Make Dinnertime Stress-Free with Yumble, a Kid-Approved Meal Subscription Box

Picky Eater Approved

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Dinnertime often equals stress time for parents. After a long day of work, cooking up delicious and interesting meals – especially for little ones who prefer chicken nuggets over anything else in the kitchen – can be a monumental task. There’s an easy solution out there, and of course, it’s in the form of a kids’ meal delivery box!

Yumble is a subscription service that delivers healthy meals for kids. Yumble was created by mother-of-three Joanna, who sought to take the stress off the table and give parents easy access to nutritious, heat & eat choices that won’t end in frustration. Serving delicious and fresh foods even the pickiest eaters will enjoy, these meals can be used for school lunches, weeknight dinners, and hassle-free snack times. You can pause, cancel or change your number of kid-friendly meals per week anytime.

The first step is selecting the right plan for your family.

How Much Does Yumble Cost?

  • 4 meals per week, $9.99 per meal
  • 6 meals per week, $8.99 per meal
  • 8 meals per week, $7.99 per meal
  • 16 meals per week, $6.99 per meal

What Age Groups Does Yumble Serve?

  • Optimal for ages 3-8, but suitable for customers of all ages

Yumble recommends ordering the dishes for children ages 1-12. They say the “sweet spot” is from ages 3-8, but they have customers of all ages. Building the meal kit with your kids is a fun way to get mealtime sorted, so you can worry less and savor the little moments (even if it’s just an extra 15 minutes in the morning). Parents can browse weekly menus up to one month beforehand, and they can also choose from any existing menus on the site. Some dishes can be served with no heat, but most only take two minutes in the microwave. All of them arrive fully prepared–you don’t even have to do any prep work! Make sure not to put the meal trays in the oven, toaster oven, or broiler.

What Kind of Food Comes in Yumble Meals

Delectable parent-and-kid-approved meals include Baked Taco Pocket, Turkey Cheddar Pinwheel, Savory Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl, and Classic Cheese Ravioli. There’s a line-up of simple foods for those especially picky, like Plain Bagel Egg Patty and Chicken Nuggets & Plain Rotini.

How Does Yumble Accommodate Food Restrictions and Allergies?

Each and every Yumble meal is free of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, trans-fat, and added preservatives. When it comes to dietary restrictions, Yumble flags any meals on their website that don’t have milk, gluten, soy, eggs, or are vegetarian. It’s important to note that the kitchen is not free of those ingredients, so they’re unable to guarantee cross-contamination has not occurred.

How Are Yumble Meals Delivered?

Your weekly meals are delivered in a refrigerated box, so it’s okay if you have to leave it out on the porch for an extra few minutes after work. Frozen gel packs help keep the goodies at a safe temperature. Inside you’ll find all of the meals you selected plus exciting extras, activities like sticker sheets, and decks of table topics to get their creative juices flowing. The box is made from eco-friendly material that’s 100% recyclable–good for your kids, good for the earth. What more could you want?

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