and try out those faded jean shorts when attending a concert this summer. The brief is an overall basic design that aims to smooth some of our most favorite curvy areas of the body.

Experience firm full-body control at an absolute steal of a price. If you’re not looking for light support and were hoping for something that has more of a slimming effect rather than just smoothing, the firm selection might be a good option. Focusing on the chest, stomach and backside regions, this will make you look sculpted in an instant…not that you need it!

The coverage of this torso-targeted piece is excellent for wearing underneath dresses and skirts. The internal mesh lining is soft and comfortable, while the overall design works to provide maximum slimming benefits along the back and stomach. The shoulder straps allow for a sleeveless shirt or dress, while the open bust lets you choose which bra from your collection you’d like to wear.

This bodysuit is so pretty, you might just find yourself walking around the house in it all on its own! The lace is intricately lovely and will have you staring into the mirror at your gorgeous self. Many reviews state that this was purchased because it was an ultimate solution to bra-wearing woes. The underwire built-in bra isn’t prone to digging into your skin or riding up, much like a traditional bra that doesn’t have the added support of a bodysuit.

Looking for a solution that is going to make your pants look even better than they already do? Meet the Miraclesuit pantliner that smooths from the waist all the way down to just above the ankles. Casual business pants – and even tighter fitting leggings – will look incredible when on top of this piece.

Arm compression wear is a thing! Designed to tone the upper arms and back, this type of piece is relatively comfortable to wear. This particular product is not only designed for everyday wear, but for post-surgery compression. As a reminder, always consult with your doctor first. Another bonus? This can help you sit up a little straighter, possibly improving overall posture.

If you are a no-fuss shape wear kind of person, and can barely even imagine yourself slipping into a full body suit, treat yourself to one of our favorite shaping brands, Spanx. But worry not, because these are undies that are designed to be smooth and undetectable when worn under a pair of pants or a dress that may be ultra susceptible to showing off a panty line. A little bit of lace trim might be what makes these your favorite undies ever.

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