Our Favorite YouTube Workout Channels to Get You Up Off the Couch

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Working out. Maybe you love it, maybe you have a love-hate relationship with it. No matter which category you fall in, I’m sure we can all agree working out, whether it be a high-intensity cardio circuit or a calm, centering yoga practice, is highly beneficial for our overall well-being.

That said, below are some of our favorites, tested out by yours truly! After all, I would never recommend something without trying it myself first and let me tell you…boy did I work up a sweat!

Yoga with Adriene

When many people think of yoga their first thought is the soothing voice of an instructor rattling off affirmations while chilling in a child’s pose. Let me tell you, Yoga with Adriene is that and SO much more. Creating a community of over 7 million viewers, Adriene brings quality yoga practices right into your home. Her light calming tone will help even the most anxious mind find peace and if you’re looking for a more intense, strengthening yoga practice she has that too! I have definitely become a huge fan of Adriene, in fact, I’ve been practicing almost every day. Not only have I noticed a difference in my flexibility and core strength, but her videos have been a outlet when I start to get frustrated or overwhelmed by whatever the day throws at me.


If you want to feel the burn, let me introduce you to Blogilates. This fitness channel follows the instruction of award-winning fitness instructor, Cassey Ho. When Cassey uploaded her first Pop Pilates video to YouTube back in 2009, it was intended as a parting gift to students before she moved across country, fast forward to 2020 and it is the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube. There are plenty of videos to choose from that range in length and areas of focus. She recently created a “Couch Workout” that sounds a lot easier than it is. The workout is quick and Cassey has a way of talking to you like you’re really working out together, plus there’s a special appearance by her dog George which is a good distraction as your muscles are quaking!

Tone It Up

If you’re looking for a high energy, tight knit community full of support, you need to check out Tone It Up. Led by trainers Karena and Katrina, this fitness community is an inspiring group of women supporting women and will no doubt kick start your journey into living a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle! At this channel you’ll not only find a variety of workouts, but you’ll also be able to sit down virtually with Karena and Katrina as they chat about all things beauty, body, positivity and more in their Coffee with K&K series! So what are you waiting for? Ease yourself into your new fitness journey with one of their 15-minute workouts.

Jessica Smith TV

No nonsense, no negativity, just fitness that fits your life. Guided by certified wellness coach, trainer and instructor, Jessica Smith, this channel is filled with straightforward workouts created for just about everyone in mind! Perhaps one of the best parts when joining Jessica for a workout is when her sidekick, Peanut the bulldog, shows up. As someone who is a big fan of barre workouts, I was so excited to see she had an entire playlist dedicated to the style!

Anna Victoria

Getting motivated to stick to a fitness routine is tough work, because odds are you really don’t want to. Unfortunately sometimes life works against us and fine tuning our eating habits and exercise routine is paramount to our health. Luckily, Anna Victoria knows about this firsthand. Once a health and fitness novice, Anna now helps thousands of women all over the world achieve and improve their mental, emotional and physical health goals. All of which is evident in her YouTube channel. What’s great about Anna’s videos is not only does she give you workout routines, but she’ll take you through her entire routine from waking up to working out and cooling down. It’s like working out with a friend!


I tried a bunch of workout videos while writing this article, (in fact, I’m still feeling the burn) but perhaps my FAVORITE channel of all has been MadFit. Started by Maddie Lymburner, this channel has a seemingly endless library of workouts in just about every category. From equipment free to apartment friendly and everything in between. Scouring her channel for which workout I wanted to try first, my inner dancer was thrilled when I found dancer inspired workouts! The best part, 15-minutes is all you need to really work up a sweat!

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